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    posted a message on Legendary Gem Power Suggestions
    i dont have pictures to show but here some general ideas.

    lets start with general gems.

    Elemental gems: Your skills turn into Fire/Arcane/Holy/Lightning/Physical/Cold

    this will allow skills to have better synergy with your choice of elemental damage.

    Skill gems: Gems that modify skills in certain way.

    couple of examples, You can summon additional hydra, X skill get the effect of Y rune and others.

    on hit effects.


    and other things, kinda out of ideas
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    posted a message on Haven't Played in 1+ year. Just got Reaper of Souls. What do I need to know/read?

    is very nice build to get you started

    last skill point can be used on w/e, i usually pick avalanche
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    posted a message on [Poll] Would you like old trading system back in D3?
    i want item trading back not gold trading

    only allow items that arent enchanted to be traded
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    posted a message on 20 Days of Wizard 8-12 Hrs Per Day
    wizard get more toughness from vit hp% and armor cause we have lots of all resist from 9000 int or so (depend on gear)

    for thunderfury keep attack speed cus damage % doesnt work atm

    depend if u need the damage or not you can sacrifice 250 int for 25% run speed (imo its worth it since you gain more thougness by rolling armor on boots)

    for solo play get another unity and give it to your follower, you now take 50% less damage allowing you to focus more on dps.

    for group play+utilizing awesome set pieces the grandour ring is the best
    3set tal+2 set cain+2set ashera is what i recommend (cain give nice magic find and exp, ashera give nice resist all and life%
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    posted a message on How to bring the damages, Monk style!
    Quote from Nicdanger
    Quote from thundersteele

    Nice work. I assume the 10% CDR from paragon help a lot towards the 50% goal?

    It's pretty cool that you worked out a Monk build without spirit generator, without Mantra and without Sweeping Wind. Someday I might go and try this myself :)
    Thanks! I realized I forgot to do a paragon section after I posted it, I'll probably add it in tomorrow.
    • Our damage is calculated by some % of weapon damage. This means the damage range on your weapons. ThisDOES NOTmean the damage on your character sheet or your weapons DPS. Because of this, and the fact that we have a finite amount of spirit to spend, slower weapons are usually preferably to fast ones. Hitting harder > hitting faster!
    wouldnt http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/won-khim-lau be better then other weapons cus of 624*1.25 making the skill 780%, can make up for the lose in base damage i think
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