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    posted a message on Patch 2.5.0 = Minor Patch?

    2.5 better had new zones Shrouded Moors and Temple of the Firstborn new areas as new enemy types was biggest hype for me when they announced necromancer pack!

    Primal legendaries and armory not that big hype yeah I could call this patch minor not that big deal just some adjustments for items and inventory space this is not major patch we need new content...

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    posted a message on Expansion, possibly new game in the works...

    Seems like a story creator for hero packs in a future for campaign!

    So after all let down on blizzcon we still getting info/hints that it's not all, it will not be an xpack, but hero packs with story to tell for just 20 dollars? I mean this looks obvious that this job post is for Diablo 3 and related to necromancer pack...

    They need to create a story or else it would be empty hero pack without nothing to tell you about and for price it should be set as high as possible with activision standards (thats why they didn't told us how much).

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    posted a message on So, how do you feel?

    haha 10 min to find set gear yeah in your dream :D

    Doing season achievements yes you get one set but to do it takes time not minutes maybe hours if you are so good at doing it!

    But you are not getting perfect stats no chance you still have motivation to farm for better one (for ancient)

    I'am happy with new hero, new skills, new items, different play style to kill monsters...

    Overall all changes are good and welcome I will put another 100 hours of gameplay with new hero so it's more than other games can give you ;)

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    posted a message on DEMO AREA at Diablo Stage!!!!HYPE

    stop complaining just think it again what he said necromancer could be first from many heroes!

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