Inarius's cursed scythe (GR 70 clear)

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  • Grim Scythe Cursed Scythe
  • Skeletal Mage Singularity
  • Blood Rush Metabolism
  • Bone Spirit Panic Attack
  • Bone Armor Dislocation
  • Frailty Aura of Frailty
  • Stand Alone
  • Final Service
  • Rigor Mortis
  • Swift Harvesting


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Simplicity's Strength
    • Moratorium
    • Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver

Kanai's Cube

  • Reilena's Shadowhook
  • Depth Diggers
  • Convention of Elements

Looks like i did it guys! I finally made a build on my own that did a GR 70! (Note i have never done a GR 70 before but specifically wanted to design my own build to do it) I know it might share some similarities to other builds but ultimately the only thing other builds influenced is choosing Mirinae over Bane of the powerful. I needed the healing to keep me alive. I manged to do a GR70 with just over 5 minutes remaining and only 3 deaths. I don't really know how to do a build guide but i just focoused on CHC and CHD as well as max essence. Beyond that the skills and items speak for themselves.

Gem levels with GR 70 Moratoriam 55 Simplicity's strength 52 Mirinae 52

PS you don't even need to pay attention to CoE rotation. I imagine you could do far better if you did.

Switched to Nayrs, bone spirit-panic attack and rigor mortis passive i found that the guranteed 300% damage bonus most of the time from Nayrs was far more beneficial than the roughly 150% damage bonus of reilana, even if it occasionaly got boosted to 300%ish with simulacrum-reservoir. Oh that and Krysbins gets the bonus from enemies slowed by Rigor mortis, as opposed to only getting it if i luck into decrepify on cursed scythe or when i hit bone armor.
Doesn't help for the GR rift pushing but i found swapping Mirinae for gem of effucious toxin helps clear entire floors on T10 faster for DB farming. Just walk through them and let the gem dot them doin (given it is applied by bonestrom and bonestorm increases ALL damage done by the necromancer, which seems ot include the gem)

I have only managed a GR 74 at this point, still tweaking the build and upping gems Not sure if there is something i can do to up the build significantly but i do find it fairly enjoyable. I might swap Moratorium for some testing that way.

Paragon Priorities


Maximum Resource
Movement Speed
Primary Stat


Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction


Life Regeneration
Resist All


Area Damage
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

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