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    posted a message on Duplication of items possible in Season 10 on consoles
    Quote from prrovoss»

    Quote from Foensh»

    So first u show and explain a duping trick in Season 10 and then u complain about it? Oo

    even without him explaining it, people would still use the exploit. making it public and widely known pressures blizzard to fix this.

    Here's the thing though..
    Patches on consoles, has to go through various processes to actually get live for the playerbase. This process can take several days/weeks, for Sony/Microsoft to run. That's one of the reasons why you don't see patches go out for consoles, as often as you see them on PC (in any game that goes on both platforms).
    ...along with the fact that there is a fee to starting the process (not a huge thing for big companies, obviously), on consoles as well - it all adds up.

    But yeah - showing these things is great in general, but for consoles; not so much. It takes FAAAR to long to get a patch out, that fixes an issue (they usually tend to hold back fixes, until they have several, because of the time it takes to 'validate' and because of the cost - better to send out a 'big bundle of fixes' than several smaller ones). This makes the publicity of said exploits, fairly bad on consoles. It's a non-issue on PC - publish them as fast and vast as you like; and they'll just patch it 'whenever' - but that's not the case for consoles...

    I'm not saying you shouldn't publish and show people this - kinda forcing Blizzard to 'take action' - I'm just saying; that it might not get you the result you want (fast at least), but rather a ton more people using it, because of the (potentially) slow response to these things, on console (due to how Sony/Microsoft does their work)..

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    posted a message on Suggestion - Front page Stream links - disable autoplay

    Since more and more Streams are getting focus (Which is great) in various news posts on this site; could we please get them as something that doesn't just autoplay?
    Clips and such, don't autoplay - but when a stream is embedded directly (stream link directly), it just fires up if the stream is active.

    Nothing worse than some random stream (or just a video) just starting on it's own - I dislike this on ANY site that does this, and I'm sure I'm far from alone on that.

    I don't get why that was even made a thing.

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    posted a message on 2.4.3 patch tomorrow? (3 Jan)
    Quote from gurete»

    Apparently the patch is already live on xbox.

    Blizzard always finds a way to fuck with us.

    Now, consoles getting the patchbefore PC.

    Fuck them all. I hope they all get fired. They are making fun of us.

    They got the patch, because of the filesize of the console patch. The PC filesize is (as always) going to be nowhere near the console size and doesn't need that much time to get sorted. Besides; it's MS and Sony that control when patches get sent to the end-user (on console - if that wasn't obvious) - not the developer/publisher. They need to get sent through certification from MS/Sony.

    'Blizzard always finds a way to fuck with us' - really?
    I'm sure that was their first though - Obviously has to be - Can't possibly be anything else.

    Season 9 starts on Friday - if you can't wait until then (at most), then you've got some serious issues in your life.
    I'd hate to be anyone in your family, telling you that they have a gift for you or something, that you'd be getting within any given timeframe - guessing you might explode within minutes of getting that info.

    Just relax and do something else. No need to get all fired up over something that is guaranteed to be out within 2 days (They 100% won't set the patch to go live, after a season starts - that's a 'no-go' for Blizzard).

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 wishlist

    I would be happy, if it just remained similar to what D3 is today, with a few tweaks here and there (Paragons mostly..).

    The only big thing I would want in D4, would be a complete engine and server structure change.
    The engine used in D3 is not doing well. It did okay at launch, but with more and more stuff added, along with effects; it's going in the shitter..
    The servers needs massive amounts of love. They were not prepared (no pun intended) for the 'always-online'-movement, they sparked life into again, with this game. They still aren't up for it, when 'shit hits the fan', in terms of users and new additions to the game.

    D4 'just' needs a new engine and server structure (compared to D3) - then I'm pretty much good with what we got already.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1 - Live. There finally will be new wings or not?
    Quote from Shapookya»
    did I understand it correctly, that the new goblin only drops 1 item? Or does he drop 1 pet and some other stuff in addition to that? I'm wondering because Goblins drop stuff while running away, so what does he drop? And the goblin drops only pets and not wings? (with a low chance or so?)

    Here you go:

    A "mix" of a regular Goblin and the added Pet drop (at least on PTR).

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    posted a message on Healing bug or?
    I haven't posted anything on official forums yet since I am not sure if anyone else had similar problems.

    No matter if someone else has it or not; you should always report a bug.
    It might pop up further down the line, for a bigger amount of people - you never know.

    It's always best to report these issues so they can get ahead of it, while it might not be that widespread.

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    posted a message on Tyrael's Prayer
    Fmulder: At the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Tyrael shattered the Worldstone by throwing his sword into it. Was Tyrael praying when he was “powering up” his sword? What language was he speaking?
    Ed Trotta: I loved that conclusion. Tyreal was really “letting his hair down” (does he even have hair?), and yes, he was in prayer while powering up his sword. The language? It was a combination of Farsi, Gaelic, and “California surfer speak”. In other words, the language we will all be speaking if we survive long enough.

    Fmulder: What do the words actually mean? Just some non-English words put together to sound cool and mysterious? I ask because I don’t speak Farsi or Gaelic, and I don’t surf (laughs).
    Ed Trotta: The prayer interprets, “Father of the Universe, grant my wings the energy of youth, bless my vision with the wisdom of my years, and please let the hot-tub be unoccupied when I get back to the hotel”.

    I have no idea what the words mean. They were an incantation, a mantra if you will, and only Tyreal himself will ever know.

    Source: http://www.diabloii.net/blog/comments/ed-trotta-the-original-voice-of-tyrael-speaks

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    posted a message on 2.3 PTR tomorrow or nah?
    Quote from shinjiIkari666»

    So.. scheduled for today?

    According to the Dev in Quin's chat; yeah (Look at the last post I made - the image).

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    posted a message on 3 Year Anniversary community buff?
    Quote from Tooly»

    *snip* I am looking to switch to some other diablo like game for some time, but can't find any good.*snip*

    Try looking up "Lost Ark". It's a Asian title that is currently in CBT. It looks very promising.
    There's no announced date or anything, for a full release, but they have stated that they are going "world wide" with the game (after several inquires as to why it wasn't made in English).
    ..so that might be something to look forward to.
    Here is one of the many articles on it: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-11-17-lost-ark-is-the-best-diablo-3-clone-you-cant-play (don't put to much into the last segment about not getting a western release - that has since been talked over and "confirmed" to happen)

    Other than that; there's pretty much no game out there that does what D3 does currently. Some do it differently, but doesn't really keep up with the "feel" we're used to with the Diablo-franchise :)

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