[2.6.1] (75-90+) HC Condemn Speed

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  • Provoke Too Scared to Run
  • Smite Reaping
  • Condemn Vacuum
  • Iron Skin Steel Skin
  • Laws of Hope Wings of Angels
  • Akarat's Champion Rally
  • Heavenly Strength
  • Long Arm of the Law
  • Indestructible
  • Holy Cause


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard

Kanai's Cube

  • Blade of Prophecy
  • String of Ears
  • Unity
  • Head: STR / VIT / CHC / Socket (Diamond)
  • Shoulder: STR / VIT or RCR / CDR / Condemn% or RCR
  • Amulet: Holy% / CHC / CHD / Socket
  • Chest: STR / VIT or EliteDmgRed% / Condemn% or EliteDmgRed% / Sockets (Diamond)
  • Gloves: STR / CDR / CHC / CHD
  • Bracer: Holy% / STR / VIT / CHC
  • Belt: STR / VIT / +AR / Life%
  • Legs: STR / VIT / AR / Sockets (Diamond)
  • Feet: STR / VIT / AR / +Armor or LPS
  • Rings: CDR / CHC / CHD / Socket
  • Weapon: %DMG or STR / CDR / WPS / Socket (Emerald)
  • Shield: STR / CHC / CDR / WPS or VIT or LPWS**

WPS = Wrath Per second affix (passive wrath regen)

LPWS = Life per Wrath Spent

  • Secondary affixes:
  • +Pickup radius (+4 min, +6 is preferred though)
  • +%Ranged Reduction. Not required, but nice to have.

  • Cooldown on every item possible (excepting amulet).
  • CDR to 61.5% is recommended, this would reduce the downtime in between wings of angels to only 1.5s.
  • Perfect CDR is 63.16%, which only leaves 1s of downtime on your law.
  • Wrath regen is required on weapon, recommended on shield.
  • WPS is the simplest option on shield, as it is less likely you will run out of resource. It also affords room on the shoulder for VIT and Condemn%.
  • VIT on Shield is an defensive option. Put in place of WPS, and run with RCR on shoulder.
  • **LPWS is also an option on shield for increased recovery, though I will say this option fits better if you are swapping in Slash Guard. Would likely require RCR on shoulder as well, which means you have to give up either VIT or condemn%.
  • EliteDmgReduction% can be run on chest, in place of VIT or Condemn%. If placing instead of VIT, supply more paragon to VIT.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Area Damage
Gold Find

If below 550K HP, my preference is to put enough points in VIT to get 550K+ HP. This may require about 100 to 300 paragon points, depending on how many ancients you have, and what affixes you've chosen / found on your gear.

Note that this is just a minimum recommendation. If you feel you want more, feel free to put more into VIT.

Build Guide

Cratic's Condemn builds d3planner:


This is my take on a hardcore crusader GR speed build. Tested GR82 runs (non ancient weapons, bad affix legendary shield, very few augments, no paragon), and up to GR87 with paragon / augment. Noting about 3-5m runs, depending on level. Very safe build. Able to live through most any attack the game throws at it, and still has the double second life.

Due to not having Furnace, this build takes longer to kill the RG, but Akkahn's Addendum more than makes up for this in utility. Enjoy!

Video includes guide section as well. Also included a swap run at the end for Guard + Strongarms at +2 GR.

EDIT (4/22/2018): Added option for VIT on shield in place of WPS. This swap requires RCR on shoulder. Increases toughness at the expense of offense.


  • 00:00 - run #1 - @ GR82
  • 05:30 - Intro
  • 06:21 - Skills and Items
  • 16:06 - Affixes
  • 20:27 - Swaps
  • 23:46 - Conclusion
  • 24:14 - run #2 - Lacuni Huntresses
  • 29:22 - run #3
  • 34:14 - run #4 - Slash Guard + Strongarms @ GR84


I love the added tankiness with this setup, using Unity (use on follower also with do not die token).

Having the Akkahns Addendum is great too for the Rally rune on akkarat's champion, quicker resets on all of your abilities (more uptime on Iron skin and recasts of provoke).

The extra wrath regen from the embodiment of power rune also helps ensure uninterrupted condemn attacks. Make sure to use the inspire ability on templar follower.

Provoke is great here for slowing the attack speed of enemies, great against pylon spawns, elite packs, and the RG. Provoke also functions as a hefty Wrath recovery skill. Try to cast when more enemies are around your character to increase the wrath amount recovered.

Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard provides has a high passive health regen, and shielding. This gem functions as a method of passive health recovery. The reaping rune on smite, Templar's Loyalty, Wings of Angels Law, and a possible LPS roll on boots also help with life per second.

Holy Cause functions as a method of active heath replenishment, giving 1% per hit. Recall that both condemn, and smite are holy runed.

Esoteric + String of Ears provide protection from both melee / physical type attacks, and elemental attacks, increasing toughness significantly.

The double second life (prophet revive + Indestructible) also comes in very handy. I tested many times being hit by Grotesque and Molten explosions, sometimes 4+ at a time, and was able to live, even if the second life passives triggered.

You can use scripting or numlock for your autocast.

Keep all four abilities on auto cast. All you should have to manually cast with this build is Smite and provoke, though you can opt to swap the placement of provoke and iron skin, and instead manually cast the iron skin if preferred.

Use move and force move to position for oculus rings and use the vaccumm pull to your advantage.

Movement speed in this build comes from wings of angels with extra duration from long arm of the law. Not 100% uptime, but very close to it, due to the inclusion of both Leoric's Crown and Vigilante Belt. This skill also gives the ability to walk through enemies, and waller, quite nice.



  • Slash (Guard): up to +25% armor, however, this armor boost does not affect all of your armor (I think armor from paragon is excluded), and the amount added does not take into account armor after other skill increases. Actual toughness increase will usually be in the range of 7-10%, depending on paragon, gear, etc. A good rune for toughness, but unfortunately, not up all the time, can't rely on it being there, but if you want to push 1-2 GR higher with near the same gear, this is an option for increased toughness. Helps with chargers and the like, but does not help with health regen as much.
  • Strongarm Bracers: Swap out Nemesis bracer. Another great option for higher damage, up to +2GR increase. Reason for swapping Nems is that swapping Nems out will not decrease toughness. This swap usually gives about the same clear time, maybe +1m longer, but at a slightly higher GR speed. Great to use in combination with Slash (Guard).
  • St. Archew's Gage: Replace Gizzard with Gogok, and swap Vigilante for this item (wear string of ears). Higher shielding, which works wonders for defense on most elite packs, but falls flat on the RG, and since RG fight times are fairy extended with this build, I'd only recommend this swap for lower GR runs (About -5GR in relative clear position).