BlightFang Necromancer (2.6.1 Pestilence Master's Shroud Set Build)

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  • Corpse Lance Ricochet
  • Bone Spear Blighted Marrow
  • Bone Armor Dislocation
  • Command Golem Decay Golem
  • Bone Spirit Panic Attack
  • Devour Cannibalize
  • Commander of the Risen Dead
  • Dark Reaping
  • Stand Alone
  • Bone Prison


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Zei's Stone of Vengeance
    • Gogok of Swiftness

Kanai's Cube

  • Nayr's Black Death
  • Golemskin Breeches
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

Full 6 pieces for the Pestilence Master's Shroud set, with a Diamond in the Helm and all Topazes in the Torso and Legs. The main build of the gear uses the Moribund Gauntlets in place of the gloves via the Ring of Royal Grandeur due to its ability being set, though a maxed/Ancient/Primal Ancient Golemskin Breeches could be worn and the Moribund Gauntlets Cubed instead. Affixes that boost Poison skill damage and cooldown reduction are the main priorities aside from primary stats on armor, and a focus on damage and critical damage/hit chance for the viable weapon choices.

For the Amulets, the Wisdom of Kalan greatly improves the Necromancer's Toughness, pairing with the Pestilence's 4 piece set bonus and the effects of the the Golemskin Breeches very well. A Hellfire Amulet makes a suitable alternative though such as Fueled by Death for better mobility or Serration for better damage on Bone Spear and Bone Spirit, though a defensive option like Gristly Tribute would help round out the healing for the Necromancer via the Decay Golem's damage. For Rings, Kyrsbin's Sentence is an obvious choice, pairing well with Pandemonium Loop for the ability to Fear enemies and make them detonate for 800% weapon damage upon death, though Unity would work in the case of needing better survivability.

The Legendary Gems for the build reinforce all aspects of it primarily for supplemental damage increases, but also for utility. Bane of the Trapped procs extra damage on all control effects, even at range, while Zei's Stone of Vengeance increases that damage even further at range and adds Stun effects to proc Krysbin's Sentence for even more damage. Gogok of Swiftness is a supplementary boost, attack speed helping the Necromancer and the Golem deal out more damage in a shorter amount of time and the added chance to dodge and reduce cooldowns facilitates survivability and even more damage dealing.

For Belts, the Vigilante Belt grants more cooldown reduction and Sash of Knives add a bit of supplemental ranged damage on all attacks, whereas the Witching Hour is a more well rounded offensive stat boost.

In terms of Bracer choices, the build's propensity for inflicting Stun effects makes Ancient Parthan Defenders a good survival alternative, though foremost to supplement the build's speed in most Rifts would be use of Nemesis Bracers.

For the build's weapons, Maltorius' Petrified Spike is the foremost option preferably towards the highest end of the 700% damage boost, though using a well rolled Nayr's Black Death and Cubing the Maltorius instead would work as well. As a final option for increased cooldown effects and better mobility, one could use In-Geom with the Lost Time Phylactery, though to utilize its effects effectively would require some skill rune and passive swapping.

Cubed Nayr's Black Death or Maltorius' Petrified Spike for outgoing damage increase, Golemskin Breeches or Moribund Gauntlets for improved use of the Golem and/or corpse generation, and Ring of Royal Grandeur to facilitate whichever item is swapped out to keep the 6 piece set bonus intact.

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Movement Speed
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Paragon of 1000 and above is required for moving past GR 70 range, with priority on Intelligence for damage and elemental resistances, followed up by Vitality for health at a ratio of 10 Intelligence to every 5 Vitality. Movement Speed helps this build greatly, and while not as necessary, Maximum Essence always helps.

Cooldown Reduction helps use the Golem more often, Attack Speed working for it as well along with Bone Spear and Corpse Lance casting, and Critical Hit Chance and Damage rounding them out.

Armor comes first and foremost as the Necromancer needs all it can get, then Resist All for elemental resistances and Life Regeneration for healing, total Life percentage last.

Life on Hit is superbly important given the number of outgoing projectiles the build uses, Area Damage making them more effective and Resource Cost Reduction granting more casts of Bone Spear more often. Gold Find isn't applicable to the build.

Build Guide

This build has been tested in the 2.6.1 patch and Season 14 on PS4.

This build is quite possibly the end-all-be-all for the Pestilence set Corpse Lance focused builds. It is all about sheer mobility, allowing casting on the go with Devour being able to fire Corpse Lances via the 2 piece set bonus, and all skills revolve around ease of damage access and increased damage buffs. The use of Nayr's Black Death as a weapon or Cubed grants 100% increased damage for 15 seconds for every Poison skill used, a 500% damage increase for this build with all skills utilized in a timely rotation. Between the sheer damage, ready access to projectiles and stacked damage reduction and healing potential, this is a long ranged killer that can shred through mobs or hunt down elites in Rifts with ease.

Devour with Cannibalize is the main source of Essence generation and healing for the build, being able to fire off free Corpse Lances as well with the equipped damage type and rune effect making it double as a proper attack skill at the same time while recovering more health and Essence in bulk than most any other generator or healing option. With all the free corpses dropping and those left by slain enemies, the Necromancer should never be hurting for health or Essence at any point.

Bone Armor is the sole defensive skill for the build, but also maintains a healthy amount of use as a damaging skill thanks to the Nayr's 500% damage boost for skill rotation, the Dislocation rune making it count as Poison damage and the Stun effect proccing Krysbin's Sentence for 300% additional damage for follow-up attacks. The damage reduction also stacks with the damage reduction from the 4 piece set bonus, making it greatly aid the survivability of the build at all times.

The Ricochet rune for Corpse Lance grants it improved value for mobs, with the 1650% flat boost from the 6 piece bonus and the 500% Nayr's increase for obscene amounts of outgoing target seeking damage along with the aforementioned Krysbin's bonus of 300% to Stunned or Feared targets. In this regard, the 3300% boost to Bone Spear damage is more supplementary, but with the the Blighted Marrow rune granting 15% additional damage for every enemy it pierces through along with the other bonuses, and being the sole Essence spender for the build to freely spam it, it makes for a formidable secondary ranged attack.

The third ranged option is Bone Spirit, the constant corpse consumption from Corpse Lance and Devour making it so all 3 charges should be near constantly available for use and the 4000% base damage boosted by Nayr's and Krysbin's making it technically the Necromancer's strongest single target attack. The ability to Fear enemies near the target via the Panic Attack rune synchronizes with Krysbin's for further damage boosting, and with Pandemonium Loop to make the affected enemies explode for 800% weapon damage upon death, so chaining kills in larger mobs becomes all the easier.

All this is facilitated through the Command Golem with the Decay rune dropping free corpses every second thanks to the Moribund Gauntlets, making them constantly available for casting Corpse Lance or Devour as needed, or to feed the Golem itself at 30% increased damage per corpse consumed for 10 seconds. Keeping the Golem's cooldown reduced with the Golemskin Breeches in the Cube or worn helps keep the full 500% damage rotation for the build up as often as possible, and with an added bonus of another 30% damage reduction with the Golem present.

The passives help facilitate this structure, Commander of the Risen dead dropping the Golem's cooldown even further, Dark Reaping adding addtional 2% Essence and health gain when killing an enemy, Stand Alone granting 90% additional Armor with the Golem present, and Bone Prison adding a 30% chance to imprison enemies hit by Bone Spear and Bone Spirit, counting as an Immobilize effect for yet another way to proc Krysbin's Sentence.

There is an alternative for the build to speed up its mobility, mainly involving swapping the Ricochet rune on Corpse Lance for the Brittle Touch rune and using the Lost Time Phylactery with In-Geom. This would mark it as Cold damage instead and improve critical chance against enemies hit by it, and all those hits would proc the movement speed bonus on Lost Time and killing elite enemies would shred the cooldown on the Command Golem, letting it be used all the more often. A Hellfire Amulet with the Fueled by Death passive would help boost this even more. However this would drop the 500% damage bonus from Nayr's down to 400% instead, sacrificing damage for mobility.