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    posted a message on LFG Season Hardcore

    Hey everybody, I'm DeadFaith and I'm looking for 3 more people (or to join an already existing group thats lacking a member) to play hardcore season with. My class of choice is Demon Hunter, and I'd very much prefer if the group we play as only played together (to avoid level differences) and with communication, preferably skype or teamspeak 3

    If you want to play, add me on Battle.net, my battletag is DeadFaith#2995 ^^ cheers

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    posted a message on [Rant] Hardcore is dying
    Quote from dangvunamยป

    That are hardcore, men

    If this easy, you will boring =))

    what the fuck did i just read
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    posted a message on Trying to download PTR, any solution?

    ive played numerous ptrs beforehand, this is the first time i see this

    hmm, okay, doing it now, will tell you how goes laters, ty

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    posted a message on Trying to download PTR, any solution?


    Ive tried to download PTR but this message keeps popping out
    my internet connection is fine and all but this wont go away
    any solution to this?

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    posted a message on Seasonal crusader shield can be found in gamble?
    so now that the season ended, can the condemn crusader shield be found at kadala?
    thanks for answers
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    posted a message on DH (Fire) LF Party for grifts 40+
    Im looking for a pull/stun monk, tank buff/debuff wd and a cold dh for making and completing grifts 40+
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    posted a message on What to change to get to grifts 35+?
    im usually using a compass rose with trapped, this was just for testing purposes, also trying to get a socket on my unity and my ammy,

    @ Novaspawn rorg is definitely something i will be farming when i get the time, since this one just lacks the damage stats
    etrayu is too good for my rng since it took me ages to make a decent gearset
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    posted a message on What to change to get to grifts 35+?
    i actually feel kinda low on vit already, im at 10 m toughness, all i feel to lack is a good weapon (etrayu/krider) and taskers
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    posted a message on What to change to get to grifts 35+?
    currently i am paragon 435, with pretty solid gear
    i usually do grifts in parties and we reach grift 36-38
    when i do grifts solo i wipe out at somewhere around 33 , depending on mobs give or take 2 grift levels
    so far i havent found any taskers (even after 30 k shards) nor kridershot/etrayu

    in my stash i have a 2.5k dmg calamity, 2.7k dmg windforce and a manticore (that i cant remember the stats of atm)

    any ideas what i can change, or get an upgrade easily?
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    posted a message on New class/act ideas
    classwise, we already have curses, we have pets and those are in what we now know as ''witch doctor'', and we have a ''half demon'' class which is dh
    sure we dont have shapeshifting (actually we kinda do... beserker, vengance and souch fill that gap) but i cant really see what the new class can be...
    also your story line kinda lacks... the wow factor.... its all so expectable, there are no real plot twists.
    sure we know diablo is free, we know he can posess anybody at any time, we know he will come back... i would be kinda ingtrigued to see Na-Krul (even tho i didnt play d1) cause he seems cool and powerful. i would love to see somebody absorbing diablo in himself but controling him like malthael did, but in a different way

    first boss is some sea creature (kraken/chutlu/gyrardos-like monster), second boss is Na-Krul in his regular form, but we dont kill him, we simply weaken him and his minions come for us
    third boss is a mountain giant that contains something we need to reach Na-Krul in his lair where he regenerates after fighting us and we catch him off guard
    Act boss is Na-Krul, but the fight happens in phases
    phase 1, still injured Na-Krul, a short fight filled with lots of his minions
    phase 2, he runs away to find a way to deal with you, he summons 3 mountain giants to distract you, each in a diffferent area (beach, mountain bottom, mountain pinnacle), each with some kind of different fighting style
    phase 3, we go through army of demons and fiends, not like stonefort where there is an army of demons but scattered widely, but literally a cluster of minions without any space in between
    phase 4, Na-Krul absorbs diablo, changing his form and powers, and that fight is also split into a few stages, one where takes us to terror realm (diffferent than the one from diablo fight) and one where he enrages and does something awesome and fearsome to make us shiver with excitement
    we defeat him, imperius thanks us, he realises he is the only one to contain the spirit of diablo, he absorbs it, he turns demonic, and the other members of the angiris council lock him in the pandemonium fortress or the place we first found tyrael in act 2 of diablo 2

    *roll intro for d4*
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    posted a message on The perfect stats for amulet and ring.
    i have ele dmg, dex cc and cd on my neck, since i dont find the need for a third gem
    on my rings i have not-that-good-rings but they are ok since they give great bonuses

    474 dex
    448 vit
    7 ias
    socket (lvl 31 enforcer)

    Compass rose
    482 dex
    467 vit
    94 all res
    5 cc
    socket (lvl 28 bane of trapped)

    Travelers pledge
    20% cold dmg
    699 dex
    92 cd
    8.5 cc
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    posted a message on Rocket dh for torments 1-3
    *sigh* yes because ths build does not concentrate on ca like all other fire builds

    To summarize your build:

    Get gear that overmatches lesser difficulty settings where you can 1 shot mobs with any skill other than Cluster Arrow.But when you encounter anything that remotely threatens you, resort to that 'imaginative' skill called Cluster Arrow.

    Got it, champ.

    this build i originally made to farm t3 efficiently (idk if you now this but t3 isnt a lesser difficulty since 70% of the playerbase still cant farm it solo)
    the only reason for ca in thes build is that we dont have any other nukes or skills to deal with elites efficiently

    contain your sarcasm
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    posted a message on Rocket dh for torments 1-3
    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#QPldVS!hfXb!ccccZc -this is the build (Props to D3MON for coming up with a similar build)
    rain of vengance - flying strike can be replace with
    - smoke screen - healing vapors
    - vengance - seethe

    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DeadFaith-2995/hero/36838859this is the gear i use with this build - ingame stats -
    - 1 160 000 paper dps - 2.35 m element dmg + 20% up from calamity = 2.8 m (low *sadpanda*)
    - 91% fire dmg
    - 52% cc
    - 538% cd
    - 47% ias isnt as important but ppl like me and D3MON like a bit extra :P

    what you can expect from this build
    - very fast dealing with trash mobs due to extreme aoe
    - high crits with both spenders (very high cd and fire dmg bonus)
    - not as efficient on higher torments (replace lfb with cb, and arsenal with supression fire to regen more disp)
    - very resource heavy
    - fun :D

    Gear requirements
    - Cindercoat
    - Magefist
    - Andys visage
    - bracers with fire dmg - reapers wraps (for resource regen) or any top rolled legendary bracers (10-15 on rare, 15-20 on legendary + higher stats than rares)
    - Ammy with fire dmg (10-15 on rare, 15-20 on legendary + higher stats than rares)
    - 2 pc nats set
    - 3 pc maras set (not mandatory but makes life that much more easy)
    - ring of royal grandeur
    - 60+ discipline to be able to sustain punishment - dhs love to hate
    - at least 15% cost reduction on gear + paragon points (with cindercoat your clusters will cost about 22 hatred and multishot about 13 - 14 hatred
    get 10% from paragons and 6-7 % from shoulders/ring

    pros of this build
    - extremely fast t1-3 mass aoe farming
    - fast paced (no boring standing still)
    - if you rock a calamity it marks all enemies in one shot
    - party friendly (due to cala)
    - did i mention fun?... yeah you should tottaly play it

    - very resource heavy
    - extremely gear-heavy
    - requires some skill changes and higher toughness for t4+
    - if you run out of resources you pretty much cant do anything
    - depending on health globe drops

    on packs of trash mobs just spam multishot and use preparation when needed to sustain your hatred, pick up health globes if low on resources
    on elites spam ca until they die
    stay behind your pets (marauders set) to avoid any damage, we dont like that (not that you will be taking a lot of dmg since dead mobs cant hurt you)

    overall this is a fun build, very fast paced (so fast, many speed, wow) and a nice step away from having ca as the main skill

    even tho this isnt my build i think it needs a bit of showing since everybody sticks to ''spam ca'' build (how imaginitive) and this is a nice way to play as a demon hunter instead of a grenade launcher

    hope you like it, enjoy ^^
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Is Recruiting Class Moderators. Apply Here!
    • How long have you been playing Diablo (not Diablo 3 necessarily)?
    over 3k hours in d2 LoD and about 1.4 k hours in d3 vanilla and 4+ hours per day in ros

    • Why do you wish to be the class moderator for the Demon Hunter specifically? What makes the Demon Hunter greater than the other classes in your eyes?
    it is far more sophisticated, in depth and fun than other classes, it has the variety of fun and unique builds, its the class that requires more knowledge and thorising than other classes. from the moment i first leveled a dh to 60 i didnt stop playing it ever since, trying to perfect my gear, improve my build or create other builds that would just give me hours of fun

    • Do you have any experience as a moderator or an administrator at an online community?
    currently im an officer in an ingame community consisted of over 1 thousand demon hunters in the eu server (DH Den) , all of them asking for advices and tips on how to play their favorite class, other than that im regulary posting new builds and finds on the dh and general forums to provide hours of fun to my coleagues
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    posted a message on To: Deadfaith (and other beta players)

    hey Kruel and vomica sry but today after 5:30 im busy, have a date :P
    i will be back round 10:30 i hope so we can grind :D

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