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Name Type Class Effects
Proximal FearLegendary PantsNecromancerWraith Form now causes enemies you touch to flee in Fear and damages them.
Sacral ChaussesLegendary PantsNecromancerBone Wall duration increased by 30%.
Rozhin's KeeningLegendary PantsNecromancerCorpse Lance damage increased by 10%.
Graven BulwarkLegendary PantsNecromancerBone Armor duration increased by 30%.
Mournful DestroyerLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse now curses the ground in an area, causing enemies within it to take continual damage.
SoulchimeLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse now causes enemies to explode on death, but no longer decreases enemy vision.
Guided by MaggotsLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse no longer decreases enemy vision, instead causing your minions within the area to frenzy, increasing their attack and movement speeds.
Vision of the Frozen PathLegendary HelmWizardScorch now launches a frozen orb that continually damages nearby enemies and Chills them.
Crown of Arcane TruthsLegendary HelmWizardScorch now launches an arcane orb that explodes when activated again or when it expires, damaging all nearby enemies. Damage and explosion radius grow as it travels.
Vaetia's Resourceful CountenanceLegendary HelmWizardScorch now launches an electric orb that explodes on impact creating an electric field that continually Stuns and damages nearby enemies.
Cowl of the AbyssLegendary HelmWizardBlack Hole radius increased by 20%.
Memory of XiaoyuLegendary HelmWizardScorch now conjures four flaming orbs that orbit around you and explode when they strike enemies, damaging and Burning all nearby enemies.
Mask of IllusionsLegendary HelmWizardTeleport now causes you to become invisible and leave behind a mirror image.
Lyan's Resonant WisdomLegendary HelmWizardTeleport now conjures a lightning cloud at your destination, dealing 250 damage to all nearby enemies over 2.5 seconds.
SpiritbreakerLegendary HelmBarbarianSprint also leaves tornadoes in your path that deal 86 damage to any enemies they strike.
Bestial ThreatLegendary HelmBarbarianDemoralize is replaced with a terrifying roar that damages all nearby enemies and Immobilizes them.
Berserker's SanityLegendary HelmBarbarianWrath of the Berserker now also dispels effects which cause loss of control of your character.
Second BreathLegendary HelmBarbarianSprint duration increased by 30%.
Weighted BrowLegendary HelmBarbarianGround Stomp range increased by 20%.
Lasting HateLegendary HelmBarbarianWrath of the Berserker duration increased by 30%.
Battlemaster's HelmLegendary HelmBarbarianDemoralize is replaced with a war cry that increases all damage you and nearby allies inflict.
Crippling InsightLegendary HelmMonkExploding Palm maximum charges increased by 1.
Empathy's BlessingLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary is now Blessed Sanctuary, increasing all damage done by you and your allies while within the circle.
Solace of the PeaksLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary becomes a chilling circle, continually damaging and Chilling enemies within it, but no longer protecting you and your allies.
Tranquility's GazeLegendary HelmMonkInner Sanctuary now Stuns and damages enemies that enter or exit the circle, but no longer protects you or your allies.