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    posted a message on Farming Rifts Or T6 Ghom [Opionions]
    What do you guys think? Farming Rifts For Drops Or T6 Ghom For Drops, Currently On a WD that took 1 day to gear I am Clearing Ghom T6 In About 10 Seconds And recieving 4Legendarys Per Hour. i Just Got the Quatz Helm Last Night Ans Was Wondering If Farming Rifts Is More Efficient then Ghom. I know Ghom Doesnt give Shards so the added shards and gambling Benifit From Rifts may play a factor. Although I Do get around 6Mil Gold An Hour Farming Ghom With as much MF Gear as i can find ..
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    posted a message on [Clan] <WarVet> US Combat Veteran's [New]
    <WarVet> US Combat Veteran's Is a Brand New Clan In Search Of Diablo3 Players Who Are Looking For A Place To Call Home! The Clan's Main Focus is For Veterans Of The Armed Forces To Have a Place To Chat and Interact While Playing There Favorite Game To Escape The Stress Of Life Or to Just Kill Time. If You Have Ever Been A Member Of A VFW or a Close Knit Unit / Team Of Any Kind You Know what that feeling of 'being a part of something' feels like. This is what Im trying to bring to the Game's Social Aspect While Keeping The Members As Close To Like Minded As Possible.

    If Your Interested In Joining The Clan Please Feel Free To Request An Invite, Ill See Ya In Game!
    **NOTE: You Do Not HAVE To BE A Vet To Join, Its Just The Main Purpose Of The Clans Creation**

    - The <WarVet> Atmosphere is Laid-Back With No Pressure for Vet's to Talk About Their Experiences or Issues.

    - If a Vet Has a Question, There’s a Good Chance That 'Fusion'(Clan Leader), Or someone In The Clan Has The Answer.

    - Beyond The Comradery, There’s a Need For Interaction With Other Vet's, and That’s Where We Come In, Giving Diablo3 Vet's An Opportunity For Interaction With Like Minded People Who Have Been In Combat or Theaters of Operations, Serving The United States Military.
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    posted a message on [Idea] Rift Completion Quest <Party Confirm>
    Hello there fellow Diablo Addicts, so, I was just running rifts for a bit and have had the same issue more than twice in the last hour, so in turn, I wanted to propose an idea for a fix.

    THE ISSUE : Anyone In the group or Party when a rift guardian Has already been killed or is being looted has the ability to run to town and [Complete] the Rifts quest "Talk to Dude in town" for the XP And Gold Reward. Consequently causing everyone in the rift and the rift itself to close within 30 seconds Or So. Causing lost loot, lost Blood shards, and lost chances for loot from mobs after the boss.

    THE SOLUTION : Just as there is a part response box that pops up when a boss encounter is started giving you the option to join in or not. Only in this case, the rift cant be closed until all members are done with the rift. Is someones afk the kick option has already been fixed . Helping to eliminate the people who join your group for the last 2 min then close the rift and bounce all the while it was my keystons that were used for the rift and I wasn't able to enjoy the entire rift as I like to do..

    This is just a raw idea of what I think could be a helpful as well as useful feature to the party and rift mechanics. If you have another thought or idea to add please reply here! Thanks for reading
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    posted a message on What's the best character end game DPS-wise?(Show build/gear)
    Quote from Fitsu
    WD is pretty much the best class at every stage of gear atm... It's also extremely easy to gear with only having 1 rare item which is tasker and theo while the rest are pretty damn common in comparison.

    Assuming you have no WD gear atm you will want to farm with ure DH for blood shards, gamble helms on WD till u get your pet helm which is very common... Craft aughilds chest/shoulders/bracers, captains legs/belt, cains gloves/boots, Spite, Devastator and then you just need a couple rings and an amulet and ure set to do T4... It really is that easy. After that ull be needing a decent SoJ, the toad weapon, Harringtons, Tasker + Theo, Thing of the Deep or Uhkapian Serpent and Unity/Tall Mans Finger/RoRG. If you go Fire then you want Tall Mans Finger + Uhkapian, if you go Physical then either Unity + TotD or RoRG + Uhkapian... I personally think Unity is better, but with RoRG you can mix up sets quite nicely, also at end game you'll need to pick between cains + captains which is ultimately personal preference as it's 7% as vs 10% cdr... At this point T6 will be so easy u could do it blindfolded.
    This is pretty accurate -Fusionstream©
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    Seems like there is a randomly created "group" of legendary drops that can drop for you, your game, your character etc.. I do not however, understand how or why its possible to farm like crazy then boom back to back RORGx2 ... a week later, boom RORGx2 again. How is that? I feel like there must be a (your able you only get 1 of these 15 drop this game per drop) then the 15 are cycled out, ? I'm sure I explained my idea terribly, ill shut up now, k bye..
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    posted a message on Deciding what Tier to farm Rifts in
    Thats how I feel as well... sometimes I even contemplate if farming t1 or f3 is a better and more efficient way to farm then t4 or t5.. only because of the raw speed of killing.. more mobs killed in the same amount of time on top of more games per house should yield more legendary drops right? I'm not sure but I'm certain someone out there has done the math to see the heath vs drop rate ratio. That number will give you the best torment lvevel to farm.. I personally like to farm t4 or t5 , I can move through it quick enough and the XP I get per hour (around 500 to 680million) is enough to feel like I'm still leveling progressively above P415. Not to mention, selling the yellows as well as snatching the gold in a t4 or 5 rift equals out to around 1.5-2million an hour.

    In short, my advice, do T4 till your wicked geared then T5 if you want a little More gold and XP slightly sacrificing your drop rate.. although when your wicked geared you don't need as many trash drops as much as you do gold for rerolling perfect stats.
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    posted a message on Bliizard Ban Acounts: AFK Farming

    As for the article, blizzard beefing up there anti cheat system does indicate to me that ladders are on there way, but we all know ladders will be introduced "soon". Does the above mean ladders are coming like, within weeks? No, I don't believe so.

    This is how I think it'll go :

    Blizzard announces BOA , Launches RoS, lets the profit flow,,, players start giving negative feedback, blizzard revealed goodies to come to keep players here, IE, ladders, blizzard needs ladders to go smoothly because there most hardcore of players are going to give up all of there real life to try to be the best of the best, so blizzard revamps there anti cheat system , warden. (This is where we are now) after warden is beefed up they will have a ban wave, accompanied by a 10-20% off sale on RoS so they can buy new accounts, after the sale warden will Be watching and latter's should be nice.

    Nice thread,
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    posted a message on Smart loot?
    Quote from pfcgeyer
    as i got other characters to 70 it is random all the time.....? i find more off stat gear than i do class specific..... i think you missed the point here. Before i got other classes to 70 i found 90% class specific stats. now its like.... 15%
    I don't mean to disagree with you but , I disagree with you. There is no way you find more strength gear on your wiz then Intel gear. As far as legendary items rolling off-class, you should be getting about 10% of your legendary to roll off class. There is a new post roaming around here wit all the drop chances and stuff, on the far right is the percentage to get that item no matter what class you are, proving what you say here. Keep farming man, wish you luck!
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    posted a message on Bliizard Ban Acounts: AFK Farming
    My opinion, you guys are right Wight ladders and competitive aspects being implemented soon I too believe that blizzard will try to do a nice sweep to clean house of current botters. Now, with that being said I would assume when ladders go live, if anyone does dare to bot the system, they will lose there account very quickly. BoA doesn't allow them to keep there gear or gold, and I would think people don't want to lose there stuff.

    On a side note, I'm also one of the people who don't really care about people that bot anymore. It really doesn't effect too much anymore. Yeah it gives them an advantage for loot nd stuff. And they can be the best for a month or two with there gear shining making me drool lol. But in the long run they will be wiped out sooner or later and all items farmed by botters will go with it. Kinda making botting not such a devastating act anymore.

    Now. If I waz that guy who plays 24.7 and was number 2 in the world behind a guy who runs a bot, then yes, I would be furious. So, in all botting it wrong but it happens, it doesn't hurt the game like it used to, and hopefully botters will have enough respect for the game to not break ladders for everyone.
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    posted a message on Is multiboxing a mixed setup allowed?
    Your fine to multi-box any class or class's, if you own all 2-4 CD-keys, and each character responds only once per keystroke , your free to multi-box till your eyes bleed. :-)
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    posted a message on Testing Leg Drop Speculations - My Personal Leg Farming Spreadsheet
    hey bro, cool to see you ding these, I've actually got a spreadsheet of my own too. it would be nice to add up a group of say.. 25-50 people's spreadsheets and then average them out for a more "accurate" LPH/GPH/XP Per HR/ETC.

    Also, That Comment above about the Going to Kadala When you get a couple drops back to back really fast is a good idea. Im Gunna log those results also, Im Curious to see if there really is something on weight in that idea..

    If you are interested in seeing or sending me Info Or if you want to see info that i have stocked up send me a message on my Site @ WWW.FusionStreamD3.Com . KK See ya! Keep Up The Good Work.
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    posted a message on Monk seems slower now
    Bro, Tell Me About It! I Was #183 In The US With My Monk (See: Twitch.Tv/FusionStream) And When 2.0.1 Went Live i let the monk go completely. The Hits Felt Very Slow, The Damage Was OK But the Feel the monk had before is completely Altered. So, I Took The Gear Off Of My Monk And Threw It onto My DH. After 2.0.1 Went live the DH Became One Of the More Fun Classes To Play. i Dropped About a Billion Gold Into A Wep And Another Piece And Now I'm Rocking It Like there In No Tomorrow. i Also Made A Wiz As well as a 100M 2.0.1 Guide To Building An Archon Wiz, Both of these Classes Play Really Nice Now. Only thing Is i Haven t Played Any Other Class But Monk My Entire D3 Career So Its Interesting. lol.

    The Guides And Videos Of Game-play Are Here:


    If You Have Any Questions Or Just Want Help With Something I Can Help ! Just Send Me A Message On Twitch Or on The Contact me Page of FusionStreamD3.Com , Have a good one!
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    posted a message on Request your Stream to be in the Stream Section
    ~Twitch Stream Page Application~
    Name: Fusion

    Twitch Name: FusionStream

    Stream Link: www.Twitch.Tv/FusionStream

    My Official Site: WWW.FusionStreamD3.Com

    Stream Info & Features:Iv'sMadeOne Of The Most Complex And In Depth Loyalty Point System Thats Integrated Specifically To Support Your Diablo3 Economical Status And General Stats. Viewers Have TheOpportunityTo Get rewarded for watching the stream and investing there real life time to be paidin 'Karma', The Streams Currency. Not Only Can This Currency Be Used For Auctions And Raffles That Are Held Every 20 Min On Stream But The Karma Store Will Enable the Viewer To Actually Purchase Items Like UNID Items, Gems, Gold, Runs, Fusion WheelGiveAway"WheelSpin", FullGear-checksAnd More!My Monk Cherish Was #183 In The Entire United States' Monk Community. After the patch hit i decided to try out the DH For A While To Perfect Another Class And Help Out Others Who Are Doing The Same.

    More Info:I'm 31 Years Old, I'm Married And Have Two Awesome Little Boys, One Is 8 And The Other Is 10. I Just Purchased my FirstHomeHere in Colorado And Finally Bought abad-asstruckI'veHad My Eye On For A Long Time Now lol. The Wife Supports My HobbyAndDoesn'tMindAll The Investing i Do With Our Own Money to Make The Stream Worth Every min Of Your Time.I'mA DisabledVeteran Of The IraqWar,I'veSpent 26 Months Out In That desert For this Country And Now I Get Paid BecauseI'mNot Who I Used To BeAnymore iGuess Lol.

    NOTE: I Also Have A VIP SUB System In The Stream That Will Give You Access to The Streams TeamSpeak3 Server As Well As The Ability To Earn Karma At a Rate Of 200% Rather Than 100% Like Normal Viewers Get. VIP's Also Get Access To My Other Diablo 3 Works And TheoryCrafting Material i Make Like For Instance, I just made A New AH Gem Profit/Loss Crafting Calculator As Well As The More In Depth Ruby Vs. Emerald - For your Weapon - Comparing Your Actual Stats To theBreak PointsAnd Hard Cap/Soft Cap Points Giving you The Answer You Need When Trying To Figure OutWhats What.
    NOTE: If You Are New To Diablo With Under 100Hrs Played Please Stop By And Let The Crew Know, When A New Player Enters The Game Like That We Like To Get You Up On Our Level With Giving You All The Gear We Can , Gold, Gems, And Tips For Your Build Etc.

    !Thank You All For Your Time And For Reading This Far Down On The Post. I Look Foward to Being Your New Entertainer!

    - Fusion
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    posted a message on Worlds Fastest PowerLeveling! LvL 1-60 15Min!
    Here's A Video On Me Power-leveling One Of my Viewers The Other Day, Was Pretty Sweet To Say The Least! LoL

    Official Site: WWW.FusionStreamD3.Com

    The Video Can Be Seen Here On YouTube

    On My Official Site Here [www.fusionstreamD3.com][Home Tab]

    Interested To Know How Viewers In My Stream Are Able To Win Gold Or Buy Gems And Items With There Viewer Currency "Karma" ? Want To Earn While You Watch? A Stream With All The best Services, Bot, Site, Loyalty Points, GiveAways, And Bi-Weekly SUB GiveAways, Then this Stream Is For You. Be Sure To Check Out The Official Site And If You Like What Im Doing Please Follow Me And Recommend Your Friends, Friend Referrals Make 500Karma With An Email Stating Who Referred you! -Fusion
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