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    Your whole statement is void because i can do t6 with or without soh only difference is the game is less fun now and its slower to kill things in t6 as for bad gear i don't know if your directing that at me or other people who are complaining but i wouldn't call my gear bad i have 3 set ik with ring to get 4 set i have double unity with immune follower and also have tf , soh , odynson there is nothing fun about this game if there going to nerf everything that people enjoy doing

    Farm a certain spot nerf

    Farm chests nerf

    Farm an item that is strong for your class / build nerf


    To finish i don't care if you've played barbarian from day one or day 100 don't make any difference the only viable play style barbs have now is stack fire dmg % nothing else is viable past t3/t4 and if you try to make it viable your just gimping yourself , soh didn't make people faceroll t6 it brought it inline to be able to clearly it reasonably fast and at same time having fun people still died trying to do t6 the option shouldn't be if they can or can't do it cause of difficulty it should be how long it takes them to do it vs reward

    Does this mean unity x 2 with immune follower should be fixed to because it makes torment difficulties easier ? i mean hey why even have t5,t6 if you don't want people to kill / farm it ?
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    Quote from Engage1246

    Personally I feel all this QQ is being a bit over exaggerated. I play a Barb, I have a SoH, its still probably one of the BiS weapons. Frenzy procs the bolts like 90% of the time and weapon throw almost 100% of the time. Literally, remove fucking WW from your skillset and do something other than spinning and you will see its not THAT bad.

    Seriously, if before this you were DESTROYING t6 like most barbs say they did and now you are useless because 1 weapon got nerfed? Think about that for a second.

    So you want to spam frenzy which is meant to be a fury gainer move for your dps meanwhile your spender Whirlwind is absolute garbage ? hmm makes sense

    As for 1 weapon breaking barb i can still clear t6 obviously a lot slower but now the only viable thing to do for barb on higher torments is to stack fire % dmg which is sad
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    Quote from Devizz

    Well, I just dropped one today on HARDCORE on my crusader with quite decent stats, had socket by default so I rolled like perfect damage. Might give it a go on my barb, is it really so shit after the "hotfix"? :< Meh.

    Bad isn't the word and im not even exagerating they completely destroyed the weapon its awful go take 1 look at the diablo forums and you will see
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    So soh is now a garbage weapon alongside thunderfury and barbs have basically 1 way to play in higher torments 5 / 6 which is stack fire damage % that's it games shit they taken all fun out of it whirlwind is broken

    Calling all my fellow barbarians to go spam diablo 3 forums with soh threads until they revert it or fix things

    Also another interesting post i read regarding soh

    Blizzard decided to apply an "on hit" skill coef on a weapon that don't have a "on hit" proc.

    We are all ok to say that SoH pre-nerf was a bit OP. Why that ?
    Because the internal CD of SoH was not working when dual wielding.

    Blizzard decided to fix it and it was a GOOD thing. SoH now proc something like 2 times per second max with single target skills with high proc coef.
    And thats why its still very good with skills like Weapon Throw or Frenzy.

    Then Blizzard applied a second (and totally stupid) change.
    They decided, out of the blue, that SoH proc should use the proc coef of skills just like TF or Odyn.

    Its an error and its a proof that they don't have a clue how their own game works.

    TF and Odyn have "On hit" effects. It means that the proc is triggered every time you hit a monster.
    SoH is "On skill use" effect. It means that the proc is triggered when you use a certain skill.

    Why does skill coef exist ? Because AOE Skills hits multiple monster per cast. If you don't use an "On Hit" coef (0.13 for WW) the proc effect gonna apply
    way too much.
    WW hit frequency is 2 time your Sheet APS per second. Say you have 2APS, WW gonna hit 4 times per second.Say that 5 monsters are in your WW AOE.
    Its now 4*5 = 20 attacks per second. Its obvious that 20 Odyn proc per second would be totally OP. Thats why low coef on aoe skills exist.

    Take the SoH now.
    IT IS NOT an "on hit proc". You won't get more proc if you hit more monsters.
    Thats why its totaly stupid to apply the super low proc coef of aoe skills on hit.

    Take a Wizard. SoH use a super low proc coef on Frozen Orb now because Frozen Orb can hit 20 monsters.
    But you don't have a chance to proc for every single mob hit by your Frozen Orb. You only have a chance each time you CAST frozen orb.
    How stupid is that ? huh ? The coef were created because it would be stupid to proc "on hit" 20 time for each orb.
    They were not created to proc "on cast" effects 1 time ou of 20 orbs.

    Thats why the second part of the nerf was an error.
    And thats why SoH is now utter trash.

    Blizzard failed because they don't even now how this game works.

    This part of the nerf is bad, non intended, and should be reverted.
    The ICD fix is ok and needed.
    The proc coef is wrong and absurd.
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    Hi first of would like to say thanks for all the work you put into this thread its been extremely helpful with that being said i would like to ask about all resistance as a barbarian

    I would like to know if theres a soft / hard cap and what % i should be aiming for currently im around 80-81% unbuffed and with my warcry im sitting at 83-84% for pretty much all my resistances

    Second question is i have marra amulet with immune poison my question is does all resistance lose value as we gain immunities as each point would be worth less because of it being spent in a resistance thats uneeded ?

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