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    This would make sense, I believe I do have 1000 of those.

    I assume this is a bug? If not, that's totally broken.
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    Hi guys, I posted this on the D3 forums and thought I'd share it here too. With rumors of 2.0 being released less than 2 weeks from now, I did another PTR copy to test out the latest version of crafting.

    I put together this video for you guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLfvZRbE2YE

    It’s about 50 minutes long because I wanted to show the process and explain some interesting finds and latest undocumented developments. I suggest you watch the whole thing (including the T1 facemelting near the end), but if you don’t have time here’s a summary:


        - Shoulder, chest, and bracer slots will be replaced almost immediately. BiS items in these slots on Live are worthless.
        - Shoulders: 300 main stat, 200 vit, need 1 more stat (AR/armor/life %) to make it better than anything out there now.
        - Chest: 300 main stat, 200 vit, just need 3 sockets and AR or armor and you have a GG equivalent.
        - Bracers: 300 main stat, all you need is crit and it’s better than 99% of items already. Doable in under 10 crafts. Add 200 vit + AR or armor and it’s BiS.
        - Gloves will take a bit longer. You need 2 out of 3 CC/CD/AS. AS is nerfed in 2.0 on 60 rares, so if you have trifecta gloves you may be wearing them for a while.
        - Amulets can’t (currently) be crafted in 2.0 because of the Forgotten Soul requirement (a higher end version of the Brimstone), so craft yourself a decent one now or buy one.
        - Weapons and offhands aren’t really worth it because your chance of getting a double damage roll + socket + CD is very slim. Most weapons roll around 800 dps – hardly worth it.
        - Demonic Essences appear to have a ‘conversion boost’. I did my PTR copy with around 600 and ended up with over 2000. Not sure if bug, Blizzard trolling, or legit, but that’s how it is right now.
        - White items salvage into 3-10 Common Debris. This is the new required material for crafting rares.
          - Load up on i63 white items. Ideal is ‘High Scabbard’ belt because it’s the only i63 item that takes up 1 slot, but unless you want to farm ~1000 of them just load up with any i63 items. Weapon/armor makes no difference – salvaging results are randomized.
    - Buy up Exquisite Essences and Iridescent Tears in a 2:1 ratio (2 Essence: 1 Tear). If you’re crafting all 4 pieces, you need about 2:1.- Save up a decent chunk of gold. 100M should be enough to replace all 4 slots with near-BiS crafts. Personally I’m shooting to have 1B by the time RoS goes live.

    I’m excited for 2.0 and I really hope we have 3-4 weeks to play with it, especially since items that drop (i.e. legendary weapons) will have value at 70 because you’ll be able to re-roll the damage stat.

    Hope you guys like the video, I learned some interesting things while making it. This is my first one and longer than expected, but moving onward they will be shorter and more concise.
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