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    Your helm (zunimassa's whispers set) is a legacy item, and your mojo and chest armor (zunimassa's haunt set) is for the new zuni set in RoS. They are different sets entirely. If you look at the set bonuses you can see that for 2,3,4 piece sets the bonuses are different.
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    posted a message on Trading possible?
    whats a twink? a follower or an alternate character?
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    posted a message on Showcased Build - Ultra tanky, high effective damage, cold and dots. Fast & safe T4 farm, easy T5, do-able T6.
    Quote from Justusy
    Azurewrath has nice secondaries (chance to freeze), but Utar's Roar is craftable at blacksmith and better from a damage perspective since it's a 1.3 attack speed weapon (azurewrath is 1.4). Since dots do not scale with attack speed, they hit harder with slower weapons.
    I just want to make sure i am reading this correctly. Are you saying that because a weapon has slower attack speed it will always have higher base DPS? Basically I'm wondering if 2 different weapons are only .1 aps apart (1.4-1.3), does the base dps scale with attack speed? The lower attack speed the harder it hits? And i understand, i get it, that 2 handers with slower aps will hit harder than a 1 hander per tick, because sure you cast a skill less often but it has a higher base dps.

    Its just that you are saying to craft an item (Utar) because it is .1 attacks per seconds slower than, lets say, a Thunder Fury. So what if the TF rolls perfect stats, and the Utar has mediocre stats. Does the .1 aps guarantee more DPS? Is it a known mathematical fact that any weapon with slower aps will always hit harder?

    Im asking because i guess i don't fully understand all this dps stuff. Is it like some sort of graph, where each weapon scales with aps.

    example:1.6 aps = 850-1045 dps 1.5 aps = 900-1125 dps 1.4 aps = 950-1200 dps 1.3 aps = 1000-1300 ect...

    This is interesting becauseI'mwondering if i have to take a large amount of my time playing this game (really only play an hour or two after work) to look for this crafting mat. Plus I'm curious about this dps/aps scaling theory.

    Anyway, you have one hellova build on your hands. I will try it out for sure. WD is my favorite class, thanks for the post.
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    posted a message on Help my WD!
    Quote from KrazyKripp

    T3 no trobule, with 350 sheet dps and no elemental dmg, except pants, would like to see that. Or explain what u mean by no trouble :o
    Krazy, you said it, i would love to see him do T3 with no "trouble". Even with Pierce the Vail, you may get up to what, 415 DPS tops? and you have no elemental bonus damage, well besides the pants. If you have no trouble on T3 i would also really like to see what you are doing, because it doesn't make sense to me.
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    posted a message on Gambling Drop Rates Summary, Part 2: Share Your Post-Hotfix Loot From Kadala
    It's pretty cool that you are putting this together, I can't remember any of my gambling drops except for mojos. I play WD and i've needed a new mojo. So this is what i got.

    I bought mojos to fill my inventory 3 times. i think thats like 25 mojos per. and found 1 leg.

    so: Item type: Mojo

    Number of blues: like 6

    Number of rares: 68

    Number of Legendaries: 1

    I stopped once i found my leg mojo (Uhkapian Serpent), and that was about 75 mojos bought.
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    posted a message on What should i reroll on my weapon?
    Attack speed
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    posted a message on Immortal Doctor - Live Long and Prosper
    Quote from TheDonvigo

    I just got one question regarding gear/gems.

    for dps output, royal flawless emerald or ruby?

    The ruby increase the pure damage of your pets.... But the emerald increase the pets crits..

    any thoughts on this?

    I run this build with some minor changes, but I keep the pets, and this gem issue has been a problem for me as well.
    The Ruby does bump up your pet damage quite a bit, however the Emerald only does so much. I can't remember where I saw/heard that your pets can only do 50% Crit Damage. I haven't tested this but I think it's right. So the emerald will have no effect on your pets DPS if you already have over 50% crit chance. Ruby on the other hand will increase both yours and pets DPS.
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    posted a message on What elemental % damage are you guys using?
    Is this only a poll for crusaders?

    Because my witch doctor uses mainly poison elemental damage, and some physical elemental damage.

    I can switch to fire but my main damage will come from the 2 elements poison and physical.
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    posted a message on [Guide] Legendary Crafting Materials - Drop locations & uses
    Quote from undefined »

    Adventurer's Journal
    • Acquired from: Act I-IV, many areas, Adventurer's Corpse (World Object)
    • Where to farm: Act I, Cathedral Level 4?
    • Used for: Penders Purchase, Hands, 6 random magic properties
    • Note: Can be acquired in Patch 2.0.1+ vanilla Diablo 3.
    I have been playing through the campaign, and I found 2 adventurer's journals in 1 run through:

    ACT 2 - "The Ruins" in the Black Canyon Mines/The Stinging Winds (This cave/level can appear in both areas I think)

    They dropped from checking the ceremonial tables.

    Sure they can be found many places, and maybe I got lucky in this area, but there are many ceremonial tables in this particular level. So it could possibly be a good place to farm these adventurers journals.

    Thats all I got, just trying to help, great job with your list.
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    posted a message on [Guide] Legendary Crafting Materials - Drop locations & uses
    Wow, great job Angzt, this will be extremely helpful when we get any Leg plan. Thank you for your efforts. I'm sure I speak for everyone who will look at this post that we truly appreciate what you have done here. Again, great job.
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    posted a message on Crusader without shield - who will try it?
    Quote from Pietrak

    As in the title - who will try to build a 2h Crusader without a shield?

    I will! Just because I dislike shields :)
    Interesting, I am wondering if you could Transmog the shield and 2H combo into looking only like a 2H weapon all by itself. Then you could use a shield if you wanted but get the look that you like (2H alone).

    I dont think this is possible, but only gonna know when we get RoS and try it ourselves.
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    posted a message on Competitive PvP Ruleset Discussion
    My rules:

    No life steal weapons

    All spells and skills and gear are available

    Everybody starts the fight with x1000 HP

    This would eliminate the one shot. If you have 80K life right now, well then you will have 80 Million life to start the fight. I have 200K DPS right now and my highest crit i have seen for my character is 2.5 mil. So if I were to crit every hit, it would still take like 30-35 hits to the opponent to kill him. Now this could be a long fight, but at least it wouldn't be over instantly. And you dont have to nerf or take out any spells. I would love to test this
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    posted a message on New Class Idea: The Pirate!
    Interesting. They would have to create a bunch of new weapons (pistols), but i'm sure it's do-able. And new ideas for characters can't hurt, so good work. I'm sure you put a good amount of time thinking of this.
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    posted a message on Weeping Hollows T6 Mega XP (better than COTA imo)
    there is another method of CC, you need a WD. have him use wall of zombies, and rune i think is called wreaking crew, well it's the one that taunts enemies. it will gather a group just as good, if not better, than the area of a monks ability. its great, they all pile up into the center of the wall of zombies and try to hit it, but they can't kill the wall. and it lasts for maybe 3 secs? not really sure on the time, but its long enough to burn em down easily.
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    posted a message on [VIDEO] Apocalypse: 4 Wizards, 4-Piece Tal Rasha's Set
    WOW!!! The coolest video I have seen in a very long time. Nice work Jaetch, 1:16 blew my mind, and then at 2:10 that goblin didn't stand a chance. hahahahaha, simply amazing.

    I think you 4 can stop death.
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