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    posted a message on A real attempt at addressing the stash space dilemma
    What they really need to do to sort most issues out is adding a crafting mats/gem storage. That is separate from the stash. And adding a personal stash for all your chars.

    I have many alts. I mainly play my monk, my WD, my crusader and my DH.

    In my storage i have one tab for crafting mats and gems and keystones.

    One for legendary potions and legendary gems.

    I have one for random gear i keep. And 2 for character gear im using.

    Usualy my WD and my Monk gear. The classes i play the most.

    When i am going to play my crusader or DH which also got 2-3 sets each. I need to log onto the monk. Take all the gear from the stash on the monk and log my crusader. Then take all the crusader gear into the storage before i can play.

    This could be avoided if i could keep all my gear on each char in a characters personal stash.
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    posted a message on PS4 2.1.2 Grift 51 Clear! Gungdo Gear FTW.
    Quote from ShadyW»
    Not hardcore, not impressed
    Yeah. Cause watching some chickenshit clearing grift 35 because he doesnt want to risk his char going higher is so much better. Respect!
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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?
    Quote from Magdud1986
    There is so much hate from some people about the PvP in Diablo III for no reason... Diablo III is not Diablo II and of course it needs some serious PvP systems. You can't compare it to Diablo II we are in 2014 and most games have PvP, an RPG that don't have a PvP system will become soon or later boring. I like PvP and i'm sure there are many many other people that wan't it for Diablo III. This is Blizzard, so i don't think that they gonna stuck on a system like Brawling. I hope they will do something good at some point.

    For people that hate PvP... come on guys, stop all the "madness" you are not forced do play it if you don't like it... You can continue to PvE if you like so, but for people like me who love to PvP... Brawling is not just enough.

    I had made a suggestion on a PvP system that had also some PvE... If you haven't cheched it you can check it here:

    I found an other game like Diablo and you can check it here:

    Watch from 07:25, there is a 3vs3 PvP system, and it looks not bad at all. Well something like that i realy wanted to play in Diablo III.
    No. we are not forced to play it. We will however suffer for it.
    If they decide to add pvp. Do you think they will get a brand new team in that only does pvp ?
    Do you think they will double the resources put into the game ?

    They will take away from the pve part and put into the pvp part. Insted of getting a good pve game. We get a mediocre pve/pvp game.

    Just look at world of warcraft. How many times havent pve classes been nerfed to extinction in pve because they outperformed others in pvp.
    Pvp will always effect pve in one way or another.
    Also the other way around. But use wow as an example. Its always down to pvp having the final say in class balancing
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    posted a message on If your account was banned by Blizzard unreasonably...
    If your account was banned unfairly. You get your account back from interracting with blizzard. If you do not get your account back. Then you were banned for a reason. And nothing else you do will and should get your account back.
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    posted a message on Unavoidably, instantly owned by game environment
    Only crap that usualy kills me is the falling meteor mobs in act 4. Not the ones that summon a meteor. But the ones falling from the skies and stun you and then become regular mobs. Most of the time when i load into a zone in act4 i have popped my survival passive. And i have the game on a ssd so its close to instant. Still kinda unavoidable
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    posted a message on Nerf the dh
    i would actualy like to see you go 40 + on dh. Its not as easy as you may think.
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    posted a message on Rift Stat Calculators
    Quote from Loonesta
    I disagree with djonka. In group play this would do tons. Especially if you got to see where you placed in the group. I would use this to smack talk the hell out of my friends and that would drive us all competitively. Plus the min/maxer's would get a kick out of seeing how well they do by using different strategies (nothing but elites, every mob, only big packs, etc.) It would be very nice to see this.

    I would use this to smack talk the hell out of my friends
    And this is the sole reason something like this can NEVER happen
    Already toxic community would become even more toxic.

    Im not saying that you are toxic for talking smack to your friends. But you know how the community would act towards randoms in public games
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    posted a message on Good going Blizzard.
    Quote from Fitsu
    So, your surprised that when competing for world firsts people aren't using 100% legit means?

    When all the world firsts are soaked up, people have got over there "fresh start" and they realize playing season is no different to non-season (bar a few season-only legs) they will all just go back to non-season because they have more paragon/gear there.

    I mean seriously, give me one reason to play season after the first week when your paragon ~100 and have badly rolled versions of your sets. Competition on ladder? I would rather do it on non-season because at-least there my gear isn't miles behind people they are playing 12hrs a day.
    When you are not 100% legit in other sport events. You get disqualified. The people using exploits and whatnot should be banned. Not only from seasons. But the entire game. We dont need them
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    posted a message on Patch 2.1 is live!!
    I find it more strange that there is no info out for EU at all. Nothing in the launcher about extended maintanance or a maintanance at all. Nothing about patch. Nada zip

    *edit* found this on twitter

    Blizzard CS EU @BlizzardCSEU_EN · 4 t

    Weekly #maint schedule:
    #WoW = Rolling restarts @ 05:00 CEST.
    #D3 = Downtime @ 03:00 - 13:00 CEST.
    #HS = Downtime @ 03:00 - 07:00 CEST.
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    posted a message on Reviving Diablo 3 in 2.2 patch or another expansion.
    With your fixes. Diablo would have been dead already. Its not perfect now. But its getting by
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