VIdeo: Season 12 Support Necro build

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  • Frailty Early Grave
  • Bone Spear Crystallization
  • Land of the Dead Frozen Lands
  • Devour Cannibalize
  • Blood Rush Metabolism
  • Corpse Lance Brittle Touch
  • Final Service
  • Life from Death
  • Stand Alone
  • Blood is Power


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Gogok of Swiftness
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin
    • Iceblink

Kanai's Cube

  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
  • Aquila Cuirass
  • Briggs' Wrath

How to gear up a Support Necro?

1) get MAX CDR on ALL your items. if it's not MAX CDR, just salvage the item (unless you really dont have the choice)

2) get attack speed on every item ( rings, weapon, gloves, amulet). this will allow you to refresh land of the dead faster.

3) get Strengh on your gear, 2K+ ( easy from leoric, strongarm, vigilante belt). As a reminder , strengh = ARMOR.

4) you can swich some items around, for example equip a good aquila, and cube the workship gloves ( get pestilence gloves instead).

5) Augments : augment with strengh gems. you will get vitality easily from paragons.

FREE TIPS : gearing a Support Necro shoudnt take you more than 2 hours : get leoric crown/strongarm/rings/aquila/ in geom / stormshield /vigilante from another class is EASY.

the hardest part is to get perfect CDR and attack speed on the items of course......

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Movement Speed
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find

Build Guide

Hi everyone,

On the back of many demands, I finally decided to create a Znec build and explain some tips to improve your xp efficiency.

First of all, I'd like to thank this Russian streamer ( will replace by his name when I will remember who he was :D) to have shown to everyone than this Znec build was viable for ratma speeds, before everyone started to play it.

I want to thank Lumines, Misatoz, Titou and Advol who were patient enough to test some things, especially when we found that strongarm+ pull ring combo. PRETTY PROUD of that ;)

I will list the mandatory things you have to do to be a descent Znecro:

1) make sure to be under land of the dead as close as 100% UPTIME. globes = DPS = everyone is safe and everything is getting killed before it gets nasty ( arcane spawns etc..).

2)Apply the curse as much as u can, on trash if possible, on elite 100% ( especially the juggs). Unless your dps overkill the mobs, you should get the kill.

I will explain later on why EARLY GRAVE is the best option, but if you struggle to refresh land, play with THE AURA. will be easier to refresh.

3) spam your devour button : most of the Znec are using a macro, I'm spamming the button ( and cry at the end of the day).

What you need to do to be a GOOD Znecro :

1) You are the leader of the team : other players, especially the DPS, need you. Hence, you will give the rythm, either to skip, or kill trash/ elites. You need to have a good experience of the mob type, and know when it's worth to stop or not ( easy example : do we stop on this juggernaut? narrow area + arcane ? or do we kill him because my dps have simulacrum up/power pylon etc?).

2) PYLON MANAGEMENT : since YOU will be ahead 90% of the time, DON't BURN stupidly a pylon spawn if you know that your ratmas dps are gonna make the progress you are missing to get this pylon ( aka, 25% first pylon, you are at 22%....)...

3) Refresh land before killing a pack and GET IN GEOM effect : this is a very useful tip : if you have the opportunity, always refresh land before you know u'r gonna have an in geom proc, hence you will have 16-17 sec of CD instead of 30 ish on LOTD.

BEWARE : as a reminder, the best gameplay should be : curse ( pull for strongarm), then pop LOTD to get krysbin effect ( 300% dps).

4) DONT CURSE the mobs/elites if your dps are too far away : cursing = STRONGARM effect = 30% additive dps for 5 secs, and 5 sec only. if you pull them and your dps are coming in 4 sec after, it's RIP. delay the curse if you need to, when your dps are close to you, curse.

reminder : your group should always play together, this is not TXIII...

How to become a GOD Znecro?

only a few players in Europe are able to be REALLY GOOD and keep all the following points in mind while running ( ofc, it's ratma runs, no one wants to THINK, just faceroll).

1) HAVE AN EYE ON THE PROGRESS BAR: how many players I see just focusing an elite while at 99% progress instead of easy trash right next to you? COMMUNICATE, tell them to focus trash. playing ratma dps needs more focus than support since you also want to survive. you are support, this is your job to drive them.

typical example : DONT change map if you can finish where you are( aka, 98%+ progress, just kill trash... open your eyes ;). Changing map is bad for a Znec since you loose bone spear stacks.

2) COMMUNICATION : this is KEY :

- when to skip or not ( you don't skip much on ratma runs, especially with excellent players and good DPS).

-Pylon management : tell the barb not to burn pylons if not needed yet.

-be sure that your 2 ratma dps have a nice simulacrum rotation, don't let them pop at the same time and have downtime.


this is way harder to play with early grave, but it's totally worth it.

-mobs will die at 18% life, not 15%. free 3%.

-you don't need to position NEXT TO the elite. you can be 'anywhere'. which means, you can select the best spot on the map ( which is most of the time in an open spot, and/or next to your dps that they get globes). on top of that, you wil spawn more globes.

-Avoid being next to mobs can save you from bad affixes, like fire chains, arcanes.... no one needs to be at melee ;)

-you can curse a SPREADED PACK : a blue pack, like trees for example, are impossible to curse with the aura. thanks to Early grave, you will be able to curse the whole map without any problem.

-you can curse 2 PACKS : position yourself in the middle, curse the pack on the left, the one on the right.... easy life

-you will get MORE ingeom proc : after testing, I can tell you that I'm getting WAY MORE in geom procs with early grave since there are more chances to curse minions from yellow elites.

-make your group safer with the curse ( explained below)

4) MAKE YOUR GROUP SAFER : Early Grave allows you to curse the mob in front of you, and it will help a lot to cc mobs, avoiding them to attack your dps ( especially the succubus, spear mobs...). I noticed a big improvement in our speed since our dps stopped proccing from *** like that.

5) POSITIONNING : as I said, always go for open area, you will spawn more globes.

6) last but not least, USING EARLY GRAVE LIKE A BOSS : once you know by heart how much is your pick up radius and how much you are gonna pull, I'm trying to do something VERY difficult but HIGHLY rewarding : pulling stuff AWAY from the yellow, so the dps can easily target him. it takes me sometimes 2 curses, but its VERY VERY GOOD and can make u save some time. this is ofc situationnal, but since you are a bit ahead of everyone, you have sometimes 1-2 sec to play like that. ofc, if power is up, just pack everything on a single pixel, it will disappear anyway ;)

I will update this build if I have other points coming into my mind.

We are atm running 105 speeds in season with an average of 2.10/run. please give me feedbacks, if you can run faster I will be more than happy to change our builds/gameplay to go even faster ;)

if you have any question, do not hesitate to jump in : twitch/hoxango