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Name Type Class Effects
Aquamarine (Rank 2)Normal Gem
Ruby (Rank 8)Normal Gem
Sapphire (Rank 7)Normal Gem
Ruby (Rank 3)Normal Gem
Sapphire (Rank 2)Normal Gem
Tourmaline (Rank 8)Normal Gem
Topaz (Rank 7)Normal Gem
Tourmaline (Rank 3)Normal Gem
Topaz (Rank 2)Normal Gem
Assemble the WickedLegendary Off HandMonkExploding Palm now gathers nearby enemies into a cluster directly in front of you. Maximum 1 charges.
The EnervatorsLegendary ShouldersWizardRay of Frost now creates an ice shield each time it damages an enemy, absorbing 143 damage and stacking up to 10 times.
Extraction HarnessLegendary ShouldersWizardTeleport now also removes the last harmful effect applied to you.
FireflurryLegendary HelmWizardScorch now hurls a ball of magma that bursts when it strikes an enemy, creating a pool of magma that Burns and Stuns enemies.
Shiversent StareLegendary HelmWizardRay of Frost now Freezes enemies for 2 seconds after taking damage from the ray 6 times.
Ninety-Nine Wild ArcanaLegendary PantsWizardArcane Torrent damage increased by 10%.
Fragments Upon FragmentsLegendary PantsWizardMeteor now drops several meteorites in a direction, knocking enemies away and Stunning them.
Waking InvocationLegendary Chest ArmorWizardRay of Frost now creates an illusion that channels a beam of frost in the targeted direction.
Quiet DownpourLegendary Chest ArmorWizardLightning Nova now launches a giant nova, exploding into smaller novae when activated again or when it arrives at its final destination.
Doom of the CowedLegendary ShouldersBarbarianActivating Wrath of the Berserker now immediately reduces the Movement Speed of all nearby enemies by 80%.
WreckfallLegendary ShouldersBarbarianWhirlwind also reduces all damage you take by 20% while channeling.
The TremblingLegendary HelmBarbarianUndying Rage also increases your Movement Speed by 50%.
Grinning EffigyLegendary HelmBarbarianTaking damage during Undying Rage now triggers a counterattack for 66 damage to all nearby enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 0.5 seconds.
Compromise is LossLegendary PantsBarbarianGround Stomp now rips open the ground, dealing damage to enemies in front of you. Maximum 2 charges.
Haughty BehemothLegendary PantsBarbarianLeap now knocks enemies into the air when you land.
Five Fresh ClawsLegendary Chest ArmorBarbarianWhirlwind now shreds armor, increasing all damage enemies take by 2%, stacking up to 5 times.