[S12-S13] SpeedyLazy

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  • Frailty Aura of Frailty
  • Bone Armor Harvest of Anguish
  • Blood Rush Potency
  • Devour Devouring Aura
  • Simulacrum Reservoir
  • Land of the Dead Frozen Lands
  • Eternal Torment
  • Stand Alone
  • Fueled by Death
  • Overwhelming Essence


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Pain Enhancer
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin

Kanai's Cube

  • Reilena's Shadowhook
  • Steuart's Greaves
  • Krysbin's Sentence

Gearset is very much like cookie-cutter Inarius 6 LazyNecro by wahskcirt


There's basically 2 ways in general:

1) speedy way, where your defenses are enough = Steuart's Greaves in the cube

2) tanky way, if you start to get hurt = Aquila Quirass in the cube

some do actually prefer the tanky way as it's much more relaxing to play (and no need to cast blood rush so often) and you can literally play one-handed with just a mouse this way (not even a multi-button one). This is very viable for say GR75+ runs, where you already starting to need defenses (to play lazy), but GR-s typically have better density, you don't pick up things and often have pylons, so GR-s tend to last shorter anyway and such crazy movespeed is not that beneficial any more. Even without Steuart's boots, you bonus movespeed will still be over 100%.

But, after numerous rifts, runs with Steuart's came up always the fastest, so at least for T13-s you definetely want them.

there's also a bit of room to change rings:

* swap BK Wedding Band for RoRG so you could have both Steuart's and Aquila (the better one equipped and the other one in the cube).

* swap BK ring for Unity (with second unity on follower plus Cannot Die relic) for yet another added toughness

* swap BK for Physical Stone of Jordan to boost elite killing speed

Bul Kathos Wedding Band is a strange animal and i've done tens of runs and it did always fastest clears. Not by much, but in the long run it was the fastest. I'm not sure about it's actual damage properties, but i guess it's about 2000% weapon damage, but very close range and Damage over Time will end out of range. If you run mostly solo (Solo-Self-Found) you can swap it for Unity or SoJ, you won't lose much.

Also, remember issues with Kalan amulet (rolls really uncomfortable for this build, have to drop with 2 out three CHC/CHD/socket options), you might need to use Kalan in the cube. Then you need to wear Krysbin and CoE. Krysbin rolls just as bad as Kalan (also guarranteed Attacks speed and INT), so you'll lose ring options. But between bad Kalan and bad Krysbin i'd pick wearing bad Krysbin as the loss from lost CHC or CHD is much greater on the amulet.

I imagine this build works really well on Hardcore, especially consireding you don't need to cast anything to keep up tougness (exept bone armor, but this lasts upto 1min) and you do passive AoE damage near you, so even if you have DC, then any mob who comes close pecking at you, will just melt itself (unless some pesky ranged mob).

Follower: high CDR/IAS Enchantress with good hard CC (charm, freeze, blind, stun) items is preferred

NB! There are LazyNecro variations with 2hander (Reilena's hook) equipped and Fang in the cube and using Dislocation (poison) rune for Bone Armor. Then You need to slot it Rigor Mortis to have Bane of the Trapped proc outside your own melee range (NB! Toxin does not proc Rigor Mortis). Because of that you lose upto 65% of movespeed (no Lost Time 50 and no Harvest of Anguish 15%), Steuart's are nearly mandatory to have any decent competitive farming speed.

NB2! Wisdom of Kalan amulet rolls real bad (guarranteed attack speed, that you want to roll off) for this build, so you could use something else (hellfire, immunity amulets etc) until you get one decent and cube Kalan amulet. You could use Kalan in the cube for a while and wear any other like Hellfire Amulet (Spreading Malediction is best and especially great in large trashmob packs or Life from Death helps a bit too)

Paragon Priorities


Maximum Resource
Primary Stat
Movement Speed


Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed


Life Regeneration
Resist All


Area Damage
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Build Guide

This is probably the fastest TX13 build for Necro, capable of doing 2 min T13 runs on a regular basis (and certainly sub 2min with decent density or pylon luck). And it's also super easy to play like LazyNecro should be played. Can be also used for bounties (except Belial bounty, more info down in the comments), then i recommend Warzenian bracers instead of Nemesis.

It does not require any CDR or RCR or hitting any breakpoints, there's no timing skills or numlocking anything. just move and monsters die by itself. It's damage output is very much linear as your gearing is progressed, as long as you have main items.

If you have mousewheel that you can click, then you don't need the keyboard at all to play. You move with holding LMB, fire occasional Bone Armor with RMB and blood rush with mousewheel click.

LotD and Simulacrum are occasional and only real use for Rift Guardian. just pop them for pretty much instakill, especially if you catch Physical CoE phase. You can even use manual cast with just clicking these two skills on your hotbar with your mouse.

NB! aura on Left mouse button is imporant, as these skills are not "clickable" and therefore game takes it like Force Move action.

For clarifications: how this build works.

- If you have at least one stack of Bone Armor active with Inarius 6-piece set bonus, you'll gain 15 yard radius autodamage aura. If you start dealing damage within 15 yard (the tornado range), all this damage will be increased by 3500% (I6 bonus) and you'll keep damage bonus on Damage over Tme effects even if monsters leave your tornado range for 3 seconds

The aura itself does little damage (doesn't get benefits from 6pc Inarius bonus itself!). Also, refreshing Bone Armor itself too often is not that important, as it's damage is not too great, so any Bone Armor Skill bonus is pretty much a wasted stat. Of course you want to have max 15 stacks (pretty much given, if you're bit careful from the start), because you'll get much higher damage reduction from Wisdom of Kalan amulet and little bit bonus movespeed too.

- autodamage applies your Damage of Time effects: Toxin gem and can (if it crits) apply Pain Enhancer gem (which is major part of the damage output). It's really important to stack critical hit chance to have higher chance to apply PE.

- Your Aura of Frailty will apply autocurse for every enemy within 15 yards (besides killing anything below 15% HP). This will give you damage bonus for Trag'oul Fang and damage reduction for Dayntee's belt. Eternal Torment passive ensures that any monster you curse, will stay Frailty cursed for at least around 3 screen range.

- cold runed Bone Armor will apply slow with Lost Time offhand (in addition to provide movespeed bonus) and this ensures Bane of the Trapped and Kyrsbin 100% bonud damage even outside BoTT radius

So TL;DR, you move through any mob, the get cursed (Fang, Daintees), slowed (Lost Time) for complete BoTT gem uptime and Krysbin first part (100% dam increase), applied DoT-s to them (PE/Toxin) and all this DoT damage gets multiplied by other factors (reilena's, other skills, pylons etc). For RG-s you can add simulacrum (double damage with Reilena's as it'll double your Essence pool) and full krysbin (300%) with Land of the Dead. You'll get some full 300% Krysbin thorough the rifts too (from enchantress and speed pylon for example), but it's not that reliable. Also, with autoconsume from Devour/fueled by death and autoslow from lost time you'll get tons of movespeed. And then you add steuart boots for insane movespeed.

And that's it, you dont cast any skills (except Bone Armor refresh) manually, you just move through mobs and you deal automatic passive, aura-like damage. Damage that's greatly amplified multiple damage bonuses (6pc set, BoTT, krysbin, fang, reliena, CoE, etc).

This is not a GR pushing build and will probably hit a wall at high 80-s (i remember doing a GR83 at about 7:30), but it's very handy TX13, bounties and gem-ups, especially as this is very smooth and "relaxing" build.

Gameplay TIPS:

* level up your Pain Enhancer as high as possible. This is majority of the damage.

* if you feel your elitekilling is a bit slow, swap Simulacrum (it's occasional anyway) for Bone Spirit (Possession rune is best for meaty Krysbin 300% bonus), but it'll make your gameplay a bit less lazy and adds a bit of "mashing". Bone Spirit has greaty synergy with autodevour, so you'll have plenty of charges.

* you're most vulnerable at the start, where your Bone Armor stacks haven't yet reached 15 stacks. You can start your rift with enabling Land of the Dead and gathering some "free" stacks while others are frozen. If you don't want to waste LotD, then Blood Rush into the middle of the biggest pack and activate Bone armor ASAP (Potency gives you ton of armor for short time too)

* Don't STOP. as simple as that, you don't need to stop other than picking up items (Death Breaths, legendaries, mats). The more you move, the less damage you'll take.