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    posted a message on [Theory about Anniversary Dungeon] Also don't give up hope for D3 Xpac.

    I want to believe what you said. But if they don't even bother with a new expansion @ 20th anniversary, I doubt they will do it at all.

    The armory was suggested by players 292312131342 times or so, they finally got that in which is good.

    The seperate inv for crafting mats is also a prettty good idea.

    The retro dungeon is not what players wanted. Sure it would be pretty cool to have as the "secret cow level" @ new diablo expansion. But stand alone dungeon with movement restrictions and 1996 walk animations sound pretty boring. It is @ best a do "once or twice and forget zone".

    pretty disappointing for a 20 year old game to be honest.

    That retro feel thing sounds awsome until you start to play it. Ubisoft did the same with Might and Magic X Legacy and it felt terrible after the first 1-1.5 hour. They should at least change the 8 direction walking stuff.

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    I never understand ppl who bitch about pvp in a pve game..

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    posted a message on Menagerist goblin: It's possible to find him in the vault or by goblin pilon?


    Source: i have seen lots of them, none with memegarist

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    Quote from Blayreau»

    I'm currently uploading a video of a Grift 38. In this video, the rift guardian dies in 13 seconds, he has 29B hp. And I screwed up by burning all my AP to burst, ruining the focus & restraint bonus for my hydras.

    I will edit the post where I talk about the build to add the video when it's uploaded.

    edit; Video uploaded, enjoy

    Can't enjoy without the link!

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    Quote from Draco_Draco

    On the other hand, the sustained dmg went to crap. Sure, you can go for firebirds' 6 set bonus to get sort of the same affect (but then again, getting to 3000% burn damage = the same as 18 casts, or under 10 seconds of attacking) - but this leaves us extremely much weaker. Let's say we no longer need mirrorball in that case so you get a free piece. Here's the alternatives:

    Firebirds boots - no major downside (apart from ice climbers).
    Firebirds legs - no major downside with the changed depth diggers. - both together could be 8% IAS from cains in most cases.

    So that's 3 of 6 pieces.
    Firebirds shoulders. <--- locks you out of aughilds.
    Firebirds helm. <--- locks you out of aughilds.
    Firebirds chest. <--- locks you out of cindercoat.
    Firebirds gloves. <--- locks you out of magefists.
    Ring of royal grandeour. <--- locks you out of unity (if solo).

    So all in all, this is a *major* nerf. Firebirds bonus seems strong on paper, but remember, it forces us out of multiple other extremely strong single-pieces.

    I am with this guy. Firebird items are inferior, they need special affixes like the ones mentioned above. It is a set designed for "fire" yet does not even have any fire skill dmg other than the orb. When you replace your cindercoat with FB Chest you are already giving up lots of dmg, same goes for gloves, helmet, shoulder, damn everything.

    3000% is a cool number when you first see it, but i don't think it is that good since you have to give up all of the items that makes fire element strong in this game.
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    Which armor to use now.... bonus is good but almost all firebird items are inferior to fire dmg legs in game :/
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