Barbarian Builds

Avalanche Whirlwind Barb

Forum user Zlexpro, who has been posting a lot of builds over the last 2 years, has created a nice Avalanche Whirlwind build for the Barbarian. The skills are pretty classical, but with Avalanche incorporated into the build, in a way that compliments all the other skills. He also has a video of the build up, explaining his choices, showing his stats and displaying how the build does on Torment 1! Check out his forum post here.

Fire Tornado Barb

BERSERK over on the official forums has done a nice guide for the awesome Fire Tornado Barbarian build. In his thread he explains the skill choices, possible gearing to support the build and how the build feels out in the fields of corrupted angels.

Sub-Zero Tank Barb

Forum user lordsetarurare shared a very detailed description of his Barbarian build. He's named it Spin to Rend - Sub-Zero Tank Edition and this, of course, is the base of the build. Make sure you hop to his topic and let him know if this build seems useful to you since there is also a poll involved.

Kill on Crit Barb

gRave687 has a Barbarian build he has submitted on our forum that relies heavily on Crit damage. The point of the build is to successfully maintain both single target and area of effect on high enough levels. Check out his thread here and don't be shy to leave feedback.

Boulder King Barb

Tramp also has a nice Barb build, which seems to be doing well even with lower DPS capabilities. He has made a video, which you can check out in his thread, where he shows his gear and a demonstration of the build on T1.

Permanent CotA Barb

Zlexpro is useful once again: he shared a pretty interesting Barbarian Build, named "Permanent Call of the Ancients". Of course, you can check additional info on the build in his topic, but an important fact worth mentioning is Zlexpro is answering all sorts of questions and concerns in said topic!

Hardcore Barbarian Guide: Torment 6 Solo Rifting

A guide was shared today by EvilestDonut who succeeded soloing a Torment 6 rift with his HC Barbarian. His guide consists of Skills (you can see the builds below) and Items/Stats. If you're struggling with your HC Barbarian or simply want to try EvilestDonut's guide, visit its original topic on reddit.

Torment 1-4 Build:

Torment 5-6 Build:


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