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    Optimal is the Shotgun Crusader, but the Fate of The Fell 2-handed Flail is needed and it's extremely rare. Using the same build but with a Darklight/Fist of The Heavens is a good substitute. The Unrelenting Phalanx shield for shooting waves of horses isn't bad either. You need to stack a lot of the same element also (holy damage on amulet, bracers, and SoJ ring for example). Collection the Akkhan's set and getting a RRoG would be a good start.

    The RRoG is from the cache awarded from completing act 1 bounties. A Reaper's Wraps can be crafted (optimal is 20%ele, str, vit, 6% crit chance). For everything else, all your can do is grind rifts/greater rifts, cross your fingers, and hope you get lucky. There are no targeted drops in this game.

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    I don't think that this game has ever had a major patch that wasn't at least laggy for two or three days. It's more crashy than the norm, but it's really nothing new.

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    Salvaged too many items to imagine! There wasn't a single occasion where I regretted it. Almost nothing I find is any good.

    It's always more Blackthorn's, Hellracks, and useless Two-Handers.

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    Patch notes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12826715/new-patch-for-201-ptr-and-closed-beta-now-available-2-6-2014

    "Class-specific Legendary Sets no longer unlock a transmogrification version of themselves. This is to prevent classes who cannot use these items from transmogrifying them"

    The fact that you can't transmog a set item back to the original is an unintended consequence of this change.

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    I'd still pick the AH over no-trading-at-all any day!

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    Youtube search "Diablo III Reaper of Souls Soundtrack - Urzael" if you want to hear it on its own.

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    Hooray for the weakest class in the game.

    They have announced that the Crusdar is a mid range class and in their opinions don't need the passive 30% DR like the Monk and Barb. It was asked during one of the Dev twitch interviews and answered.

    I've played the crusader for 3 months in the beta.

    He is indeed weak and clunky

    Basically, everything the Crusader does is done better by existing classes. Despite being advertised as a tank, he has less inherent survivability than the Monk or Barbarian even when using a shield, and his skills do low damage.

    I just don't want this new, cool-looking, hyped up class to be a huge disappointment. If the shield and skills can make up for this, awesome, but I've already heard otherwise so I was hoping that something like, say a forum topic, could address this before it goes live.


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    I love it. Every change I've seen so far I either like or I understand why it was made. Unfortunately, farming story mode in vanilla areas is still boring but a lot of these features were designed around adventure mode, so it's forgiving. It's a shame that all these nice legendaries I've been finding are level 60 and will become obsolete soon, but again that's not something I hold against Blizzard.

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    Like in the PTR, we wont have adventure mode or act 5, which this stuff was designed around, and without the level 70 cap, anything we get until then will become obsolete fast, so it may be kind of boring. This is clearly just to smooth out the lag and glitches that will come with this patch so that RoS will have a more stable launch next month.

    I don't mind the long wait. The only thing to do for now is gathering the materials needed to level the mystic to 10 the moment I have access to her.

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    Vanilla: Paragon levels were a simple but still decent way to increase the game's longevity by giving incentive to grind after level 60. Ubers were added similar to how they were in Diablo 2, and gave the Hellfire Ring as a reward. The Hellfire is a great item due to its +35% exp increase, but even if you don't have it there's no reason to go for it now with RoS on the way. Apparently Loot 2.0 will have a different version of it anyways.

    Sadly there isn't much besides paragon and ubers.

    Reaper of Souls: Basically, the game is getting a huge overhaul.

    As lifesteal was overpowered, and playing inferno was basically just hovering near death by healing faster than you got hurt, they're removing lifesteal while giving alternatives and making us tankier. Example: A lot more barbarian items have "heal per fury spent" and healing skills for all classes give far more than they used to. Blizzard wants to discourage facerolling our keyboards.

    Adventure mode takes the areas of all five acts and combines them into a massive sandbox. Bounties (do this quest or kill this monster) and Rifts (randomly generated dungeon with random color, weather effects, and enemies) are available only in this mode.

    There are new skills and passives due to the level 70 level cap. While the Barbarian and Wizard had their "Super Saiyan" skills (Wrath of the Berzerker and Archon) the DH and Monk will have new skills like these, just to name two of many.

    All existing skills have been reworked. Some just have minor changes such as doing more damage but many have completely new runes with new effects and looks. You can change the Wizard's arcane orb elemental damage type and each of them behave very differently.

    Paragon 2.0 is a new system where paragon levels are account-wide and allow you to spend points in the core, offensive, defensive, and utility pages. Paragon levels are also no longer capped at 100, and instead unlimited.

    Probably the greatest change is the new itemization. There are primary and secondary stats to all items now. While vanilla has us stack only defense, lifesteal, and dps, the new legendaries will have overpowered, build-making, and sometimes goofy effects. Call of the Ancients lasting forever, gaining the base effect of all four mantras at once, and summoning a heard of murderous cows are a few examples.

    While we have the Blacksmith and the Jeweler, we will get a third artisan called the mystic, whom was originally supposed to come with vanilla Diablo 3 but was canceled. The mystic allows you to reroll some stats on items, such as changing pick-up radius to fire resistance. Another feature of this artisan is transmogging, where you can change the appearance of an item without changing its stats.

    The new Act 5, which is said by Blizzard to have the same length as Act 2. It has a darker, more Gothic aesthetic to it and you fight angels instead of demons. The soundtrack seems to be a step up from the boring ambient noises of vanilla.

    Then, there's the new Crusader class. Main stat is Strength like the Barbarian and have flails, coming in both one-handed and two-handed forms, and crusader shields as their class specific items. 1. Vanilla Diablo 3 has two dex chars, two int chars, and one strength char. 2. A common criticism on vanilla is that shields are useless. 3. Paladins were a big favorite in D2. And so the strength-based crusader was the perfect fit for a new class. The female Crusader is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn by the way.

    It's up to you if one act, one class, and a large gameplay overhaul is worth $40, but I'm getting it. It looks a lot better than vanilla at least.

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    I've played it for over a year now. It's a really good game but it's not for everyone.

    It's too big to cover in just one post. Basically the PVE has a good campaign, something called "living world" once a month to keep things interesting, and cool World Boss events, but the beginning areas are really slow. The PVP comes in different flavors, but the most notable is World vs. World where everyone of one server fights everyone of two other servers in a large three-way conflict. I would suggest looking at reviews, by both professional and web critics, to see if it's for you.

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    Barbarians and Monks are great for these runs, but unfortunately my monk already hit para 100. Do you mind if I use a CM wizard instead or pass?

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    I have to wait for RoS to come out first. Not a lot of people got into the beta.

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    Because we can't try adventure mode and can only grind in vanilla areas, the PTR is fairly boring and I can never stand to play it for more than an hour at a time.So far I'd say I've clocked in maybe 25-30 hours on farming alone and have found exactly four legendaries, which is lower than I think it should be, and only one of the four actually had an interesting effect.

    I really love this amulet. Not only does it increase my dps in an unconventional way, but I even saw my clones use Black Hole a few times. When I handed this amulet over to my barb friend whom was in game with me, his clones sometimes used Avalanche. The clones seriously packed a punch and could even kill trash mobs completely on their own.

    Recently I've spent more time in the brawling grounds with my friends trying every single rune for every single skill on all five classes to see any changes as well as new synergies, and to be honest I've had more fun with that. I love the new items, new skills, and I look forward to adventure mode, but on the PTR it just takes too many hours of vanilla style farming to get a good legendary, even after the drop rates were increased, for it to feel worth it. Lets not forget that what we have on the PTR will eventually be deleted anyways.

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    I don't know if this has been answered in another thread. If so, I apologize.

    Does Loot 2.0 give you a better chance at finding certain set items if you are already wearing other pieces of said set? For example, if I wanted the full Inna set, and the game detected that I was already wearing two of the pieces, would my chances at getting the pieces I didn't have increase?

    Sure with high legendary drop rates it should be easy enough to find ANY set item, but as you get more of any set, your chances at finding the EXACT pieces you didn't have would decrease as your needs become more and more specific. Without trading, I can't imagine completing a set without some kind of feature like this. That or a lot of frustration.

    I don't like the idea of grinding with Inna's chest and pants equipped while my chances of finding the spirit stone or belt were the same as finding duplicates of what I already have. I can assume that the game may give a flat drop rate of any random piece I don't have until I completed it but I'm looking for confirmations here.

    EDIT: I understand that the "randomness factor" is what makes any loot finding game, but while we are well-off using the legendaries we find regardless if they synergize or not, set items however HAVE to be specific and that's the only thing I used trading for in Diablo 2. This is one of the reasons some people don't like BoA.

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