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Name Type Class Effects
Heaven SquintsLegendary ShouldersCrusaderJudgment now conjures a continuous beam of light from the heavens which moves under your control.
Shining AsterLegendary ShouldersCrusaderIncreases all damage you deal during Conjuration of Light by 10%.
Gaze of WrothLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Glare now Burns enemies for 136 damage over 4 seconds.
Zerratus HuskLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Charge now grants you a holy shield while charging that reflects projectiles back at enemies, dealing 287 damage.
Equal PortionsLegendary PantsCrusaderSacred Chain no longer constrains enemies, instead forming a chain of flames between enemies which Burns other enemies that touch it.
Flare-to-MirrorLegendary PantsCrusaderDraw and Quarter is now electrified, damaging random nearby enemies and Stunning them if they are shocked three times.
Forgotten SaviorLegendary Main HandCrusaderFalling Sword now instead slashes and Burns enemies in front of you.
Suspended RuleLegendary Main HandCrusaderSweep Attack now throws the flail, forming a cyclone that picks up nearby enemies and carries them away.
DaybreakLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderConsecration now protects you and nearby party members, decreasing damage taken by 15%.
Hard CensureLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderCondemn now calls down a thunderbolt from the heavens to a targeted location, dealing continuous damage.