Crusader Builds

Moldran's Hammerdin Crusader

There is currently a void of Crusader builds, but we tracked down what one of the most recognizable Diablo faces is using - Moldran. His Crusader is built like a Hammerdin, but also tries to be mobile. Check out the gear with which he is making the build work over here.

Xye's Holy Diver Crusader

"This build is focused on building a defensive starting point that will probably get more and more offensive as you get better gear and allows you do focus more on damage passives, runes etc." This is a small part of Xye's post and it's worth it taking a look inside his thread because he has linked three variations of the build in there: one, helping when you still have starting gear at 70 and are trying to live through T1, a second one - more burst for clearing T1 faster, but requires a little better gear (this is the build you see below), and a third one for "rushing rifts in a group".

Kapsu's Lightning Hammerdin Crusader

A very, very nicely done Crusader guide has been posted by Kapsu in our Crusader forums. He goes into detail on all of his picked skills and gives a thorough explanation of the playstyle, helpful gear and all things necessary. Check out the gear and drop him some feedback in his topic!

Devizz's Hardcore Divine Warrior Crusader

Another incredibly great and detailed guide, again for the Crusader, has been posted by Devizz. The main idea behind the build is for a Hardcore Crusader. The author has gone very in depth on his skills of choice, gear of choice, Paragon distribution and even Follower benefits. A must read for every Crusader!

Contra's HC Crusader Build

Contra's HC Crusader build can hopefully be useful to a lot of players especially since the author explained in detail why he chose each of the skills (I quoted him here). And if you're not playing with a HC Crusader, don't worry - my collection of builds and farming guides to post is growing unstoppably, so - tomorrow is the day!

Mannercookie's Condemn Crusader

Mannercookie's Blade of Prophecy/Condemn Build is viable for all torment difficulty levels. As always, he has made a video and divided it into several parts: Intro - 0:05, T1-T4 - 2:17, T6 - 14:52 and Item/stats - 22:00. For a quicker look you can go through the post in his RoS Crusader information thread but in the meantime the build you see here is his Torment 6 one.

LastZoul's Maximus Holy Crusader Build

LastZoul has made yet another strong build - this time it's a Crusader build that he uses to do Torment 6 runs. You can see the build itself here, but in the video he shows his gear, the stats and the build in action.