S13 WW Barb Grift 90+ (Greatest WW Build for the greatest Barbarian)

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  • Furious Charge Stamina
  • Whirlwind Blood Funnel
  • Wrath of the Berserker Insanity
  • Battle Rage Bloodshed
  • Threatening Shout Falter
  • War Cry Veteran's Warning
  • Berserker Rage
  • Brawler
  • Ruthless
  • Rampage


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Taeguk
    • Bane of the Stricken
    • Pain Enhancer

Kanai's Cube

  • The Furnace
  • Mantle of Channeling
  • Skull Grasp

So why exactly these items? Let's see:


Head, Shoulders, Torso, Hands, Legs and Feet:

Full Set of the Wastes for max ww dmg bonus.


Hellfire Amulet with Relentless as 5th Passive. Why? Because it saves your ass like 100 times a day in higher grifts and anything with fury reg is for noobs.


Strongarm Bracers for max dmg (Great synergie with Charge) Go for them if your not a pussy(Kitty). Ancient Parthan Defenders for max survivability (You also need gear with stun/freeze chance on it). Nemesis Bracers when someone in the group hasn't them.


The Witching Hour for max dmg(The only Waist which can have crit dmg/chance on it). Chilanik's Chain for speed or more survivability because it has things like Armor or resistance on it(Doesn't make dmg = shit).


Convention of Elements for dmg (Must have). Band of Might as your greatest toughness bringer (Synergie with Charge). Skull Grasp for dmg (Must have). Put Skull Grasp in the cube for max dmg, because ww is your greatest dmg.


Istvan's Paired Blades (The Slanderer + Little Rogue) is one hell of a combination of atkspeed, dmg and toughness. Go for it, even if they're hard to get. Gamble the shit out of Kadala. Lose all your mats for upgrading swords in the cube. Just DO IT.

Bul-Kathos Swords is just the second option for when you haven't dropped the Istvan's Blades yet. The only good thing good about them is the fury reg a true Barb doesn't need. They're not only inflicting less dmg, they're also don't have the dmg and armor boost from the Istvan's Blades.

Kanai's Cube:

Weapon Slot:

The Furnace (Max dmg against Elites).

Armor Slot:

Mantle of Channeling for dmg+toughness

Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan for dmg+fury reg(only noobs choose this)

Jewellery Slot:

Skull Grasp for max ww dmg

Legendary Gems:

Taeguk for dmg+toughness

Bane of the Stricken for dmg+dmg against elites

Pain Enhancer for atkspeed=dmg. You can Switch this one out for Gogok of Swiftness if you want to. It has a little less atkspeed but gives you dodge chance for more survivability.


Emeralds in booth Weapons for max dmg.

Diamonds in the remaining gear for max toughness and at least 12,5% cdr.

For what stats should I go on my Items?

Crowd Control Reduction on Rings, Amulet and Head because we want to keep on whirlwinding trough hordes of hell's little shits.

+15% Whirlwind dmg on Head and Feet for you know, dmg.

+2.6% Chance to Knockback on booth Weapons and

+5.1% Chance to Knockback on Wrists for inflicting +25% dmg every time(Strongarm Bracers).

At least ~7,5% Cooldown Reduction to have 20% in combination with your Sockets(For Charge cd in combination with Band of Might).

At least 90% Area Damage (20% per item) to make enough dmg.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Damage
Critical Hit Chance


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find


Movemement speed till you have 25%. So if you Boots have 12% on them you only need to spend 26points(13%) in this stat.

After that go for Strengh.


atkspeed cause you need to be faster than sanic.

cdr because you need at least 20% for your Charge to be ready in 8 seconds (Band of Might lasts 8 seconds)

crit dmg first because you hit really fast so crit chance doesn't matter that much.

crit chance = more dmg.


Armor because Istvans Blades increase your Armor

Resist All because it's better to get less dmg than reg life

Life Reg because it's better to reg life than have more to lose

Life because it's the last stat that's left


Area Damage first because we want max dmg

Resource Cost Reduction because we need every point of fury we can get

Life on Hit for survivability

Gold Find because it's the last stat that's left

Build Guide

So I always see the "standart" ww barb build with Ignore Pain which is pretty nice but lacks some dmg and toughness. Then there's this new build with Ancient spear which is just a big pile of shit in my opinion (just lacks everything). So today I'm giving you my ww build with Charge (I recently also saw one with charge but not that good). It's rather easy to play and optimizes dmg and toughness.

Which passives can I replace if I want?

None. We want DMG, DMG, and DMG.

Which Runes can I replace if I want?

Furious Charge:

Replace Stamina with Merciless Assault if you want. It's easier in little groups, doesn't matter in big groups and nearly the same in solo boss battles.


Blood Funnel is the Nr. 1 for higher grifts.

Volcanic Eruption has some great dmg and as a little extra you keep on dying in higher grifts

Wind Shear is the third option. Exaclty right for people who like dying much and also don't want to make more dmg but like to keep on whirlwinding against that one white mob far left behind while listening to nickleback.

War Cry:

Veteran's Warning gives you more toughness than Impunity and has a great synergie with Gogok of Swiftness if you use it.

Impunity for idk, just use Veteran's Warning ffs.

How do I play this build?

This is the explanation for when you took all the Items recommended or required. Not the second or third options I gave.

1. Start the fight with War cry for fury,

2. press Whirlwind just 1 time to get the dmg reduction from the set bonus

3. then charge into the the next group of mobs to max out your fury.

4. Use Threatening shout for dmg reduction + making more dmg

5. Whirlwind till you die.

While infight...

...use Charge on cd to get the dmg reduction from Band of Might and Fury

...use Threatening Shout + War Cry on cd to keep your fury up.

...use Berserker for Elites and Bosses.

...use Battle Rage only before your next Charge


...there are no mobs start walking and keep your fury up with Threatening Shout + War Cry

...there are a lot of area dmg thingis from mobs keep on whirlwinding around the group so you're not dying

...you are fighting solo against a portal boss in a grift you're having some breaks of 0.5-1 seconds till you're able to whirlwind again if you only have 20% cdr.

Where's the fury?