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    What's improved in this game last15 years, I would say almost anything they repeat all the old stuff again and again and ka invented anything new and creative. Today we are 2014 and again we smashing monsters like crazy : ) but nothing new.

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    The "end game" is a term used to describe the play style, game features, and player behavior engaged in by expert players with high level characters. At that point in the gaming experience, high level characters have completed all of the quests and other challenges, and players are no longer entertained simply by grinding through the normal game. Players want greater challenges at that point, and many turn to item finding, PvP dueling, or other non-traditional occupations. Many game designers end up producing most post-release content for the end game, since that's where most players are spending their time, rather than simply making new level 1 characters and going through the whole experience again. The Pandemonium Event, added to Diablo II in the v1.11 patch, is a good example of added end game material, since it was only available on the realms, and only possible to engage in with very high level, well-equipped characters.

    End Game Goals and Philosophy

    Blizzard has stated numerous times that their goal for the end game of Diablo III is to basically build on what worked in Diablo II, namely the item-hunting metagame (that could be argued as being the main game), and to fix what did not work in Diablo II's end game. The main perceived problems, as addressed by Blizzard, are what they call "path of least resistance" runs where a player would find the most efficient route to a monster or boss that is known to have a very desirable loot table. The player then performs these item runs over and over until they receive what it is they want, even though it is tedious, boring, and not exactly the most exciting thing a player could be doing. However it is, of course, the most efficient way for a player to find reward in Diablo II. So in lieu of this, Blizzard has implemented a fourth difficulty level named Inferno which makes ever monster one level about the clvl max, namely 61, across the entire difficulty. There are other tweaks, such as potential exclusive modifiers and also more aggressive and modified AI, to aid this. In addition, Bashiok spoke on great length on the subject on the battle.net forums

    Expansion Increases:

    It's universally-speculated, thought not yet confirmed, that the maximum level of characters will rise in the expansion packs. This is done in many RPGs, most noticeably in World of Warcraft which began with a max level of 60, then saw it rise to 70, 80, and 85 in the first three expansions.

    The Leveling Curve:

    The number (60 vs 99) isn't the real issue, of course. It's just a number. What matters is how the content is balanced to the level progression, and that's where D3 makes a huge change. The design goal is that the levels match the amount of content; a character who finishes all three difficulty levels should be around level 60. Thus the end game becomes about finding items, PvP, reaching achievements, and creating new characters to do it all over again. This was first explained by Bashiok in September 2010.

    So, What are your conclusions from this and what should be improved in ROS.

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    A fan brings up a fairly common argument/complaint that I don’t really understand. Many players says that Reaper of Souls “end game” is not enough, or doesn’t even exist at all. I’ll comment, but first here’s the quote and the Blue reply:

    "RoS has no endgame

    So… What is endgame for you?

    PVP? Trading? Ladder?

    Vaneras: I have seen quite a lot of feedback on this topic already, and I am well aware of the various suggestions for endgame gameplay that have been posted on these forums as well as various other Diablo sites so far, but I still think this is a very good question because it is one that has many different answers

    If you have answered this question already somewhere else, then there is probably not a need for you to answer it again. But if you haven’t answered this question yet, then I am very interested in reading your feedback. So, if you can, please try to answer the question using your own words: What is endgame for you? " - BLUE POST

    I guess by “end game” some people mean “a game feature that you can only access with max level characters.” If that’s your definition then no, neither D3 nor RoS have much of an end game, but of course neither did Diablo 1 or Diablo 2, so at least it’s consistent. Reaper of Souls has far varied game modes and activities than we saw in Diablo 3 (or D1 or D2) with the added Adventure Modeand Nephalen Rifts, but since you can do those before max level, I guess they don’t count as “end game” material?

    I am 100% in favor of additional game content, and I’d put a quality PvP system atop that list. (I’d prefer one based on skill and tactics rather than gear and paragon levels, with a selection of premade chars and solo dueling or team death matches, like we played and loved at Blizzcon in 2009 and 2010.) But it’s weird to say RoS had no end game just because there’s no major content that’s locked until you hit lvl 70.

    It makes me curious… why would anyone want an end game of that type? If it’s a fun game feature, why wouldn’t you want access to it all along, rather than having to grind to max level before you get to do the cool stuff? Is it just an elitist thing, or do people really think dessert tastes better if they have to force down a plate full of brussell sprouts first?

    End Game for me: What keeps you playing once you reached the max. level. Knowing you will find an awesome item at the next corner. New events, quests, gameplay options funny to play with.

    Also, 4+ years of feedback on PvP and we got brawling =D
    That is the results of ‘feedback’.

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    I think this is a really great thread. Since everything i´ve read here is in my opinion 100% correct.
    Because of most points of criticism given here I myself stopped playing D3 about 4 month after it´s release.

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