Support Necromancer (zNec) globe generator [2.6.0]

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  • Frailty Aura of Frailty
  • Bone Spear Crystallization
  • Corpse Lance Brittle Touch
  • Devour Cannibalize
  • Land of the Dead Frozen Lands
  • Blood Rush Potency
  • Stand Alone
  • Rigor Mortis
  • Blood is Power
  • Life from Death


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Gogok of Swiftness
    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin

Kanai's Cube

  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander
  • Aquila Cuirass
  • Lornelle's Sunstone

There are a lot of choices with this build, and this config is just one... use it as a guide, and tailor it to equipment you have...

Some highlights:

  • - In an optimized build, CDR will be rolled on every slot possible. Land of the Dead (LOTD) is a 120 second base cooldown, and you must minimize it as much as possible.
  • - You want VIT and some INT across your gear.
  • - At least some of your non-Necro-specific pieces should have STR or DEX, instead of INT, to increase your armor.
  • - No piece should have Area Damage, or you will cause needless lag in high density.
  • - Gems in your chest and pants should be RUBY or EMERALD for STR or DEX, to increase your armor.
  • - Gem in Helm should be DIAMOND for CDR.
  • - Captain Crimson's Thrust set gives an additional 10% CDR.
  • - Pestilence 2-pc bonus fires a corpse lance, which inherits the Brittle Touch rune on your bar, debuffing the enemy and making it easier for your dps teammates to kill.
  • - Pestilence 4-pc bonus gives you additional damage reduction.
  • - Amulet should be the best you have, with CDR. If a Hellfire, with a helpful 5th passive like Final Service.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Maximum Resource
Primary Stat


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find
Area Damage
  • - Area Damage should be set to zero, even if you leave points in that category unused. Otherwise, you will cause needless lag in higher densities.
  • - CDR is the most important stat.
  • - Movement Speed and VIT are also important

Build Guide

This is a zero-damage (zdps) support build, viable in groups only, intended to support one or more Rathma Skeleton Mage Necros wearing Reaper's Wraps, to help them generate essence for Skeleton Mage=>Singularity. I've run this build successfully at GR100.

Land of the Dead also imposes control on the battlefield, and keeps yourself and your teammates alive at higher GR levels.

Note that this build will be nerfed in the next patch [2.6.1]. I haven't tested it in the PTR to see whether the limit is strict enough to kill it. When playing it now, there are more than enough globes, and it will depend on just how strict the limit is... From the patch notes:

  • Life from Death -- Added a maximum threshold on the number of health globes that can spawn in a given time.

Playing the build:

  • At the start of the run, place Devour on auto-cast.
  • Stay a screen ahead of the dps, and execute LOTD to freeze monsters.
  • While LOTD is in effect, spam Corpse Lance to generate globes, and move around to apply freeze effect to additional monsters outside of initial freeze effect zone.
  • After LOTD ends, spam Bone Spear, to proc Obsidian and reset LOTD cooldown. This will also debuff the enemy.
  • Activate Blood Rush every 2 seconds, to renew the Potency armor buff, and to stay out of the way of monsters. Try to teleport to globes, in order to aid your Rathma teammates, and keep your own and their health full.

My thanks to Viduo, for helping me tune this build, and learn to play it effectively...