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    Yup, looks waayy better on the other pictures! It's awesome, take good care of it :)

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    Hi there,

    My goal for S6 is to get to GR75 - and I'm having slight problems with it so I wanted to ask for advice/guidance on how to improve my gear or even skills.
    Here is my profile:

    Right now I am at GR73 - it took me 14 minutes and 36 seconds to complete the rift (probably because the layout was kinda crappy and I had terrible mobs) and my DPS seems lackluster - it really felt slow when killing stuff + I kept dying from various ranged attacks... (that's probably on me, I suck at dodging stuff :P)

    it is obvious that I need a few more ancient pieces (armor/legs/helmet) and I am missing Witching Hour - but will it be enough? Should I also get Caldesann's Despair on a few pieces (which would net me some more paragon lvls)

    Any tips are welcome!
    Thanks in advance

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    Hello there,
    After finally patching diablo I jumped straight on my wizzard to test the new firebirds set which I was hyped about but I noticed its kinda.... bugged?
    I'm running hydra + blizzard build and I noticed that I dont get stacks at all when igniting mobs.... whats funnier, sometimes I randomly get 24 stacks which dont fall off even if there are no mobs in sight and they even presist in town... I tried reequipping the set, changing skills but nothing really helps... is it only me?

    Also on a completely unrelated note, massacre bonuses dont work in rifts? I dont get any bonuses in rifts but it works anywhere in the world...

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    Kind sir Entro,

    Thanks for your feedback! I was able to find hexing pants and obsidian ring, so I started experimenting with different stuff:
    I tried to get as much cdr as possible (so everywhere but weapons and rings) but I still couldn't keep WoTB - I guess the cdr on weapons is a must then :(
    (my question here is if its worth rerolling %dmg on weapons for cdr?)
    I have an ancient IK weapon, so I tried zodiac ring + 4p IK + passive and I was able to keep WoTB up all the time but.. my dmg was kinda low and I ran out of fury on the rift guardian and lost my stacks :( (I ran with the "unity" rune on ancients)

    I guess I'll keep looking for better weapons, as I feel I still lack dmg (esp on rift guardian) and hope for the best - I was able to get to GR49 by just getting hexing pants tho, so I'm pretty happy, but it took a whooping 12 mins to complete so GR50+ might be ou of reach for now.

    Thanks again for your advices!

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    posted a message on What should I do to progress past GR50?

    Hi folks,

    (all info below is for non-season)
    As the title says, I'm wondering what to do to my barb to progress past GR50... right now I'm able to do GR47 in 10~ mins (didn't try any higher cause I'm a whimp). I know I have to lvl my legendary gems for sure, and get an ancient offhand and try to get a better hellfre ammy, but then what? My goal for now would be to get to GR55 without any major changes to my build (I love spinning!) so I'm interested in any feedback you can provide.
    Here's my profile:


    Thanks in advance!

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    Corre of Arreat lvl 3 (before Azmo) has gobs spawning quite often + its easily farmable :)
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