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Diablo: @moodyeva Good luck on finding other heroes to slay the minions of Diablo with. Sanctuary thanks you! #D3 >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @CptnMadMurdock You can always try out the starter edition if you are unsure. We hope to see you in >>
by @Diablo
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BlizzCon: RT @Warcraft: Watch the @Machinima_com #MistsLaunch stream on Mon, 9 pm PT w/ @Mr_Sark @HungryHundar @feliciaday @Chri >>
by @BlizzCon
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Diablo: RT @Warcraft: Watch the @Machinima_com #MistsLaunch stream on Mon, 9 pm PT w/ @Mr_Sark @HungryHundar @feliciaday @ChrisM >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @nevikjames Thanks for helping with the #D3 PTR! Let us know what you think in the feedback forum. >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: #D3 Patch 1.0.5 is now available for testing on the PTR! Find out how to participate here: >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @Amill523 You are not the only one who has had to say goodbye to such comforts. Welcome to Sanctuary. >=) #D3 >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @creativefansite We hope you have a great time playing your witch doctor in #D3 and thanks for joining us! >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @AtDavidThomas We wouldn't say you are TOO late to the #D3 party. There are still plenty of demons left to kill. See you >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: We're #15 on @ComplexVG's top 50 best video game franchises. Where does the franchise rank on your list? >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @s_lotar87 #D3 does not have a monthly subscription. You can even try it out for free: We hope to >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: Velimir Kondic @KnD91 has made an amazing drawing of Diablo: Back-story of drawing in Serbian:http: >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: RT @Lylirra: Seen any amazing #D3 fanart recently? Or made some of your own? Link me your favorites and they may just ge >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: @soul_hysteria Maybe #D3 can help ease those new job jitters with lots of demon slaying. Thanks for playing and well see >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo_KR: 여러분의 소중한 계정을 지키는 방법! 오인용 영상을 통해 사고 사례를 확인하시고 한 단계씩 따라해보세요! >>
by @Diablo_KOR
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Diablo: Our Customer Service department will be changing its hours for phone support. Find out the details here: >>
by @Diablo
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Diablo: RT @Warcraft: Going to @NY_Comic_Con 2012? See how you can get a sneak peek at upcoming Blizzard books and toys. http:// >>
by @Diablo
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