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    Skin Spotlight: Medic Uther, Into The Nexus #9
    The Gaze of the Black Prince Be Upon You - Legendary Quest Rep and Drop Rate Buff

    Datamined Affix Chances For Enchanting

    If you've wondered how come every skill bonus keeps rolling during enchanting 'sessions', but Crit hit chance and Crit hit damage continue to elude your item, it seems there might just be a reason for that. A dataminer posted some intriguing findings on a Korean forum and they were shared on reddit and on our forums afterwards.


    All the values are based on level 70 character.
    • Each affix is assigned a “rarity coefficient,” indicative of their relative likelihood of showing up. Larger this number, more weight it has during the -calculation of your probability and thus more likely to appear.
    • Probability of an affix appearing = rarity coefficient of the affix / total sum of rarity coefficient of all possible affixes (which can be seen when you click on (?) next to the property)
    • For example, suppose you are trying to craft a one-hander with level requirement reduced as your secondary affix. The possible secondary affixes for one-handers are:
      • Life per kill (rarity coefficient 1000)
      • Monster kills grant additional experience (1000)
      • % chance to X on hit (blind, chill, freeze, slow, stun, fear, knockback, immobilize) (each 100)
      • Ignores durability loss (100)
      • Reduced level requirement (100)
    If your weapon has life per kill and chance to stun, and you want to change life per kill to reduced level requirement, the probability will be:
    100 / (1000 + 1000 + 100 + 100) = 4.5%
    On the other hand, if you choose to replace chance to stun with reduced level requirement, your probability becomes:
    100 / (1000 + (100*8) + 100 + 100)) = 5%

    Here are the datamined coefficients for all affixes:
    • 100000
      • Weapon damage
    • 10000
      • Elemental damage
    • 4000
      • Maximum resource (hatred, discipline, spirit, arcane power, wrath)
      • Critical hits grant X arcane power
      • Primary stats (Str, Dex, Int)
      • Vitality
    • 2000
      • Movement speed
      • Life per sprit spent
      • Life per fury spent
      • Maximum mana
      • Increased mana regeneration
      • Increased hatred regeneration
      • Increased spirit regeneration
    • 1500
      • Increased gold and health pickup radius
      • damage (rings and amulets only)
    • 1000
      • Weapon damage %
      • Critical chance
      • Critical damage
      • Reduced cooldown of all skills
      • Reduced resource costs
      • Life %
      • Extra gold from monsters
      • Monster kills grant additional experience
      • Increased attack speed
      • Control impairing effect duration reduction
      • Life regeneration per second
      • Health globes and potions grant extra life
      • Wrath regeneration
      • Chance to deal area damage on hit
      • Increased elemental resistance (singular)
      • Increased all resistance
      • Block chance
      • Armor
      • Life per hit
      • Life per kill
      • % Elemental skill damage
      • Socket
      • Increased skill X damage (all)
    • 600
      • Ranged and melee attackers take damage per hit
    • 400
      • Reduced damage from ranged attacks
      • Reduced damage from melee attacks
    • 200
      • % chance to fear on hit (helm only)
    • 100
      • Critical hit damage 31~35% (select legendary weapons only)
      • Level requirement reduced
      • Chance to fear on hit (weapons only)
      • Chance to blind on hit
      • Chance to chill on hit
      • Chance to freeze on hit
      • Chance to slow on hit
      • Chance to stun on hit
      • Chance to fear on hit
      • Chance to knockback on hit
      • Chance to immobilize on hit
      • Ignores durability loss
      • Increased damage against elites
      • Reduced damage from elites
      • Life per wrath spent
      • Chance to inflict bleed damage

    Rend Hotfix Now Live

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    • Fixed an issue that allowed Rend to gain the benefit of Critical Hit Chance twice.
      • This was an unintentional result of the fix made to the +% Damage for Rend affix applied in 2.0.6(6/13)

    [Stats] 5 Hours of... Cursed Chests Farming

    CuckooGaming is being useful once again, sharing the stats of his 5-hour T3 Cursed Chests farming. As usual, the video is very entertaining, but the results are the most intriguing part. For all of the mentioned results check out the original topic on our forums, since we decided not to spoil them for you:

    Updated Caches Legendary Drop Rate Table

    Our Legendary Drop Rate Summaries are going great and the Horadric Caches one had its table updated today. Make sure to check out the results and don't hesitate to take part in our data gathering!

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    Patch 2.0.6 Hotfixes - Updated 6/13

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    • Fixing an issue that allowed Rend to gain the benefit of Critical Hit Chance twice.
      • This was an unintentional result of the fix made to the +% Damage for Rend affix applied in 2.0.6.
    • Death Maidens no longer summon unlimited skeletons. (6/12)
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    Hero Rotation Update - June 10th
    Warlords of Draenor Alpha - Build 18379

    Upcoming Patch 2.0.6 Hotfix

    REMINDER: The official patch 2.0.6 notes came out earlier today!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    • Resolving an issue where the Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6 piece set bonus does not benefit from +% Lightning Damage.

    Most Achievements Should Be Fixed Now

    The 'broken' achievements (or most of them, it seems) should have been fixed with today's update. 

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that we deployed an update to our back end services today that we believe should “heal” a fair amount of the issues that some of you in this thread have been reporting with achievements that have become stuck or “broken” since the game was released. 

    Without going too deep into the technical details, basically what we did was implement a system that looks at your account upon login to try and identify any achievements for which you have fulfilled all the criteria, but have not been awarded the actual achievement. If the system identifies a broken achievement, the server will attempt to immediately “heal” your broken achievement and grant it to you. I say “try” because each server will only attempt to run a certain number of instances of this healing operation at one time. What this means is it may take several logins to heal any achievements that are broken on your account in this way. This is expected behavior, and just because you haven’t seen any changes to your achievements just yet, doesn’t mean that the fix did not work for you at all.

    I know that many of you have been waiting for this for a long time, but it is somewhat likely that this fix may not resolve every single achievement issue that every player has. This particular fix is specifically targeted at achievements with tracked criteria (basically this means requirements that were tracked with checkboxes). Also as I said above, this fix may not take effect for everyone immediately. What this means is that we are going to need to let the dust settle over the next few days to see what other types of issues remain.

    So, where do we go from here? At this point, we encourage you to simply play as you normally would for the next several days and see what happens with your achievements. If you are still experiencing erroneous behavior or are missing a particular achievement that you believe is broken, we encourage you to reply to this thread and let us know about it. Include detailed information if you can such as the full achievement name, when you earned it, and what the exact problem with it is with as thorough a description as possible. Steps are good too, if you have them! 

    I’ll be watching this thread very closely, and will likely be popping in here again in the days and weeks to come. Thank you all again for your patience and all of your reports about this.

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard

    [Bug] Legendary Crafting Mats Still Dropping
    There is currently a bug that is causing some Legendary crafting materials to continue to drop after the patch. We’re still looking into the specifics of the bug, and don't have a current estimate to share on when this will be fixed (or how: via hotfix or patch). In the meantime, thanks for your reports! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Fuad's Journal Will Start Dropping From Fuad With 2.1
    Fuad's Journal does not drop off Fuad. The journal is part of the meta achievement called "Judge of Character", it does however not drop off Fuad. I've killed him 10 times now thinking it's a rare drop but it shouldn't be. Please fix this.
    Patch 2.0.6 was mostly for balance changes and while it had a few bug fixes, this particular fix did not make it in. The good news, however, is that we do have a fix in place for this coming in our next major content update, patch 2.1.0! I obviously can't make any promises as when specifically that update will arrive, but I can say that we are currently hard at work on the new content for that patch, and that we are doing our very best to get it out the door as soon as possible.

    Thanks a ton for all of the reports about this, and we really appreciate your patience regarding this issue. Thank you!

    Edit: In the meantime, I also went ahead and added this issue to our known issues list. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Theorycraft Livestream This Thursday, June 12

    Our own moderator MrMonstrosity will be part of the stream, so it's worth watching!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Mark your calendars, nephalem! We're happy to announce we'll be livestreaming this Thursday, June 12 to celebrate our first round of Theorycraft Thursday builds. 
    Here are all the devilish details:

    • What: Our first Theorycraft Thursday livestream
    • Where: http://www.twitch.tv/diablo
    • When: Thursday, June 12 @ 3:00 p.m. PT to 4:00 p.m. PT
    • Who: Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel, Stephen "Leviathan" Stewart, Travis "Da Man" Day, and Nolan "Monstrous" Mitchell
    • Why: Because Ghostcrawler promised us a pony aliens why not?

    While the winner of our community vote, the electrifying Wizard BrvzerX, was unable to attend, our runner-up, the commanding Crusader Leviathan, has stepped up to the challenge. Be sure to tune in to our official Diablo Twitch channel where I'll be joining forces with game designer Travis Day and Community MVP Monstrous to discuss the finer points of Leviathan's Zoosader build—and smash some demon face in the process. 
    We hope to see you there!
    Can't tune in? No problem. We'll have a VOD of the stream available later this week so you can watch our successes, our (well, probably my) failures, and bask in the glory of all our sweet, sweet loot over and over again. 

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    Ben Brode on the Word Random
    Datamined Unreleased Heroes Update, Town Hall #16
    Stormwind Repairs, Reagent Bank, Blueprint Prices, New Quests and Items, Hogger Pet

    Suggestions For New Rift Guardians Wanted

    Grimiku is collecting ideas for new Rift Guardians on the official forums and while most of them won't make it into the game, he seems to be intrigued by some like the Kadala and Deckard Cain suggestions.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    This subject has a lot of potential to be a really fun community discussion. Personally, I love the nostalgia involved with bringing back some of those old bosses, but I know there are a lot more ideas out there.
    So, lets hear 'em. What are your ideas for Nephalem Rifts, and/or Rift Guardians?
    I was just catching up on all of the suggestions and ideas in this thread. The idea of a version of Kadala as a Rift Guardian is awesome, and I really like the thought of evil ghost Cain as a boss, too. Of course, there are plenty of other cool ideas in here, too, like special events, classic bosses, memorable areas from previous games, cross-franchise appearances from iconic characters. 

    I'll compile a big list of feedback and send it on up. Thanks, everyone!

    I should note that right now these are just ideas I'm compiling, and this isn't any sort of guarantee that they'll be implemented. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that just because I happen to like an idea that it means it will (or even should) be implemented.
    Where the twist is that you or one of your party member is the rift boss.
    I'd have a lot of fun just thinking of witty things to say at the moment that I get to reveal the truth to my unsuspecting party. Of course, if it started with a Luigi death stare I wouldn't have to say anything.

    Blizzard Looking For Feedback On 'Leaderboards' and Competition

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    This is a very nice thread and I would love to hear your feedback on such 'leaderboards'. Right now I can see some options there that seem like a summary of a 'Rift run' as well.
    With tiered Rifts and Seasons slated for patch 2.1- it would be great if you could share how you feel about potential rivalry in Rifts with those features in place and how would you see the 'leaderboards concept' taking these 2 features into account.

    Apart from Diablo ladders I have also played a lot of StarCraft II and even Brood War back in the days and personally cannot wait to see how seasons/ladders will work out in Diablo III - there is definitely great potential for fun there if competition is your thing!

    We're happy to see that you like Rifts and are interested in ways to make them even more entertaining in a competitive way!

    Google337's T6 MM Fire Wizard Guide

    Google337 has created a very informative thread about his Magic Missile-based Wizard build. He describes it as 'pure DPS Sheet+Fire Elemental Dmg build' and notes that the core of the build is 'Super Tanky & great bonus damage for Vs Elite and very high elemental fire dmg overall'. Check his thread in case you'd like to see all the info and if you'd like to ask some clarifying questions.

    New Short Story: "Turn of a Card"

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    "Nerissa finished the cup of wine and fumbled it back to the table. She picked up the velvet box, displaying it proudly, and opened the top. The contents glittered.  'I have my jewelry,' she replied with as much dignity as she could muster, 'and some of these pieces have been in my family for generations. This one, for example'—and she lifted out a filigree comb of spun gold with a single large sapphire—'was given to my grandmother on her wedding day. Or this,' she said as she carefully withdrew a stiletto, the sheath dotted with three rubies, 'was kept by my great-uncle when he was at court. It's really just a showpiece, but he fancied himself quite the soldier.' She laughed self-deprecatingly but found herself in an unsettlingly steely gaze from Carlotta. She returned the knife to the box and waited for the old woman to speak."
     "'No,' the crone breathed, her eyes never leaving Nerissa's. 'No, I think we should play for more… significant stakes.' She waved away Nerissa's stammering objection with a tiny movement of one hand. 'I think we should play for the most significant stakes of all. What, my dear, would you want more than anything else in this world?'"

    The newest addition to the Diablo lore archives, "Turn of a Card," is now available in the Game Guide! Written by Robert Arjet, this unsettling tale centers on Nerissa, a destitute member of Westmarch's high society who will do anything to reclaim her family's riches… even wager all that she holds dear. For more heroic tales, be sure to explore the short stories for our iconic classes and characters, available here:
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    Curse of Naxxramas - Warlock Card Revealed - Voidcaller
    Datamined Unreleased Heroes Update, Town Hall #16
    Azeroth Choppers Episode 8 - The Winner Revealed

    Seasonal Legendaries Will Drop For Normal Characters After a Season Ends

    Nevalistis confirmed several Seasons-related pieces of information. The most important ones being that at the end of a Season, Seasonal Legendaries will roll over into the non-Season loot pool and new Seasonal Legendaries will be available for Seasonal characters once the new Season begins.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Its been a pain trying to link this info, as it has never been directly stated in a Blue post, so I totally understand why you had no idea. ;)
    I suppose I can fix that. :P

    Just to confirm our current plans with Seasons, as we've stated in earlier interviews/livestreams (though bear in mind that as with any current plans, this is subject to change):
    • Seasons will be optional. Similar to how you flag a character as Hardcore, when you create a character, you have the option to also make them Seasonal.
    • There will be Seasonal Legendaries.
      • At the end of a Season, Seasonal Legendaries will roll over into the non-Season loot pool.
      • New Seasonal Legendaries will be available for Seasonal characters once the new Season begins.
    We're not quite ready to share the finer details on 2.1 or Seasons just yet, but as we get nearer the 2.1 PTR, you can be sure we'll have more info to share. ;)
    To be very clear here, that means that we'll be able to find Seasonal Legendaries on regular (softcore/hardcore) characters after that season has expired, correct?
    Not just that we'll be able to keep the Seasonal Legendaries we found during the season.
    That too!

    Blizzard Looking to Improve Clan Communication

    The main topic in the suggestions thread on the Official Forums is profanities in Clan chat and how they can be toned down. However Nevalistis mentioned that they'd like to expand on clan and community management tools and features down the road in a future patch, so since it's a sure thing that many of our users have suggestions, you shouldn't hesitate to share them where they can be seen! 

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    You have your right asking them to not drop f bombs, and they have the right to leave and find a guild that doesnt mind them dropping f bombs
    That's pretty much the long and short of it. We have included a Profanity Filter, as many others have referenced, if that's something that you personally don't wish to see. However, it's also your Clan chat - you're welcome to set and enforce your rules how you see fit, just as players are welcome to join or leave a clan as they please.

    Clan and Community management tools are a bit limited at the time, but for those of you heading your own groups - are there tools that you'd like to see us implement? We'd like to expand on such features down the road in a future patch, and it's always a good plan to be having these discussions in advance. :)

    Outlaw’s "Multiple Rocket Launcher" Demon Hunter

    A new Theorycraft Thursday is here. This week the Blues have picked a Demon Hunter build and as usual - we're looking forward to your thoughts about it in the comments, especially if you've tried it or anithing similar.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Since each Theorycraft Thursday rotation runs for about four weeks between votes, it means that two classes could not be featured in our first round articles. I'm prepared to remedy the situation, so for this week's Theorycraft Thursday we're sharing an explosive Demon Hunter build for all types of skill and gear levels. Are you locked and loaded for Outlaw#1468's "Multiple Rocket Launcher" build? 

    About the Build:

    The Multiple Rocket Launcher, or MRL, build focuses on supplying a constant barrage of damage viaStrafe (Rocket Storm). Featuring a high amount of mobility and an endless supply of rockets (where do they come from?), it shifts the focus of skillful play from aiming your abilities to successfully kiting and chasing your enemies.

    Delivery for King Leoric—just a few thousand rockets to the face!

    "Strafe grants continuous mobility and damage, making it optimal for chasing or kiting enemies. This makes it the ultimate skill in providing offense and defense in equal measurement," writes Outlaw. With the auto-targeting power of the rockets spawned by Strafe and other supplemental abilities, enemies with high mobility and a tendency to flee will no longer be a nuisance!

    The Skills:

    Outlaw was kind enough to provide us two separate load outs—one designed with less of a gear focus and the other designed for after you've acquired more of the ideal items listed below. For this particular blog, we'll detail the initial build first and then offer additional skill suggestions in a separate section.

    Active Skills:

    • Entangling Shot (Justice is Served)
      • Primary resource generator
      • Applied slow allows better kiting and chasing
      • Increased Hatred regeneration lets you return to using Strafe quickly
      • Note: With gear progression, this skill will eventually be replaced
    • Strafe (Rocket Storm)
      • Primary damage dealer and thematic focus of the build
    • Preparation (Punishment)
      • Supplements Strafe’s constant need for Hatred
      • As a low Discipline build, allows you to make better use of this otherwise unused resource
    • Vengeance (Seethe)
      • Offers big burst for elites, boss fights, or Rift Guardians
      • Combines nicely with Strafe (Rocket Storm) for superior single-target destruction
    • Chakram (Shuriken Cloud)
      • Helps fill in one of the major weaknesses in this build: area of effect damage
      • Since Strafe allows you to ignore unit collision, you can make great use of this bonus damage on the go
    • Companion (Bat Companion)
      • Provides constant much-needed Hatred until resources can be more reliably gained from items
      • Can fill in for boosts of Hatred when you don't have enough Discipline for Preparation

    Passive Skills:

    • Blood Vengeance
      • Helps sustain high resource drains from Strafe until appropriate Legendaries can fill the gap
    • Ballistics
      • Boosts the effectiveness of both Strafe and Vengeance
      • Adds supplemental damage
    • Hot Pursuit
      • Increases the mobility of this build while utilizing Strafe, making up some of the associated movement speed penalty
    • Night Stalker
      • Allows you to replenish Discipline more quickly and make more frequent use of Preparation(Punishment) and Smoke Screen (Displacement) in later build iterations

    Alternative Skills:

    • Active
      • Marked for Death (Contagion)
        • Replaces Entangling Shot once a Hatred generator is no longer needed
        • Helps fill in the builds weaknesses by offering additional damage modifiers
        • Also offers great group utility in multiplayer
      • Vengeance (Dark Heart)
        • Use this rune instead of Vengeance (Seethe) once resource management is no longer a concern
        • Compliments Chakram and Strafe as you glide effortlessly through your enemies
      • Smoke Screen (Displacement)
        • Replaces Companion (Bat Companion) once resources are no longer relevant
        • Removes some of the “glass cannon” feel from the build
        • Offers a way to break out of crowd control effects
        • A short invulnerability helps you get out of sticky situations
        • Movement speed bonus complements an already highly mobile build
    • Passive
      • Single Out
        • Replaces Blood Vengeance once resources are more steadily supplied
        • Firmly cements the single-target annihilation abilities of this build
        • Compliments Night Stalker, allowing you to replenish Discipline more quickly and make better use of Preparation (Punishment) 

    The Items:

    The following items are by no means necessary—the initial build presented above is usable with any level of gear. Of course, as you progress and climb higher in difficulty, you should keep an eye out for some of the following complimentary items.

    Outlaw has found some of the items he needs to climb through Torment levels, but there's plenty more to go!

    Complementary Items:

    • Cindercoat
      • Strafe (Rocket Storm) benefits from both the damage and resource cost reduction of this legendary
    • Black Feather
      • A good alternative to Cindercoat for lower difficulty levels
      • Helps alleviate the struggle with area of effect damage
      • Supplements the build’s theme while also being useful
    • Trag'Oul Coils
      • Assists with resource management
      • Resets almost all cooldowns, offering a higher uptime for Vengeance
    • Reaper's Wraps
      • Allows the shift out of Blood Vengeance and into Single Out
      • Note: The legendary power of this item only restores Hatred and not Discipline
    • Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
      • You always want to be moving with this build, and this item encourages precisely that
      • Roughly as integral to perfecting this build as Cindercoat and Ice Climbers
    • Ice Climbers
      • Mobility is extremely important to this build
      • Immunity to some of the nastiest crowd control effects drastically increases this builds survivability
    • Krede's Flame
      • Offers yet another method of frequent resource regeneration, though at a dangerous exchange
    • K'mar Tenclip
      • Drastically increases the build's mobility, removing the movement speed penalty associated withStrafe

    Recommended Stats:

    When starting out, you should focus on finding or rerolling gear for Critical Hit Chance and Resource Cost Reduction, as this will help you with early resource regeneration and reduce your downtime in Strafe. After you acquire a few items and resources become less of a concern, you can shift your focus to +% Damage to Fire Skills and Critical Hit Damage to raise your overall DPS.  While other DPS components are useful, these will help you strive towards early success, even if you’re lacking some of the more ideal Legendaries. 

    Recommended Difficulty and Game Mode:

    Due to the flexibility and growth Outlaw provided in his Theorycraft Thursday submission, the MRL build can be used at any game difficulty and any game mode, though it truly thrives in single-target encounters. The Hellfire Ring events and Nephalem Rift bosses are prime prey for this rocket-laden maiden, but the supplemental damage provided by Marked for Death (Contagion) is a boon to any party in group play.

    All of you? Yep, you're next.

    This is a great build for budding young Demon Hunters starting their journey through Torment I and beyond, growing with each supplemental legendary acquired. For more tips and tricks, you should definitely check out Outlaw's full guide on the Demon Hunter forums. He's detailed some of the finer points of handling troublesome enemies and also TLDR'd the details for those who can’t wait to jump into the action!

    Why We Like This Build:

    While I have a 70 of each class, I struggle with some classes more than others and the Demon Hunter is one that both intrigues and intimidates me. It takes serious skill to be proficient with this squirrely, mobile class, and I'll shamefully admit that understanding the science behind balancing your Hatred and Discipline confused me thoroughly at first.


    Outlaw's build is straightforward and fun. While I shudder to think of the dizziness my poor Demon Hunter endures with each play session, I can’t wait to jump back in—I'm currently drowning Kadala in Blood Shards for that elusive K'mar Tenclip. The MRL is easy to learn and difficult to master, requiring early resource management skills while training you to master kiting techniques. 

    Tell Us What You Think!

    The MRL build Outlaw sent over is a blast (pun entirely intended) to play and offers a very clear sense of progression as items are acquired. Are there any items or skills we missed? What would you do differently with a Strafe oriented build? Can I link Strafe more times before this blog ends?
    Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to send me your builds at [email protected]
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    Patch 2.0.5 Hotfixes - Updated 6/5

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    • Fixed an issue with matchmaking that could erroneously queue players into a game with an open Nephalem Rift where the Rift Boss had already been defeated.*
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    Curse of Naxxramas - Warlock Card Revealed - Voidcaller
    Alpha Patch 30509 - Explorer Li Li, Commander Raynor, WW3 Sgt. Hammer, New Shop Bundle
    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Invites Going Out

    Josh Mosqueira: 2.1 PTR Coming... 'Sorta Like Summer'

    Yet another one of Josh's half-informational tweets! It looks like we might not wait a lot longer though - summer is pretty much here. Sorta.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard ( Original Source)

    @joshmosq Hey Josh...can you tells us something about the coming 2.1 PTR?
    @vaskobgn It's coming... sorta like summer ;)

    Legendary Drops Haven't Been Ninja Nerfed, Luck Is The Only Factor

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    They are trying to deliberately discredit people who challenge the validity of anything they we are told.
    This is a rather bold assumption. We are attempting to avoid a situation where a rumor rampages out of control and becomes community "truth." In this case, we have investigated multiple times into drop rates to make sure they are working as they should. We have tested and retested. The results have come back consistently in each instance - drop rates are where they are supposed to be, and haven't been changed since the implementation of the Community Buff for the 2nd Anniversary. Each time we post regarding misinformation being spread, we are as certain as we can be that this is the case.
    Are you really going to come on here and say that there is not and has never been any bugs/faulty programming in the game?
    Not at all! But we do check and recheck things when community concerns are brought up or reports come in consistently. That's not the case here - rather, the occasional string of bad luck comes up and these types of posts come in waves. The reports we've received on drop rates are inconsistent, and our testing results and internal drop rate numbers contradict the suggested pattern. 

    RNG, being inherently random in nature and definition, is something that's easy to mistake as working inconsistently. That's the nature of the beast. What I can do is reassure you that we've done everything we can (and more) on our end to make sure it's working the way it should.
    Especially when you have knee jerk reactions to people having fun and you nerf something by saying it was a bug?
    That's a pretty unfair statement. Any change made is in the interest of the game's health in the long term, whether it's a bug fix or a balance change. We carefully weigh the benefits and detriments to such changes, and while some do result in a reduction of power, it's a byproduct of fixing something that is working against its original intent. 

    Everyone loves to smash face and feel powerful - but without a little control, we can inadvertantly severely restrict growth of power in the future. We want to provide additional content down the road, and if a single skill or item upsets the balance of everything else available, it substantially changes the way we develop that content. Instead of balancing everything in the future around a single outlier, it's more appropriate to bring that outlier back into balance with other aspects of the game.

    You're welcome to provide constructive feedback regarding changes, or raise your concerns regarding whether or not something is working as it should. That isn't something we're trying to take away. However, in this case, we've done our leg work, and I've shared that information. 

    That said, this is a pretty unproductive conversation with little productive discourse, so I'll be locking this thread. If you'd like to send us your feedback regarding moderation practices, you're welcome to do so directly to [email protected] - she's our manager, and will be happy to review your concerns.

    Daxypad's Comprehensive Might of the Earth/EQ Build

    Upon finishing his Might of the Earth set, Daxypad found himself in a situation where he felt like there weren't any good guides about what to do with your Barb once you've gathered the set pieces. That's why after some experimenting he made a guide of his own, describing not only the skills and the gear, but also abilities that he DOESN'T like. Make sure to check out his topic and ask him any questions you have regarding the guide. The build you see below is a combination of some of his recommended skills, but he talks about way more than those in his thread.

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  • published the article CotA And Multiple Pets Getting Fixed In 2.1, Haunt and LS %Damage On Gear To Start Applying, Console Pre-Order Bonuses

    Curse of Naxxramas: Shaman Card Renamed to Reincarnate
    Alpha Patch 30509 - Explorer Li Li, Commander Raynor, WW3 Sgt. Hammer, New Shop Bundle
    Tier 17 Warrior Armor Sets, Comic Con, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, Azeroth Choppers

    CotA And Multiple Pets Getting Fixed In 2.1

    Several pets for different classes will get better AI and will have their 'standing idle' bugs fixed in Patch 2.1. One of the bigger fixes will be for Barbarians' Call of the Ancients. 

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    We’re planning to make several bug fixes to Call of the Ancients in patch 2.1 that should address some of the concerns we’ve seen players reporting with the skill. So, make sure you keep a hold of that Immortal Kings set!

    - The Ancients should no longer sometimes stand idle when they have foes they could be clobbering instead.
    - The Ancients should now use their secondary abilities as indicated on the tooltip.

    Again, these bug fixes are currently expected to arrive with patch 2.1, but we don’t have an estimate to share for the date of that patch at this time. Thanks for all of the reports!
    I find that the idle thing happens often with WD pets too. Mostly the Zombie dog w/ tall mans finger and Gargantuan
    I did some digging and found out that these changes will update multiple pets, and not just Call of the Ancients. I'll go over what those changes are, and what pets it should affect. I also want to emphasize that we don’t have an estimate to share for when we expect patch 2.1, but we’re definitely working on it and are looking to provide a PTR. 

    • We're making a number improvements to the AI of several pets
    • We're also fixing a number of issues that sometimes prevented some pets from attacking nearby enemies, or caused them to stand still and stop attacking their current target
      • Pets affected by these changes should include:
        • Call of the Ancients
        • Companion
        • Fetish Army
        • Gargantuan
        • Mystic Ally
        • Phalanx
        • Zombie Dogs

    Haunt and LS % Damage On Gear To Start Applying With Next Patch 

    Witch Doctor's Haunt and Locust Swarm bonus damage from gear is not being applied currently, so a fix is being prepared that should deal with this bug when the next patch arrives.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    People, myself included, have tried gear with/without Haunt/Locust Swarm damage increasing modifiers, but the damage numbers do not change.
    Hi Everyone, 
    Thanks for all of the reports about this. I just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that we are aware of this issue and have a potential fix in place internally that should resolve this. I obviously can't make any promises about when this fix may appear on live servers, but we are hoping to include it with our next game patch.
    Thanks for your patience and all of the reports about this!

    Console Pre-Order Bonuses Clarification

    A bit of confusion and a little frustration are sneaking into console players due to several misunderstandings about what Blizzard will provide as pre-order bonuses for the Ultimate Evil Edition. Grimiku made several posts trying his best to clear the air and the misconceptions.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I should clarify something about the Wings of Valor in particular while we’re on the subject, though. The Wings of Valor were a PC-exclusive pre-order item for Reaper of Souls (for players who picked up the expansion prior to a specific date), and will not be available to those who purchase Ultimate Evil Edition. However, I left out some important information about console pre-orders for Ultimate Evil Edition in my previous post, and I want to address that now. So, sorry about the hiccup!

    Players who pre-order the Ultimate Evil Edition will receive the Infernal Pauldrons. These shoulders will boost your Vitality, Life per Second, and Cooldown Reduction, and persist even after you find an upgrade as a sweet Transmogrification option. If you want to read a little more about the Ultimate Evil Edition, take a look at the Infernal Pauldrons, find a retailer to pre-order, then feel free to check out the link to the Ultimate Evil Edition street date announcement. Pre-ordering will also provide you with the Spectral Hound minion and Reaper of Souls-themed transmog plans (which include three helm appearances and seven weapon appearances). 

    As I noted earlier, though, there are still some bonus trinkets we have yet to reveal for Ultimate Evil Edition. I hear that E3 is next week; you may want to tune in. ;)
    Wait, did you just mix up console and PC pre-order content? <_<"
    A good question, but we didn't mix them up. :) The Spectral Hound and Reaper of Souls-themed transmog plans were included in the Reaper of Souls digital deluxe package, but were not exclusive pre-order items. So, players who pre-order Ultimate Evil Edition will be getting them, too!

    20% Off Plush Toys In Blizzard Store

    The deal is going on for only a week and it applies if you buy three or more plushies, but they all deserve our love anyway!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

    Get 20% Off Plush Toys When You Buy 3 or More!

    Limited time offer. Offer limited to supplies on hand. To take advantage of this offer you must purchase three or more plush products available at Blizzard Gear, prior to June 10, 2014 . Offer is applied at the shopping cart page. No code needed. Applicable purchase amount does not include the purchase of digital items, shipping, handling or sales tax charges, or items that are not in stock at time of purchase. This offer cannot be applied to previously placed orders, or to orders placed after the promotion expires. This offer is applicable to individual sales only. Requests with invalid or undeliverable mailing addresses, P.O. Box addresses (except those in North Dakota where P.O. box addresses are accepted) will be denied. Blizzard is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, damaged, misdirected or postage due requests. Late, non-compliant or duplicate submissions WILL NOT BE acknowledged, returned or honored. Ongoing offers are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

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  • published the article Blizzard Returns to San Diego Comic Con, Official Community Guides and Resources Collection, Beginner Crusader Gearing Guide

    Season 3 Begins - Colors of the Rainbow, This Week's Decks, News, and Videos, Noxious' Card Talk: Duplicate
    Skin Spotlight: Murky!
    Tier 17 Shaman Armor Set Preview, New Dungeon Journal Entries, Blue Tweets, Live Raid

    Beginner Crusader Gearing Guide

    We've all been a bit consumed by the optimal end-game gear and builds, but there is always a good time for an alt, which might as well be a Crusader since it's the newest and least nerfed class so far. Deadset Gaming's Beginner Crusader Gearing Guide is extremely helpful and shows not only the items you'll need to get your Crusader to Torment IV pretty quickly, but the build and detailed explanations about each skill as well. The main components in the early gearing are the Aughild and Captain Crimson sets, since they are crafted, but make sure you watch the whole video for valuable advice and pleasant gameplay background.

    Blizzard Returns to San Diego Comic Con

    Blizzard will attend this year's San Diego Comic Con as well, but so far they've been keeping the presentation plans in secret. 2014's Comic Con is scheduled for July 24-27 and we have to hope we'll get details soon (not Soon...TM), because as usual, Blizzard are claiming their 'Kings of hype' title by mentioning 'new product reveals'.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blizzard is proud to announce that we'll be returning to this year's San Diego Comic Con, bringing with us never-before-seen treasures and show exclusives from our Licensing Team!  Keep an eye out for schedule details and exciting product reveals (coming soon).
    We hope to see you there!

    Official Community Guides and Resources Collection

    Several blue posts with links to useful community-written guides were published today. Some of them, of course, link to DiabloFans, but there are a lot of good ones on the official forums as well.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Greetings, Nephalem!
    This thread is dedicated to the many passionate Diablo III players out there who are sharing their knowledge of the game with the rest of the Diablo III community. Below you will find a list of guides and resources sorted by category with links that will lead you directly to the desired guide or resource

    Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the game. 

    Please feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if:
    • You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate
    • You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch
    • You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed
    ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Community Guides and Resources - The List: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    Welcome to RoS - Features Guide
    by HolyHermit
         (EU forums)
    RoS Elemental Skill Damage Explained
    by Druin & Arbeia
         (EU forums)
    Master List: Elemental Damage
    by Jonblod
         (EU forums)
    Overview of distances and ranges in Diablo 3
    by Nizaris
    DPS and EHP spreadsheet for character planning and gear comparison
    by Loroese
    Diablo Clans - portal to help clans establish themselves online
    Create a clan profile, recruit members, forage alliances
    Diablo III [Urban]Dictionary
    by Jaetch
    Master List of Legendaries (Torment vs Cache)
    by Arbeia 
        (EU forums)
    Legendary and Set items database
    Easy sorting and quick view of item stats
    Legendary Crafting Materials - drop locations & uses 
    by Angzt
    List of all crafting items and locations
    These items are acquired from various monsters and locations
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  • published the article D3 50% Off on Amazon, 5-Hour Alkaizer Route Farming, Transmog Collection, Pools of Healing, Pools of Pylons, Pools of Shrines

    Season 3 Countdown, Deck Spotlight: Pyromaniac Secrets, Weekend Events: ESL America Cup, TaKeTV Gentlemen Cup
    Town Hall #15, Design Philosophy: Anti-Snowballing Changes
    Character Viewer Updated, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, Shop Sale, Warcraft Movie Updates

    Diablo 3 50% Off On Amazon

    Amazon is selling Vanilla Diablo 3 for all platforms with a 50% discount right now. The price is currently $19.99 and the sale ends in about 30 hours.

    5 Hours of... Alkaizer Route Farming

    If you've ever seen CuckooGaming's '5 Hours of...' series, you already know that the videos actually take less than 5 minutes to watch thanks to being only highlights and end results. This time CuckooGaming did Alkaizer Route runs for 5 hours and shared the end results on our forums:

    Legendary Transmog Collection

    There is a thread on our forums asking you to show off your transmogs and it has gathered a great deal of awesomeness! The collection you see below is simply an excerpt of what's going on in the thread, but it's a great way to describe the idea! The last one is a special treat!



    Pools of Healing, Pools of Pylons, Pools of Shrines

    Since it's Sunday, lay back and enjoy a little more entertaining images: a redditor shared an interesting sight in one of his rifts: 'Pools of Healing'. There is a special point in the otherwise random-generated maps that gets a bit bugged and can make Pools of Reflection spawn on top of a Healing Well. Same goes for Pools of Reflection with a Pylon or a Shire perfectly fit in them. Do share if you've come across one in your D3 experience!




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  • published the article Blizzard Gathering Rift and Community Buff Ideas, Zero Empathy's Clan War Competition, Reaper of Recipes Challenge Winner

    Curse of Naxxramas - Mage Card Revealed - Duplicate
    Town Hall #15, Design Philosophy: Anti-Snowballing Changes
    Heart of the Valorous Buff Live This Weekend

    Blizzard Gathering Rift and Community Buff Ideas

    Two particularly interesting threads on the Official forums had CMs show up and encourage even more feedback and idea sharing. The first one is a Gold Rift suggestion, while the second one is a list of Community buffs/events ideas (inspired by the Anniversary Legendary Drop Rate Buff).

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Similar to a goblin rift, there should be a chance for a rift to spawn an area covered with gold piles on the ground with the chances of scaling up to 1m , 5m, 10m and maybe even 20m. I know with the AH gone, gold has been an issue for most players especially with re-rolling and upgrading gems. What do you think?
    I think this is a cool idea, and I'll bring it up in our next meeting. Thanks for taking the time to write out a full suggestion on how you'd like it to work, since that can really help with context.
    What about legendary gold drops? Beam of light and bam a million or so gold for pickup?
    I'll add this suggestion to the notes I'll be bringing. :)
    I thought Community Buff's will be something Regular?
    I would like to experience the following community buffs:
    - Rift Double Density Week
    - 50% off Shards Kadala Week
    - +50% Movement Speed week
    - +100% XP week
    - Double Goblin spawn Week
    - Double Rift Guardian spawn Week
    - 100% Infernal Machine Key drop on T6 Week
    - 100% X Rare Monster Spawn week
    - Double Cache Leg Drop week
    - Triple Loot Whimsey Shire week
    - Hell Week - All Fire Damage Deals 100% more damage
    - Winter Wonderland Week - All Cold Damage Deals 100% more damage
    - Plague Week - All Poison Damage Deals 100% more damage

    - Holy Week - All Holy and Arcane Damage Deals 100% more damage

    We do want to make additional use of community buffs, but the last buff ended only a week ago! Patience, my friend. :) All in due time!
    What buff would you like to have?
    I'm also interested to hear what kind of buffs you'd like to see. While we may not be able to something every week, or use every idea, I'd love to know the types of buffs you find most interesting! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Zero Empathy's Clan War Competition

    An intriguing initiative is being conducted every Saturday by an EU clan called Zero Empathy. Here are the main rules as described by one of the organizers:

    What is a Clan War Competition?
    We get enough people to form 4+ groups in the clan, 1 support monk per group. We randomly roll on stream who will play with who, everybody joins their respective group in teamspeak and for the next 3 hours will farm rifts as fast as possible. This will be Zero Empathy's third Clan War competition, we are doing this every week on Saturday

    The system works like this:
    • one rift gives 3 points
    • one legendary in the group gives 1 point
    Currently there are no rewards to the winner besides bragging rights.

    As usual, let us know if you like the idea, if you'd be interested in trying it out with your clan members and if you've got better events in store! In the meantime you can check out more information about Zero Empathy's initiative in the original thread on our forums.

    Reaper of Recipes Challenge Winner

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Get ready to snack on one of Sanctuary's most sneaky beasties!
    That's right, nephalem. We recently tasked with you with creating a Diablo-inspired dish in our Reaper of Recipes challenge, and now a winner has been chosen. Gaming gastronome @kierpanda from Eat Game Live has cooked up her favorite submission, and the results are diabolically delicious. We think even Tyrael's fickle stomach would be pleased!
    Behold, the Sand Shark Caldeum Style (a.k.a. Baked Hake with Quinoa)!

    To learn more about this challenge, the winning recipe, and heaps of other scrumptious, game-themed treats, head on over to Eat Game LiveThanks to everyone who submitted recipes, and congratulations to Louis Sarlin for this tasty creation!

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    Curse of Naxxramas - Mage Card Revealed - Duplicate
    Town Hall #15, Design Philosophy: Anti-Snowballing Changes
    Heart of the Valorous Buff Live This Weekend

    Elite Affixes Test: Damage Reductions Don't Work?

    Worrying experiment results were shared by Official Forums user : most of the elite monster affixes seem to be unaffected by the elite damage reduction from gear and skills or the melee/ranged damage reduction. His tests were conducted pretty thoroughly it seems from how he's described them and sadly they suggest there maybe is a bug that interferes with the correct application of melee and ranged attacks reduction, as well as elite damage reduction and several other well-intended bonuses. You can see the results below (for the full list click the 'Spoiler' button), but if you're interested in the methodology he used, definitely check out the original topic.

    Cold Affix
    Frozen = Freezing Orb (!)
    - melee damage
    - dot within 15 yards (30x per sec)*!*
    - summon 6 orbs per cast (per mob)
    - each orb lasts 4 sec before exploding
    - explosion freezes affected targets for 2 sec each (stack up)
    {><} - the end explosion can be "dodged"

    Frozen Pulse = Chilling Orb (!)
    - melee damage
    - dot within 15 yards
    - summon 1 orb per cast
    - homing sentry
    - orb triggers after 1.5 sec then searches targets for another 1.5 sec
    - each orb lasts 10 sec after triggered (start dealing damage)
    - affected targets are slowed by 60% (movement)

    Fire Affix
    Desecrator = Hellfire (!)
    - melee damage
    - dot within 6 yards
    - damage starts after remaining in the fire for 1 sec
    - damage doubles per tick (0.5 per sec)
    - damage continues 1 sec after leaving the fire

    Molten = Molten Trail
    - melee damage
    - dot (5 yards) in front and around the mob
    - leave behind a burning trail for 5 sec (dot 3 yards)
    - leave behind an explosive blast upon death (18 yards)
    {><} - the end explosion can be "dodged"
    - ELITE REDUCE WORKS (tic´s tested)
    - MANTRA REDUCE DOESN´T WORK - BUG (tic´s tested)

    Molten = Explosion

    Mortar = Fire Bombs
    - ranged damage (missile/projectile)
    - impact damage within 6 yards
    - throw out 3 fire bombs per mob
    |><| this attack can be "dodged"

    Fire Chains (!)
    - ranged damage (missile/projectile)
    - chain damages 10x per sec
    - chain linked between 2 mobs (activates when 2 mobs are nearby)
    |><| this attack can be "dodged"

    Lightning Affix
    Electrified = Shock Pulse
    - ranged damage (missile/projectile)
    - triggers when mob takes damage (per hit)
    - send 4 pulses in 4 different directions (per hit)
    |><| this attack can be "dodged"
    - REALLY HARD TO TEST (due to big difference in numbers)

    Thunderstorm = Falling Lighting
    - ranged damage (missile/projectile)
    - impact damage and spreads up to 12 yards
    - damage on impact > spread, about 2x
    - damage can't be avoid
    - each cast triggers 5 falling lightning in a targeted area
    - REALLY HARD TO TEST (due to big difference in numbers)

    Orbiter = Lightning Sentry
    - melee damage
    - dot (30x per sec)*!*
    - summon 1 larger central sentry and 5-9 smaller orbiting sentries
    - central sentry = 5 yards dot
    - orbiting sentry = 3 yards dot
    - sentries last up to 15 sec or until caster re-cast

    Poison Affix
    Plagued = Plagued Pools
    - melee damage
    - dot within 10 yards (stack up)
    - damage continues 1 sec after leaving the pool
    - pool disappears when the caster dies

    Poison Enchanted = Poison Slimes (!)
    - melee damage
    - dot (3 yards)
    - summon 4 slimes that move in 4 different directions (16 slimes in total)
    - summoning takes 2 sec to trigger
    - slimes move for 3 sec leaving behind a poisonous trail for 6 sec
    - slimes explode after moving for 3 sec

    Arcane Affix
    Arcane Enchanted = Arcane Sentry (!)
    - melee damage
    - dot 25 yards (linear)
    - summon 1 sentry per cast
    - summoning takes 2 sec to trigger
    - sentry rotates for 10 sec (full rotation) before disappearing

    Jailer = Immobilized
    - ranged damage (missile/projectile)
    - cage duration is 2 sec
    - damage applies when the cage is formed
    - damage can't be avoid

    Wormhole = Teleported
    - melee damage
    - forms two 6 yards circle on the ground
    - players insider the circle are transferred to the other one when the circles disappear
    - this process takes 1 sec to complete
    - damage applies after being teleported
    - damage can't be avoid
    - EXTREMELY HARD TO TEST (due to damage differences)

    Physical Affix
    Reflect = Reactive Armor
    - melee damage
    - dot (per hit)
    - triggers when mob takes damage (per hit)
    - aura last up to 15 sec

    Vortex = Vacuumed
    - melee damage
    - damage applies when the vortex is formed (animation above player)
    - damage can't be avoid

    [T6] BoxSalesman's Rhen'ho WD Build

    Going through Torment 6 with ease is very possible if you have a good Rhen'ho Flayer and The Tall Man's Finger. BoxSalesman has done the rest by experimenting on builds and chosing a pet build that counts on fetishes, strong Gargantuan damage, a single mighty zombie dog (doh!) and lots of toads. Whether you've tried it or not, share your thoughts on it since it seems to be doing more than well in 2.0.5.

    Diablo III Art Gallery Update

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Over the past month, we've added a variety of concept art, sketches, cinematic art, illustrations and more to our official artwork gallery. If you haven't already, be sure to check out these assorted pieces that provide a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the Diablo universe. (And don't forget to download your favorites!)

    artwork-0125-thumb.jpg artwork-0112-thumb.jpg artwork-0126-thumb.jpg artwork-0107-thumb.jpg artwork-0123-thumb.jpg artwork-0111-thumb.jpg artwork-0116-thumb.jpg artwork-0117-thumb.jpg artwork-0120-thumb.jpg artwork-0109-thumb.jpg artwork-0124-thumb.jpg artwork-0108-thumb.jpg

    But wait, that's not all! Stop by our Media page for other galleries, including fan art, cosplay, comics, screenshots, and more.

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  • published the article The Wizard's Guide To Gambling In 2.0.5, Inventory Management Tips, Marauder's Set Builds and FAQ

    Deck Spotlight: Chiv's Aquarium Aggro, Top 5 Plays of the Week
    Early Map Preview: Plants, Zombies, and the Groundskeeper
    Garrison Preview Part 1 - Your Base on Draenor

    The Wizard's Guide To Gambling In 2.0.5

    An exemplary thread was made sometime ago by Solmyr77 guiding the beginner Wizards through their gambling options. He has updated the thread so that it takes into account the changes that came with patch 2.0.5 and now it contains a great list of items you might want (or might not want) to gamble for. For each of the dreamy and BiS items Solmyr77 has pointed out the builds they are used in and the purposes they serve best, so before you spend your Blood Shards you might just want to have a look at what he's put together!

    Inventory Management Tips

    We all know how hard it becomes to choose the items that we actually want to play with compared to those that are simply stronger or mess up our current build. For that reason, as well as for letting the stash breathe at least a bit, MeatHeadMikhail made a video with tips on what you can do to prevent inventory clusters. Here is how he summarizes the video:

    What to keep, what to get rid of, incremental upgrading, saving 'bad' items which Blizzard will buff in the future (and apply retroactively), what to mule, what to equip on all your characters regardless of class/spec, what to put in each tab, and how to effectively group items. If you're forgetful like me, this system may help you to efficiently organize and manage your loot without getting overwhelmed. Enjoy!

    Marauder's Set Builds and FAQ

    Yet another useful video was made by one of our forum members. This time it's AngelOfDeath's Marauder 6-piece set guide - it covers the topics of what benefits the full set provides, what should your gearing priorities be depending on the type of damage and gameplay you're going for and what builds you can center around it.

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    This Week's Decks, News, and Videos, Noxious' Card Talk: Rebirth
    Early Map Preview: Plants, Zombies, and the Groundskeeper
    Tier 17 Mage and Monk Armor Sets, May 27 Hotfixes, Blue Tweets, Faction Change Update

    Rift Guardian Tier List

    The Diablo 3 redditors put together an impressive list of Rift Guardians ordered by their difficulty as seen by the general public. Also, it's tons of fun to read. You can check the full list by clicking on the 'Spoiler' button and if you think some of the guardians are not where they should to be, share your opinion in the comments!

    God Tier
    • Bloodmaw - The cream of the crop when it comes to Rift Guardians. When it comes to threats of killing, this guy(girl?) has it all. Once enraged, he jumps around quickly and violently while also stunning anyone he lands on and dropping a large portion of damage on top of you as well. Watch out, he has the capability of jumping across your screen and if he gets on you, it's game time. Your best bet against this behemoth is to burst him down right as he's getting to his enraged form.
    Tier 1
    • Infernal Maiden - This guardian is of the burst variety. Most of the time when you take damage from this guardian, it's going to be chunks of your health. Melee classes are usually the one who have to be alert when fighting this guardian. This guardian doesn't really allow you to ignore damage with a certain amulet, which really can take its toll on melee classes in higher torment levels.

    • Lord of Bells - Most likely the last boss you fight to get the "You ain't the boss of me." achievement. You will not see him often, but he is not a boss you will soon forget. You will always be fighting this boss in the same area, which has narrow hallways. This makes things tough when he goes into his enraged state; he will start to multiply like illusionist and that coupled with his electrified affix makes him dangerous. The slower this fight, the higher your chance of dying.

    • Blighter - AKA The D*ck Tickler (source: Modz.) Grade A pain in the ass, this is a boss version of the Herald of Pestilence mob with a twist. This boss has a multitude of poison spells that start out as a 5 way poison exposion from its body to plauged ground affix to his enraged form arms everywhere around him. If you hate poison, Blighter is not the boss for you.

    • Eskandiel - For those of you who hate arcane, turn around. This boss puts up arcane enchanted, but it doesn't stop there, get ready to use your oh-shit button because you will get vortexed and depending on the arcane placement you might be done for. Those of you who have Countess Julia's, you probably don't think too highly of this boss, also f*ck you.

    Tier 2
    • Raiziel - Electric skill set. Currently has the capability to deal an insane amount of damage and is a huge threat to melee characters because of this. Whether it's a bug or not, the threat this guardian possesses is not to be ignored.

    • Perendi - HULK SMASH!....very slowly. However, this guardian also has vortex and if he somehow manages to vortex as he's dropping the hammer, it might be night night for you. Hopefully you have the reaction time to dodge this guardians slow wind up attack, otherwise you might be hurting. This guardian can also teleport, giving it a better grade than a lot of the other guardians.

    • Tethrys - This guardian is an empowered succubus who has been known for one shotting players, whether it be a bug or an actual fighting mechanic. Nonetheless, you probably want to watch your back when fighting this guardian because it will spawn multiple projectiles outside of the guardian and pulls then inward. Not a mechanic you often see, so it can catch people by surprise.

    • Rime - Act 3 key warden more or less. A lot of cold DoT throughout the fight. Basically a Voracity/Ghom with cold instead of poison.

    Tier 3
    • Voracity - Ghom. If you're familiar with Ghom, you know exactly how this fight goes. Not a huge threat if taken out quickly but the longer the fight, the more poison he releases, which will add up fast and not leave you with many safe spots to fight from. Fight is easier or harder depending on the map this guardian is spawned on.

    • Cold Snap - Remember Izual? Well he had a name change, meet Cold Snap. You guessed it, he freezes shit. Your fight most likely will start out smooth, then it hits you like a truck, you're frozen. Once you're frozen, you're staying frozen. Ice climbers anyone?

    • Saxtris - Spawns shit in intervals of its health bar. Tornadoes are the primary threat in this fight, they will be the first thing and strongest thing out of this guardian. The guardian will spawn a couple packs of mobs as well, but fairly low threat to the fight.

    • The Choker - Poor mans Blighter. Poison skills that are much easier to predict and dodge than Blighter. It would probably be easier to get hit by the guardians skills as a melee character.

    • Man Carver - The Butcher. Same as above, just a clone of the Butcher, if you have experience with the Butcher fight, then this will also be no surprise to you. Has a couple heavy attacks that hit hard but are easy to avoid.

    Tier 4
    • Sand Shaper - Zoltun Kulle clone. Tornadoes are the toughest part of this guardian, but that's about it, not really surprising of a fight.

    • Ember - You know that mob in Act 4 that calls down the meteors and pushes you away? Yeah Ember is that in boss form. Also shoots some fire projectiles on the ground and teleports. This guardian is annoying and if given enough time, might be able to land some shots on you.

    • Perdition - Rakanoth clone. Nothing really special, has the ability to hit pretty hard but if you've had any experience with Rakanoth, you won't be surprised with this guardian.

    Tier 5
    • Agnidox - A bunch of fire related skills. Will spawn a large fire desecrator on the ground, shoot fire projectiles from its body. Not too tough of a guardian overall.

    • Crusader King - Skeleton King decided to change his name and occupation. He teleports, he summons skeletons, the whole package. That being said, pretty lackluster killing ability, which is why he is placed so low.

    • Erethon - Missile dampening? If that elite affix sucks for you, then this guardian will be a pain in the ass. Other than that, the guardian charges at you, feels more like an elite than a guardian.

    Tier 6
    • Bone Warlock - We're getting near the bottom, which means we're coming to the point where giving a description is almost pointless. He summons skeletons and shoots a slow projectile.

    • The Binder - A spider that uses poison and dies. I hope none of you are dying to this rift guardian.

    • Orlash - Seriously? If he disappears, it makes the fight longer, that's it.

    Tier 7
    • Monk -
    Stonesinger Tier
    • Stonesinger - Last and certainly least, we come to Stonesinger. This guardian is so bad he has his own tier in the basement. He's as bad as Bloodmaw is good. For all of you who have fought this rift guardian, you know why he's here. He is extremely easy to kill. I know his enraged state has him summon clones of himself from the ground, however it never lasts to the point where you get to fight them. I hope his health/toughness is bugged to be low because this rift guardian is a joke.

    [GUIDE] Bright Here, Bright Now

    Grimiku posted another one of his weekly useful selections. As the title suggests, the highlighted guide is 'How to find Dane Bright". If you'd like to read the whole blue post, check out the original source.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Some of you may or may not know about an elusive NPC in the world of Sanctuary by the name of Dane Bright. This young man is a self-made merchant who, from time to time, enjoys selling a Legendary or Set crafting plan or two. If you're looking to gear up your lower level characters with some crafted items (or simply interested in collecting as many Blacksmithing plans as possible) then these featured guides just might be the thing for you.

    About the Guides:
    In this particular Goatman's Guide of the Week, we're featuring not one, but TWO player-created guides. 
    The first guide, created by Arkaidyn, features a quick video walkthrough of "How to Find Dane Bright." In the guide, Arkaidyn covers a variety of information he's collected based on his own experiences farming for Dane, as well as on the experiences of other Diablo III players. Check out the video below, or head over to Arkaidyn's YouTube page

    Arkaidyn has also posted some additional anecdotal details about Dane Bright in /r/Diablo and /r/Diablo3, opening the discussion to those respective communities. Feel free to join in!

    Feedback and Suggestions on Shrines Wanted

    Now's the time to complain, praise or suggest shrines for Diablo!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    fortune shrine uselss? anyone else feels that it should be changed to something else, like higher drop chance of legend from elites or something, cause the MF it gives is so little it doesnt change anything.
    I will gladly pass that feedback on as it's a valid point - looking forward to seeing more of your ideas on how this shrine could be changed.

    Also, to make it a wider topic, I have a couple points that come to my mind when thinking shrines and I it would be great if you could share your thoughts:
    • Which shrines do you enjoy the most?
    • Do you get thrilled by the spike in efficiency they give you (I guess everyone goes Leeroy Jenkins when they get a Conduit Pylon)?
    • Any (wild) ideas for amazing shrines that you would love to see in the game as they would create this thrill effect and mix the gameplay?
    • Do you like to interact with environment in Diablo III and trigger different effects - what legendary items influencing these interactions are your favorite?
    • Any (wild) ideas for other legendary affixes influencing interactions with environment elements? (I just thought about a legendary that would increase the damage of environmental elements to monsters and a legendary that would make all those player harming effects harm monsters as well...)
    Love to see more of your thoughts on the shrines and other elements of environment!
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  • published the article The Guiding Palm Support Build, Projax's 2.0.5 WD Fetishes Build, Updated Gambling and Caches Drop Rate Summaries

    This Week's Decks, News, and Videos, Noxious' Card Talk: Rebirth
    Early Map Preview: Plants, Zombies, and the Groundskeeper
    Warlords of Draenor - Tier 17 Rogue Armor Sets, Faction Changes, Blue Tweets, Fan Art

    The Guiding Palm Support Build

    KarmaEU shared a great Monk guide for 'Ultimate Healing/Buff/CC Immunity'. The guide revolves around quasi permanent Epiphany and in the original post you can see examples of some of the steps to building the T6 viable support Monk in the form of images and a video.

    Projax's 2.0.5 WD Fetishes Build

    Projax put together a very pleasant Witch Doctor Pet build that works on high Torment levels, but preferably with the help of Mask Of Jeram. The build is focused on summoning Fetishes through Plague of Toads  and this is pretty much the only thing your hero is doing. We tried the build on our personal WDs and it's tons of fun looking at the little creatures eat out huge monsters in seconds.

    Updated Gambling and Caches Drop Rate Summaries

    As you probably already know we're gathering Gambling and Horadric Caches legendary drops information on our forum and as usual it's going great thanks to all the good hearted DiabloFans members. Both threads have been updated with the summarized data collected in tables in the first posts. We're continuing with gathering the information in those threads at least until patch 2.1 hits, so feel free to contribute, even if it's not by huge numbers!

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