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Name Type Class Effects
Shining AsterLegendary ShouldersCrusaderIncreases all damage you deal during Conjuration of Light by 10%.
Gaze of WrothLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Glare now Burns enemies for 136 damage over 4 seconds.
Zerratus HuskLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Charge now grants you a holy shield while charging that reflects projectiles back at enemies, dealing 287 damage.
Equal PortionsLegendary PantsCrusaderSacred Chain no longer constrains enemies, instead forming a chain of flames between enemies which Burns other enemies that touch it.
Flare-to-MirrorLegendary PantsCrusaderDraw and Quarter is now electrified, damaging random nearby enemies and Stunning them if they are shocked three times.
Pugilist's PresenceLegendary Main HandMonkSeven-Sided Strike now attacks repeatedly in the same direction, knocking back the enemy each time.
Fleeting SoulLegendary Main HandMonkMystic Allies now summons one spirit ally that rushes in a direction, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through and forcing all nearby enemies to attack it.
VesperguardLegendary Off HandNecromancerSkeletal Mage now shoots continuous rays at enemies.
Drifter's FareLegendary Off HandNecromancerBone Spirits now unleashes a powerful skull that wanders randomly through nearby enemies, dealing damage as it passes through them. Maximum 2 charges.
Shared ServiceLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Armor now reduces all continuous damage you take by 40%.
AbnegationLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Spikes now also knocks enemies away.
Studied MenaceLegendary HelmNecromancerCorpse Lance now causes enemies to decay, dealing 95 damage for 3 seconds.
Inseverable TwoLegendary HelmNecromancerYour golem from Command Golem now takes 20% of your incoming damage.
Hissing SkinLegendary PantsNecromancerGrim Scythe now increases all damage you deal by 2% for each enemy hit, up to 10%, for 3 seconds.
Empty PitLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse now summons a cursed eye that forces nearby monsters to attack it.
Cloak of QuillsLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor now causes your summons to continuously damage nearby enemies, but no longer protects them.
Ethereal BoundaryLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerActivating Wraith Form removes all effects which cause loss of control or decrease Movement Speed.
Lunatic TwinLegendary Main HandBarbarianWhen Frenzy is fully stacked, each attack unleashes 96 damage to all enemies in front of you. Cannot occur more often than once every 0.4 seconds.
The HewerLegendary Main HandBarbarianGrab now causes you to charge forward and grab the first enemy you hit. If you successfully grab an enemy, you will carry them for a short distance, damaging enemies you run though, before leaping into the air and slamming them into the ground, damaging and Slowing nearby enemies.
Pinpoint OverflowLegendary Main HandDemon HunterMultishot now fires all arrows in a targeted direction and can strike the same enemy multiple times.
War GenerosityLegendary Main HandDemon HunterEvery 4 attacks with Explosive Arrow generates an explosion that knocks the enemy away. Players cannot be knocked away more often than 1 time every 3 seconds.
Typhlot RobeLegendary Chest ArmorMonkCyclone Strike now produces a dust storm that impairs enemy vision and deals damage.
The ThudLegendary Off HandDemon HunterImpale damage increased by 15% to enemies with an active harmful effect.
Forgotten SaviorLegendary Main HandCrusaderFalling Sword now instead slashes and Burns enemies in front of you.
Suspended RuleLegendary Main HandCrusaderSweep Attack now throws the flail, forming a cyclone that picks up nearby enemies and carries them away.