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Name Type Class Effects
Shadowstalker's SpauldersLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterSpinning Chakram maximum charges increased by 1.
Chillwrath MantleLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterDaring Swing now fires ice arrows at the ground, forming an icy path that continually damages and Chills.
Cradle of PebblesLegendary ShouldersCrusaderJudgment instead summons a Guardian of Justice to fight for you.
Barbed CouncilLegendary ShouldersCrusaderJudgment now implodes after a short delay, drawing all nearby enemies to its center, but it no longer Slows movement or Stuns.
Faith AscendantLegendary ShouldersCrusaderDeal 10% increased damage for a few seconds after using either stage of Falling Sword.
Sivket's AdvantageLegendary ShouldersCrusaderDraw and Quarter duration increased by 30%.
Spine of the AdversaryLegendary ShouldersCrusaderSacred Chain now also causes chained enemies to take a percentage of all damage taken by any other chained enemy, but no longer Stuns.
Public PenanceLegendary ShouldersCrusaderSacred Chain now throws frozen chains that deal more damage and do not break from damage, but have a shorter duration.
Wind-blessed PauldronsLegendary ShouldersCrusaderConjuration of Light duration increased by 30%.
RotspurLegendary ShouldersNecromancerCorpse Explosion no longer detonates corpses, causing them instead to release blight on the area that poisons enemies for continuous damage.
Lone PreserverLegendary ShouldersNecromancerCorpse Explosion now also inflicts a stacking Chill which can Freeze enemies when stacked.
Surge and StillnessLegendary ShouldersNecromancerCorpse Explosion now also causes corpses to pull themselves toward the nearest enemy before exploding.
Chasm-CrosserLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Spikes range increased by 20%.
ZirocoLegendary ShouldersNecromancerSkeletal Mage damage increased by 10%.
Linger-MantleLegendary ShouldersNecromancerDark Curse duration increased by 30%.
Gravedirt's WeightLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Armor now also grants immunity to all effects which knock you out of your position.
RagecallerLegendary Main HandBarbarianHammer of the Ancients is now also electrified, slowing enemy movement by 50% for 2 seconds.
Svot's ReachLegendary Main HandBarbarianCleave now strikes in a full circle around you.
Rending BiteLegendary Main HandBarbarianLacerate now inflicts Bleeding that deals 324 damage over 3 seconds.
StonefallLegendary Main HandBarbarianHammer of the Ancients damage increased by 10%.
Entropic EdgeLegendary Main HandWizardDisintegrate damage increased by 10%.
DevastationLegendary Main HandWizardArcane Wind now summons a tornado that damages enemies in a line, and no longer charges up. Increases Arcane Wind's maximum charges to 2.
Sellena's IronLegendary Main HandBarbarianLeap causes the ground to shake where you land, dealing 222 damage to all enemies in the area over 3 seconds.
The MaddeningLegendary Main HandBarbarianMovement speed increased by 15% while Frenzy is at its maximum stacks.
Proof From On HighLegendary Main HandCrusaderFalling Sword now chains enemies to a location, and pulls them to you when activated again.