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    I use keypress macros every day in almost every game I play.

    I use sophisticated macros in WoW as well (macrotoolkit, gnomesequencer) if they wanted they could break them so they couldn't call the functions that make them work with WoWs lua.

    Keypress macros are not, and will not ever be against Blizzard ToS.

    Macros are not bot programs, bot programs farm for you with little to no intervention.

    This is a keypress scripting program, which is totally fine if you don't have macro capability on your existing mouse/kb. Razer's macro program works similarly to this one.

    Sorry if you are too plebian to figure out how to use macros to make your gameplay experience better, have fun being at the bottom of the ladder every time.

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo

    The amount of butthurt in this thread is hilarious

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    posted a message on 90% all Resist with best in slot gear and getting crushed on still.
    You have AWFUL gear, and diabloprogress IS NOT wrong it just doesn't care about any buffs you get in game or para levels. No wonder you can't do anything in t3. You seem to be scattered all over the place, with no optimization or focus. You need to go into the d3 WD forums and look for builds, all these dudes saying they do t6 in minutes have VERY specific equipment with VERY specific stats.
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