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Name Type Class Effects
Armor CasteLegendary Chest ArmorBarbarianFurious Charge creates shock waves when colliding with walls, dealing 95 damage to nearby enemies and Stunning them for 1 seconds.
Rattling ArmLegendary Off HandMonkWave Strike turns into a pneumatic ball that pulls in and continuously damages enemies.
Endless TrialLegendary ShouldersMonkImprisoned Fist now continuously launches punches in a direction you can change while channeling. Using Imprisoned Fist will slowly consume its energy, which will recover while Imprisoned Fist is not in use.
ShimmerlinnLegendary ShouldersMonkWave of Light now releases a wave of energy that damages all enemies in its path and Burns them, but can no longer have multiple charges.
Paste and PowderLegendary Off HandBarbarianHammer of the Ancients now randomly drops hammers in the targeted area multiple times.
Steel LampreyLegendary Off HandBarbarianChained Spear now marks enemies for 5 seconds and heals you for 5% of the damage it causes to marked enemies.
Numb RealizationLegendary HelmMonkExploding Palm Bleed effect now has a 30% chance to be detonated by other attacks.
Fusing CrownLegendary HelmMonkMystic Allies now protect you, taking 20% of your incoming damage.
Starving MosquitoLegendary PantsMonkFlying Dragon damage increased by 2% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum increase of 20%.
Tottering TowerLegendary PantsMonkFlying Kick now Stuns enemies and can be charged to unleash a more powerful blow.
Pacific PledgeLegendary Chest ArmorMonkTaking damage during Shield of Zen has a chance to trigger a counterattack dealing 114 damage to all nearby enemies.
Hunter-GathererLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterEscape now launches 3 homing rockets at nearby enemies when activated, each dealing 95 damage.
Decisive ReportLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterMultishot now knocks enemies away. This cannot affect players more often than 1 time every 6 seconds.
The Aimless OneLegendary Main HandWizardArcane Torrent now launches missiles at random enemies around you.
StaggernickLegendary Main HandWizardArcane Wind now knocks enemies up into the air with an updraft and Stuns them, but no longer charges up.
Spreading ShroudLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterSmoke Screen now throws a smoke bomb at a targeted location, dealing continual damage and greatly reducing vision for enemies that remain in the area.
MurdermostLegendary HelmDemon HunterVengeance now increases your Critical Hit Chance by 12% but causes you to lose 3% of your Life every second.
Scatter MaskLegendary HelmDemon HunterActivating Vengeance now immediately deals 74 damage to all nearby enemies and causes them to flee in Fear for 3 seconds.
ScrapdacksLegendary PantsDemon HunterKnife Trap now scatters multiple mines that will explode when stepped on, but it can no longer have multiple charges.
Clutching NailsLegendary PantsDemon HunterKnife Trap now confines nearby enemies when triggered and increases all damage you deal to them.
Puncta ObscuraLegendary Off HandDemon HunterImpale now also causes enemies to Bleed for 141 damage over 3 seconds.
Suit MordantLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterSmoke Screen now hurls an acid bomb that damages enemies continuously.
Torrential RefrainLegendary Off HandCrusaderCondemn now immediately detonates all of its damage on the enemies it hits.
BatterhythmLegendary Off HandCrusaderCondemn damage increased by 3% for every enemy hit, up to a maximum of 15% increased damage.
Heaven SquintsLegendary ShouldersCrusaderJudgment now conjures a continuous beam of light from the heavens which moves under your control.