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    People claiming "innocence" baffle the hell out of me. They claim they have "played for thousands of hours" and "have never used any 3rd party programs" at all. Then in the next breath comments akin to "well I use THud or Numlock"...are people really that naive? Have you actually read the EULA AT ALL?

    In short, the EULA states use of any third party software will be dealt with in an appropriate manner, and the way these programs are detected is via scans of your CPU processes. I've seen and heard people mention that Razer Synapse could and has been caught in the banwave, and other who are using it, and haven't been banned are panicking. It's my opinion the something like Razer Synapse would be immune to any ban. Whilst it is by Blizzard's definition a 3rd Party Software, it's also a piece of Software used to manage a profile for the use of a peripheral.

    People need to stop being stupid or naive when using things like Turbohud, Numlock Cast, Yolomouse. If you use 3rd party software you run the risk of being banned, and if you get banned for using 3rd party software, then can you really complain about being banned?

    Those who are saying they've clocked up "thousands of hours of play time", if you mean during the course of Season 6, then one of two things is likely in my opinion. The first is, you have NO LIFE at all, that includes social or sexual of any kind. OR you are botting the living hell out of diablo 3.

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    Paranoja, top 50 DH got also banned

    he is my RL friend, we play together since release and he got banned for no reason , we never used thud, bots,exploits ,not even a macros on numpad stuff, we were in all clans together and he got banned for boting, he wrote tickets today and still they said he did bot , it's stupid decision to kick him after 10 k + hours in this game

    So, 10k + hours in this game? This season or since launch of D3?
    If it's this current season, which started on 29th April 2016, and has been running for a total of 47 days, (please correct me on this if I am wrong) then the following are possibilities: -
    - You're high and aren't reading the numbers correct.
    - You actually mean since D3 Launch.
    - Neither of the above, and you mean Season 6.

    To put the numbers into context...
    47 days x 24 hours = 1128 hours.
    60 minutes x 24 hours = 1440 minutes.

    So, if you play for example, 8 hours per day, then you're looking at 376 hours. There is absolutely no way humanly possible or otherwise for any player to exceed 1100+ hours for this season alone. Even if you where to play for 16 hours, and have 8 hours sleep, that only gives 752 hours. Thats not accounting for toilet breaks, and meals. So unless you're like Cartman in the WoW Southpark episode, then to clock up anything higher is very unlikely and not achievable (again as stated above unless my numbers are incorrect).

    I am not naive to think Blizzard would and could be wrong. They themselves are human, and I am of the opinion that if any one person who has been banned in error is capable of providing solid and viable evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt (sorry for the court sounding speak lol) that an error has been made, then they will reverse their decision and reinstate an account as soon as they are able.

    In short, if you use 3rd party software, re-read the EULA instead of whinging.

    I did not say That I have 10 k h in season 6 I was saying I have that amount of time in the game from the start from 2012 that is 4 years period and y I was playing 6-8 h every day in last 4 years.Did mine real life suck because this that is total different story.The thing is the blizz made mistake not only in mine case but also in some other, cases ! I am not whinging the point here is they did mistake with bane some of the players who was not using any kind of third party program and that is the fact. I rly hope some of the players will have they acc back, after blizz admit they wrongly accused some players. And if that happen ( what I doubt it ) I hope that players will post they story here.it is a long shoot and I am doing same thing here like don Quixote. I rly do not believe that I can win in this fight but at lest I can talk about it and spread the word so the similar things will not happen again. Why is so hard to believe for some of U that the big corporation like blizz can make a mistake ? ? ?

    Not that this is really on topic.. but have you really spend 38-60% of your life for the past 4 years playing D3?, so you don't work, you don't study, you most likely don't even cook your own meals... now, i know this is assumptions, but really? wow....incase anyone was wondering about the 38-60% i seemingly pulled out my ass.

    24 hours in a day. 365 days in a year. for 4 years.. - 6 hours to sleep just because.
    24 - 6 = 18, 18*365 = 6570 hours, 6570*4 = 26.280 hours total

    10.000 / 26.280 = 38%, but considering the fact that you most likely have not played exactly 10k hours i am guessing it's more, also guessing that you sleep more than an average of 6 hours a night. so rough guess was 38-60%

    Personally i really hope for your sake that you have been botting quite a lot, otherwise i feel sad :(

    Just to contribute a little to the actual topic:
    False positives are common, but not as common as it sounds in this thread. i actually tried it myself once in wow, where i then got mad and said, fuck the system and started botting because i was a retard, i managed to bot for 4 years until suddenly my account was no more. so a false positive made me bot.. true story! or is it?

    damn.. all these liars and false positives and so many cheaters, no wonder it's all messed up. no one can even keep track of what is what and who is who and why!

    - sorry for this post, Apparently i am tired.
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    Im using Gtk Radiant for the map itself, Blender, Photoshop and Paint tool Sai for the models.

    I made a new video on the updates if you wanna check out:



    That is pretty cool. and for some reason i really want to play this. lol. someone should make a complete diablo 1 remake like this. maybe with a bit better graphics. but still. quite cool. Good job
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    Alright. cheers for the information, seems like having 62% crit is not entirely wasted but kinda overkill.

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    so as soon as you cast blizzard it calculates how many of the ticks will crit and calculate the avg damage over the entire duration?

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    I have been trying to find information on this question for a while and i can't seem to find anything solid so i thought i would try and ask here to see if anyone has a clue how this works.

    So basicly what my question is, is this.
    How does the Blizzard skill work when calculating stats?

    can it crit? like actually crit or does it just get rolled into the damage calculation somehow,
    does attack speed work? i seem to have read that it doesn't make blizzard tick faster, but does it get calculated in as dmg? or is it just 100% useless.
    CHD, I know this work, but again i do not know if it gets rolled in as standard dmg or if it only works when the ticks crit, if indeed the ticks can crit.

    I hope my question is not too confusing and i hope someone here has an idea how it works.

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