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    id rather 4 players to be honest. It makes the game more fun. Look at other games with max 4 players. Left 4 Dead for instance. It gives the game a greater dependence on teamwork and strategy. I feel like more than 4 people will result in spamming area skills and chaotic moshpits like in Baal runs. 4 is plenty.
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    almost done, i work pretty fast

    EDIT: done here it is:

    i know there is not "?" but the font didn't have one for some reason
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    posted a message on Who would win in a 3 way deathmatch?
    id go with Diablo, Mephisto would be instantly destroyed, he is the easiest of the three to beat and wouldn't really stand a chance. Then it would be a battle between Diablo and Baal. It would be interesnting, almost fire against ice but i feel that diablo would pull out the victor.
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