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    Quote from Cyberdocยป

    Level several GoE to lower all 13 pieces of gear to lvl1 equipable

    Gem of Ease can be only inserted in a weapon to lower the level or I miss something?
    How can be lowered the gear?
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    First of all: I used google translator to help me to the translation from my original 3D. http://eu.battle.net/d3/it/forum/topic/13605031357

    I apologize in advance for grammatical and form errors.


    Some of us have always hoped for a Loot Table system.

    Horadric Caches effectively are something like Loot Tables.

    Currently, there are 21 items that you can "catch up" by playing the Bounties.

    Among all I would say that the Act I Bounty is 80% played : in addition to the indisputable RoRG value, is the easiest to accomplish.

    The attempt to improve the RoRG became only a mechanical gesture, being able to complete the Bounty 1, in split party, in about 5 minutes: therefore, play the quests has lost a lot of initial interest .

    Now, this is my suggestion : change every X months a number of the 21 actual items, or maybe all 21, replacing them with other legendaries taken from the normal selection. In addition, each Bounty should have at least an interesting object for grabs, to play all instead just Act I Bounty.

    For example you could:

    - insert in the Horadric Caches Loot Table a number X of legendaries taken by the normal selection (for example, 5-10, equal to 1-2 per Bounty);

    - insert N medium rare legendary (Calamity, Serpent Sparker, etc ...), one for Bounty, then 5;

    - move Helltrapper, RoRG, Illusory Boots and others actual legendaries in different Bounties : if I had to play Act I to find RoRG, after the change will be Act V.

    Not having to design and implement new mechanical, should be very easy to introduce this kind of suggestion : in short, drop Y instead X. Very little work, very low commitment of resources, a renewed mechanical.

    I add:

    a Super Bounty ... essentially a random extra bag to those who complete all 5 Bounties in the same run, but with double the content.

    The focus idea is the implementation easiness : existing not reworked items not require biblical PTR times, indeed, probably not require any PTR.


    Well, Bounties are designed to force players to accomplish 5 Quests in 5 different locations in the same Act, which carried, as we all know, we receive an Horadric Cache.

    Beyond the convenience to mostly play the Act I Bounty rather than the other Bounties (RoRG), as previously considered, we must also consider that Act 1 requires less travel time and monsters are the least challenging to deal with.

    That said, my ADDITIONAL suggestion to the previous is substantially the Columbus's Egg.

    Take a look at this schematic Bounties representation :


    we can see (horizontally) different Quests Acts to be accomplished to get (right) the Horadric Caches.

    Watch now this one :


    what do we get?

    5 more Bounties, this time cross: cross in the sense that we will have to necessarily play a Quest in Act I, one in Act II, Act III, Act IV and Act V.

    As a reward for each new Bounty completed, a new Horadric Cache, by different contents, perhaps as suggested previously.

    But also, play the new Bounties can give space to any kind of rewards, even linked to events: could be a way to get Blood Shards or Common Debris, Arcane Dusts, Forgotten Souls, or whatever comes to mind to developers as an event or special reward (an Halloween helm pumpkin-shaped transmog obtainable only that day and never again, the Santa's set transmog only December 25th, an item that shoots fireworks at New Year First Day, the Symbol of Freedom for the banner the anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela, etc ...)

    So today I choose not to play the Act I Bounty, but the cross Bounty 1 because today the reward, instead of a legendary consists of 250 Blood Shards.

    Also this time (I think) it would lavish little graphic and programming commitment, being practically everything ready.

    I must point out that in this case, the completion of Bounties played in vertical order will not be entitled to get the rewards of the classic Bounties, because it is clear that finish all 25 Quests would involve obtaining the Classic and the "vertical " Horadric Caches.

    Alternatively things could be organized in order to make accessible a day Classic Bounties and a day the new Vertical Bounties, as rotation.

    Although personally I'd rather have the freedom to choose whether to play 3 Classic and 4 vertical Bounties ... the problem is that Act IV only has 5 checkpoints.

    Thanks for reading. Have fun.


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    Hello everyone.

    I want share with you my :

    Diablo III Reaper of Souls (patch 2.1) Items Database in Excel

    Sometimes we need to know what item (or how many items) rolls a specific property.
    There are so many items : ovbiously, we can't remember all, and we can't remember exactly how many items rolls that property, and its range.
    The Items Guide in the Diablo III official site offers a sequential list of all items :

    we can search items by Typology (Shoulders, Boots, Swords, Crossbows, etc ...), and we can refine our search by Class, but we can't search for a specific property.
    Moreover, we can't search for anything if we are not connected to the web.

    So, I come up with the idea to create this file in Excel (.xlsx) to be queried at any time.

    The file contain ALL actual Items, Legendary Gems, Legendary Potions, Seasonal Items and Followers Items included.

    Just opened (the filter is set by default to "Item" with the active selection to the first item in alphabetical order "Aether Walker"), the file looks like this:

    There are 5 search keys.
    You can refine or combine your search acting to the relative column filter.

    • TAG not shown (1st column) : AS, CC, LOH, etc ...
    • Properties (2nd column) : Dexterity (range), Socket(s), Movement Speed (range), ecc ...
    • Item (3rd column) : the in-game Items names, like Stone of Jordan, Calamity, Focus, etc ...
    • Item Typology (4th column) : Axes. Bows, Chest Armors, Daggers, Pants, Wands, etc ...
    • Item Family not shown (5th column) : A = Armor or W = Weapons
    The file can be found in my Diablo III Transmogrification site (no ADS, no click), in this page : http://majancroashowroom.weebly.com/items-database.html

    NOTE : all Items shown are level 70, Legendaries only.

    Feel free to comment, and please, report me if you find some errors in the data.
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