Witch Doctor Builds

Bears/Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor

Battle.net forum member rockon87 has posted a guide to a pretty recognizable Witch Doctor build that has been getting a good amount of positive feedback. The build is pre-expansion, but he has updated it for level 70 and is currently using it himself. The guide is very detailed so do check it out!

The "Angry Wet Bears" Witch Doctor

Artanix says he is farming T1 with his WD build and explains what he focuses on: "Damage (Obviously), Sustainability - Get the mana regen required to prolong the bear casting and Skill Synergy - Not having a massive mix of elements to maximize DPS off items."

Projax's Witch Doctor

One of the winners of our Guide competition last year - Projax, has a new guide up for his fellow Witch Doctors! It focuses on a big nuke ability with a good amount of Crowd Control. He also has a video up! Check out his guide on this link.

MyJoosBox's Fire Doc

MyJoosBox over on the official forums has made a nice Fire build for his Witch Doctor and created a pretty detailed guide on how yours can be just the same. In his topic he goes through the gear and stats needed for the build to work and gives a bit of thought on variations of it.

YoyoTanya's Immortal Witch Doctor

An Immortal Doctor has been created by YoyoTanya! The main idea behind this build is that... the character is pretty hard to kill obviously. To do that the author is using pets to distract the enemies while using a variety of other skills to unleash hell upon his foes. So far the guide has received some good feedback as YoyoTanya has actually gone through quite the detail in his explanation. Check out his topic hereba!

Aever's WD Control Build

Aever's Witch Doctor thread is another example of how great people on DIabloFans' forums are. He made a TL;DR version of his guide (it's not simply a build) that sums it up pretty well:

  • Poison damage, whenever possible. This is just for make "+Poison damage" as effective as possible.
  • As many snares as possible to help control large packs of mobs.
  • Very good AoE damage.
  • I wouldn't say "tanky", but able to take some hits.
  • Fun to play, without "gimmicks" and cumbersome skills.
  • Good for single player.

Boxsalesman's Starter Pet Witch Doctor

Yet another contribution that's aimed at heroes who don't have fabulous Legendaries yet! Boxsalesman's starter pet WD build uses a mix of physical and fire damage which leaves the player with a few more gearing options. As usual, you can see the build in action in his video.

Joebo's Pet Doctor

Now that pet builds are at their strongest, some very interesting ones emerge. This is the case with Joebo444's Witch Doctor build that he demonstrates in a Torment 6 Azmodan fight. It's not surprising that Azmodan is slain in 7.7 seconds - not only is the build extremely effective, but Joebo is Paragon Level 560 and makes sure he has summoned as many fetishes as possible while in town before going into battle.


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