Demon Hunter Builds

Fire Demon Hunter

Bleu42's Demon Hunter has gone through a few changes since the expansion hit, primarily going from Lightning to Fire, but we decided to feature his updated skill set, as his DH builds are usually very workable! On his profile you can see some key examples of fire of gear that is needed for the build and obviously - stack as much Fire damage as possible.

"Rocketman" Demon Hunter

"Do you like a fast paced, very mobile play style? Do you like big damage numbers? Are you looking for a new build? Then give this a try and see if you can't have some fun being the rocketman!" The creator of the build - user_167151 - is good enough at presentations obviously, so his quote is all you need. Well, almost. You also need to have a look at his very informative thread ;)

DiegoF's Missile Demon Hunter

A nice Demon Hunter guide has been created by DiegoF. It's pretty standard, but is working great for him on Torment 1 and above. He has given his character profile for an example of good gear towards the build. Check out his thread here!

Waysa's Druid Demon Hunter

Pet lovers should definitely check out waysa's Demon Hunter build, which focuses primarily on building your Companion into a mighty adversary! He has actually built a very thorough guide on the subject, has displayed the gear needed for it to work and constantly reiterating based on feedback. Check out the guide here.

Pherzus' Fan Of Knives DH

Pherzus' Fan of Knives build is getting a good amount of attention on our Demon Hunter Section and there is one big question being asked - should Ambush be used as one of the Passives for this build? Drop a line in the thread if you've tied the build and you have an opinion on the Ambush dilemma or if you have questions for the author!

TryHardEnmity's Frozen Torment Demon Hunter

TryHardEnmity demonstrated his Demon Hunter Build which he claims he "plows through Torment 1 & 2" with. He has put Elemental Arrow with the Frost Arrow rune, but you can see details on the build in his topic and in the video.

Melee Assassin DH Build

Danthelion's Melee Assassin Demon Hunter seems to be doing quite well as evident from the video of him killing T3 Adria pretty easily. Of course, this is in no way a usual build, but it's definitely a fun one and you can read all about it's tricks and specifics in the thread on our Demon Hunter forums.


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