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    posted a message on Treasure Goblin Cosplay!

    Great costume, have lots of fun on BlizzCon!

    +1 for non obvious character. Like everyone can be Lord of Destruction or some epic hero/boss. I would like to see more minor npcs cosplays.


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    posted a message on New GRift and Paragon ranking website
    Quote from irongete»

    Hey guys, I just added a new feature that I've been working on this weekend and I think that you will love it !

    It's Hero Details for player rankings. Still in testing mode, I will be monitoring how consistent its the data and allowing more rankings to be imported.

    Some ranks will have a magnifying glass icon that you can click for the popup to show up.


    Love it as intended! <3
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    posted a message on Bring us back the old good days.

    Please no. The impact of things you mentioned, made D3 such a bad game in the first place. RMAH, oh god :( Now, from patch to patch game is getting better. I would say rune words, necro class, even talent trees, etc are the nostalgia stuff many player would appreciate.


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    posted a message on 25 Crafted Legendary Fists (Video)

    Well, I made a WD and monk for this season, guess what was easier to craft.

    Yea, it was Scrimshaw :)

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    Im not an expert, but single hydra with tasker is still great damage, and combo well with arcane dynamo. Buffed hydra stay buffed till the end or when you recast new one. For meteor, many high lvl players, use cold meteor instead of blizzard, coz of massive amount of dmg. But for me, still its to hard gameplay, as I need blizzard for cc. Unskilled me :)

    You know, as an wanna be better player I take inspiration for gameplay from top wizard streamers and for the builds I go checking ladders. Just don't be fooled by youtube, as there are rather best attempts, with zombie and Stonesinger grifts :D

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    posted a message on Help with Wizzard Grifts


    Try with ancient Devastator and see if that will help.

    For the build:

    Remove Glass Cannon, and switch to Arcane Dynamo (cast Hydra on 5 stacks)

    I would change primary skill for Electrocute Surge of Power and that would free you a slot in passives, as better arcane generator you can change Astral Presence for something different.


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    posted a message on Everybody lie down on a floor and keep calm, Del-Rasha.
    Quote from sOFrOsTy»

    I disagree with you BDF. I think it might be more powerful.

    desleres pants, shoulders, gloves. Tals ammy, belt, chest, Orb, and helm. RROG, convention of elements. And last, but certainly not least, an ancient arcane Gesture of Orpheous. (I was lucky enough to get one pre 2.2 with 70% slow time CDR) so one magic missile fire resets the cool down. (I use 20% arcane damage, 7%ias, 6%CC, 499int steady strikers. And the new meteor boots.

    Skills and benefits:

    Slow time. Let me just explain to everyone who doesn't understand. Slow time reduces the movement speed of all monsters inside. Slow Ike reduces projectile speed of all projectiles, slow time (point of new return) stuns all mobs going in or out of the bubble for 3 seconds, slow time deals 2000% damage per second + the 600% dmg boost from tap rashas and the 60% or more boost from arcane % on gear means slow time ticks for 500m on all mobs. With convention of elements, when arcane rolls around, that 500m tick becomes 1,000,000,000 per second. Slow time also procs tals 6 piece for a stack every time you cast it, slow time also procs arcane meteor from tals every 8 seconds, and best of all slow time costs 0 AP. (if I am with a group I use 15% dmg boost rune)

    Hydra Mammoth Hydra. The dmg is good, big AOE, adds a stack to tals 6piece and procs Fire meteor, and best of all, only costs 15AP.

    Magic Missile Glacial spike: Does AOE so procs AP on crit well, dmg is "okay" for a signature spell, freezes all mobs 100% of the time on hit the first time. And procs cool down reductions for slow time. Also, procs cold meteor and tals cold stack.

    Meteor Thunder Crash: Procs Lightning meteor, adds stack to tals 6 piece, and it hits instantly on cast, after getting 4 stacks and you have full AP, spam this skill for burst dmg.

    Energy Armor Prismatic Armor: Good for toughness, period.

    Magic Weapon: I go back and fourth, solo I prefer deflection rune for the added toughness, with groups I choose Force Armor

    passives: Blur, elemental exposure, prodigy, astral presence

    I can do GR54 solo with tals serpent spark build and focus/restraint, but survivability is a nightmare. I can do GR 54 with tals desleres solo quite easily because of the CC. After 54 I can't figure out how to survive against jailer lol. But this tals deslere combo I can do GR54 solo in 13-14 minutes, and GR 69+ with groups. This is a fantastic combo and slow time has so much utility, incredibly high damage, procs everything for you, and costs 0 AP so starpAct can still hit like a truck. Once I ancient all my pieces and get. Better tals ammy, I think this will be the best spec in the game for Wiz.

    Hej Frosty. Great build, great inspiration, kudos to you.

    Gonna try pushing Grifts with Dal Rasha as most fun build solo, but I've got 3 questions, so you or some other expert would know:

    1)[Q only for s3 players, playing with hydra with Dal Rasha] For season 3 players, we have sorry version of Gesture of Orpheus, that CDR on Slow Time is 40% max. So wouldn't be more beneficial to play with Serpent's Sparker to boost Hydra more? I've been reading somewhere, that SS is specially good to play with Hydra WITHOUT Tasker and Theo, and that's it this case. On 40-45 Grifts my Magic Missile up time is that big, that CD on Slow Time is no problem, but is higher really different story?

    2) What's your (and others ofc) opinion on Mirror Images Duplicates skill instead of Magic Weapon? They cast their Slow Time and Magic Missiles, so regardless of 10% dmg which is rather meaningless, the CC they offer can be tempting.

    3) Bracers. Which one in this setup? I've been playing with Strongarms and Blackhole Supermassive, but in lightning Meteor version they are useless I suppose.

    Cheers all and happy weekend!

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    posted a message on Dashing strike and rainment 6p feels broken

    Same hehe. I played with the set on very first days of 2.2 patch with big hype and hope, tired of spamming bells, and ready for fast monk combat.

    So... after a while I used to manage spirit and dash charges, but it feels, Idk, somehow clunky. Much more smoother was previous mantra/SW spam pre 2.1.2.

    In the end of the day, when season 3 begun, with all my love to monk class, I rolled wizz, and I'm having blast with Tals Set 4 element juggling and builds diversity.


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