Hyped Up LazyStorm

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  • Frailty Aura of Frailty
  • Corpse Lance Brittle Touch
  • Blood Rush Metabolism
  • Land of the Dead Frozen Lands
  • Bone Armor Dislocation
  • Decrepify Dizzying Curse
  • Blood for Blood
  • Final Service
  • Dark Reaping
  • Stand Alone


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Pain Enhancer
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin

Kanai's Cube

  • In-geom
  • Aquila Cuirass
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

This is my take on trying to make Lazystorm faster for T13. There are some tweaks you can make for toughness or more damage.


-Replace Nemesis bracers with Ancient Parthan Defenders (Bone Armor-dislocation and Decrepify-dizzying curse stuns mobs constantly to proc the bracers).

-As a bonus, Krisbin's triple bonus damage is also almost always procced the same way.

-Since you are dishing out Decrepify anyway, Dayntees damage reduction is also almost always procced as well.

-Lastly, I use unity when soloing near GR70, but in groups, I switch to Briggs Wrath for pulling all the mobs to one spot for ease of clearing.


-Using Nemesis is my preference (not exactly damage, but obviously helps with clear times)

-Trag'ouls Corroded Fang's bonus damage will be up always, with 2 curses running.


-Aside from what's written above, Blood rush in and Bone Armor the 1st big density pack. Non-elites will be near death already. Run in small circles till it all dies. This build is tough as hell, but you still can't just stand there and take tons of hits. Upon encountering elites, pop your Land of the Dead and Corpse Lance them down. This is really not even required, since the gem damage will likely kill them with out corpse lance. The Rift Guardian will likely require said combo to kill fast. Remember the following if nothing else: If your BoneStorm isn't hitting enemies, your corpse lance will tickle the mobs nuts instead of killing it. This is a up close and personal build (but it is tough enough for that purpose also).


-I use lidless wall for the 20% block. Toughness you can't get from a phylactery, and they have the same stats generally speaking.

Good Luck!

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Max resource won't do you any good here. FYI

Build Guide

A very fast sub-75 Lazystorm Build