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    there at blizzard must be totally gone crazy.

    It's the worst thing I could imagine as "improvements" or "new content".

    chances I'll come back to the game are going well below the zero.

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    posted a message on Against Paragon and stats increase.

    Same on bnet:


    I know that someone needs a form of reward for playing.
    but infinite paragon level is not the right way, an endless exp run towards...what?

    my ideas:
    -pl just as a "prestige", for portraits or pets or skins.
    -more emphasis on items: unlock trade, reduce droprates, increase feasible builds per class.

    yes to item grinding/trading.
    back to diablo, not exp simulator.

    My two cents.

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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rates are fine?

    Droprates are fine.

    The issue is that THE game born for loot-fun/feast has become now a sterile paragon grind.

    And it's not because loot is too much, but because there is no enough variety of things to do.

    No enough theorycrafting, no enough builds, no enough meaningful synergies: it's just little nerf-big buff to go up with gr/paragon.

    It's..just boring.

    My advice: make diablo a game, not a paragon farmer.

    grind loot, trade it, put a gazillion items with nearly endless combinations of skills,builds,etc...and leave people try builds.

    and keep inventing new mechanincs to keep people logged in

    STOP just raising the bar every 2months. it's not wow. it's not a mmo...and we're tired.

    -and a microtransactions purely-cosmetic store, if feel the need of some extra coins for invigorating devs-

    make it a game of build-theoryctafting, looting, trading.

    what d2 used to be (or poe, with clunky graphics and a very bad AH-like trade: put back gold AH and stop binding items)...not this mess

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    posted a message on Against endless Paragon Level.

    Well, the titles describes my idea sufficiently well.

    PL is a meaningless run on a wheel for me, and made me quit since many months.

    Exp-ing is boring...and is also unfair, as if i can't afford to play (or bot, as we know, and i hate it) all seasons, 24-7, I'll always be back in grifts, even if perfeclty built and geared.

    I'd prefer to go back to a gear and build game..with common rare and impossibile items...

    and maybe a bit like poe, with a cap level very difficult to get but a lot of builds that make you competitive soon at lvl 80: casual-friendly builds, expensive builds and tough ones.

    Not a pl treadmill as a hamster.

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    posted a message on non GR end game idea

    Yes. In arpg, loot should be the endgame, not just experience/pl farming.

    Still, i believe that instead of the Best in Slot, it should be trying new builds.

    Not simply that must-have cookiecutter build with that item everybody is looking for, and obviously the rarest one with high costs, low rates or mandatory crafting.

    A bit like poe, with easy, expensive or so-and-so builds.

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    posted a message on Battle.net is down.

    I hope that, after this huge defaillance, blizzard will reconsider their position about Mortick :ban:

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