Rathma God GR 100+ Solo S11

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  • Bone Spikes Sudden Impact
  • Skeletal Mage Singularity
  • Command Skeletons Frenzy
  • Decrepify Dizzying Curse
  • Bone Armor Thy Flesh Sustained
  • Frailty Scent of Blood
  • Overwhelming Essence
  • Extended Servitude
  • Spreading Malediction
  • Final Service


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Enforcer
    • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard
    • Bane of the Trapped

Kanai's Cube

  • Reilena's Shadowhook
  • Tasker and Theo
  • Krysbin's Sentence

Paragon Priorities


Maximum Resource
Primary Stat
Movement Speed


Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Cooldown Reduction


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Build Guide

Full pet build using the Rathma Set. (Work in Progress) - Check back for updates!

Tested at P800, GR 80 Cleared with ease, also a great beginner build for S11. Also unlike most rathma builds this one super tanky and huge pet dps!

Huge 200K + Life regen per second! So you regain all your health pool super quick in like 3-4 secs!

Get essence rolls on weapon and paragon for more dps from Shadow hook in cube. 0.5 damage boost per 1 point , the cap is 310 essence.

Essence is generated super quick from Shadow Hook in cube and ofc bone spikes.

On this build you can push forward through mobs and hunt down the elites for faster progression, rather just hanging back killing all trash, be in the thick of combat, so your stuns from bonespikes, dizzing curse proc your ancient APD Bracers for massive toughness boost in 20 yards!

Rotation is, Bone Armour! get those 10 stacks up asap for defence (30%) and the HUGE healing regen!, command skeletons to get the 400% damage bonus!, Decrepify to debuff (80% DR 30s) MAGES! Alternate between bonespikes and mages and get 10 out asap for full damage , once at 10 mages spam bone spikes to ramp your essence to 100% to recast mages that will be super charged lich lords! and BOOM!

Changed Simulacrum to Frailty scent of blood for better overall dps , just better overall clears this method , and no waiting for 120s cooldown on Simulacrum, also SM passive can be changed for Draw Life passive, was hitting 500k Life regen per 1s !

Capable of going GR100+ once geared correctly.

For even more tactics and gameplay please refer the video!

Have fun in sanctuary !

Tony x

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