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Name Type Class Effects
Frostreaver's GarmentsLegendary Chest ArmorWizardIce Crystal now summons a freezing crystal that inflicts greater damage over time and a stacking Chill.
Robes of the AvalancheLegendary Chest ArmorWizardRay of Frost now channels a blizzard around you, continually damaging and Chilling nearby enemies.
Zann Esu Elemental WeaveLegendary Chest ArmorWizardLightning Nova now hurls balls of Chilling ice.
Ellora's FervorLegendary Chest ArmorWizardLightning Nova now hurls balls of Burning fire.
Regalia of the ArchmageLegendary Chest ArmorWizardLightning Nova now hurls balls of Immobilizing arcane energy.
Starcaller's DraperyLegendary Chest ArmorWizardMeteor radius increased by 20%.
Kyn's CryoclaspLegendary Chest ArmorWizardRay of Frost now unleashes a stronger instantaneous beam after a short delay, damaging and freezing all enemies in its path.
Galebringer's LeggingsLegendary PantsWizardArcane Wind damage increased by 10%.
Chaos NexusLegendary PantsWizardDisintegrate channels up to 3 additional beams at nearby enemies, each continually dealing 50 damage.
Starcaller's BreechesLegendary PantsWizardMeteor now continually damages enemies an area, but no longer Stuns.
FrostwalkersLegendary PantsWizardMeteor now summons an icy meteor, dealing damage and covering the area with ice that deals additional damage and Chills enemies.
Riftdancer's StrideLegendary PantsWizardTeleport now targets a location where it also damages all nearby enemies.
Time-warped ClothLegendary PantsWizardTeleport can now be recast, transporting you back to your original location.
Kavil's Grand RevelationLegendary PantsWizardEnemies killed by Disintegrate will explode, dealing 74 damage to all nearby enemies.
Vision of the Frozen PathLegendary HelmWizardScorch now launches a frozen orb that continually damages nearby enemies and Chills them.
Crown of Arcane TruthsLegendary HelmWizardScorch now launches an arcane orb that explodes when activated again or when it expires, damaging all nearby enemies. Damage and explosion radius grow as it travels.
Vaetia's Resourceful CountenanceLegendary HelmWizardScorch now launches an electric orb that explodes on impact creating an electric field that continually Stuns and damages nearby enemies.
Cowl of the AbyssLegendary HelmWizardBlack Hole radius increased by 20%.
Memory of XiaoyuLegendary HelmWizardScorch now conjures four flaming orbs that orbit around you and explode when they strike enemies, damaging and Burning all nearby enemies.
Mask of IllusionsLegendary HelmWizardTeleport now causes you to become invisible and leave behind a mirror image.
Lyan's Resonant WisdomLegendary HelmWizardTeleport now conjures a lightning cloud at your destination, dealing 250 damage to all nearby enemies over 2.5 seconds.
Angmar's Repulsive BurdenLegendary ShouldersWizardScorch’s Knockback distance is increased.
Phoenix MantleLegendary ShouldersWizardScorch radius increased by 20%.
Shoulders of the CataclysmLegendary ShouldersWizardMeteor damage increased by 10%.
Pads of ProtectionLegendary ShouldersWizardDisintegrate now fractures into a short-ranged cone.