Holy Hammerdin GR100+

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  • Blessed Hammer Limitless
  • Falling Sword Part the Clouds
  • Iron Skin Flash
  • Provoke Too Scared to Run
  • Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force
  • Akarat's Champion Prophet
  • Fervor
  • Finery
  • Holy Cause
  • Indestructible


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Stricken
    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Gogok of Swiftness

Kanai's Cube

  • Faithful Memory
  • Hammer Jammers
  • Convention of Elements

Gems = All diamonds except weapon of cause.

Listed here is a MAXIMUM DPS setup to push highest rank possible. Toughness of crusader comes from high armor and massive recovery. However, if you are not augmented, you will be lacking armor, and so, very squishy. Don't you worry though, we can compensate it with Unity.

This way you are instantly doubling your damage reduction.


1)if you don't have both Faithful Memory AND Furnace, you can temporary use Akkhan's Addendum in cube and switch to Hasteful rune for more wrath recovery/extra speed. But in my opinion it's not worth it. Getting Faithful Memory ASAP is much more important. Second best option is good old Furnace.

2) If you don't have a good Johanna's Argument, but have a really good AKANESH, THE HERALD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS or SKYCUTTER, you can equip any of these and have Johanna in cube. This way you will boost your holy damage, and partially compensate a loss of Faithful Memory.

Legendary Gems:

The only decent option is to use Esoteric instead of Gogok. But you need a lot of CDR to keep Prophet up all the time.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Damage
Critical Hit Chance
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Area Damage
Gold Find


CDR-> chd/chc

all res->life

loh->rcr->area damage

Build Guide

In 2.6.1 the build became much stronger with neary doubled damage.

Hammerdin was a king of season 4 and one of the most powerful builds in Diablo 2 as well. I am glad it is still good! And not only good, but actually very powerful.


1) Allres is VERY important for Crusader.

2) As much CDR as possible.

3) For life recovery: Life on Hit on BRACERS, Life per Wrath spent on SHIELD or weapon. If you have over 50% CHC, you can also have Life on Hit on helm, gloves or rings. If you have Life Per Wrath spent on weapon, i strongly recommend to run Unstoppable Force rune. Much smoother.

4) Weapon is pretty much the HIGHEST DPS you can find, with life on hit or CDR (LoH is more important).

5) High CDR = your second life with permanent Akarath's Champion "Prophet" rune.

6) The build has high damage and toughness against single target, but very squishy against multiple enemies.

7) You need to cast Falling Sword every 8 seconds to proc damage reduction of 4pc bonus.

8) Hammers Jammers are being procced mostly by the belt. When you land with Falling Sword the belt casts Judgement and immobilizes enemies for 6 seconds AND applies a powerful -40% Debilitate debuff. You can use Flurry FS rune as well, but i prefer the stun rune at all times, cause immobilize and stun are different "control imparing effects",and it's important against powerful mobs who quickly develop immunity, like RG.

Overall, what rune you use: Rapid Descent, Part of the Clouds or Flurry = does not matter. They are all good.

9) Falling Sword damage is pathetic and is not to be considered at all.

10) Most wrath recovery comes from constant uptime of Provoke and Unstoppable Force.

11) Always try to stand in Oculus ring. Jump in there with Falling Sword, if you can't reach it by foot.

12) You can try the Critical rune of the Law for maximum damage. For TOP clear you will most likely need it (this is what was used for highest clear on top of the LBs)

13) In 2.4.3 new Juggernaut elite affix is introduced. It cann be immobilized/stunned/affected by any CC, so you cannot proc Hammers Jammers, Bane of the Trapped does not work, etc etc... And you do pathetic damage to this type of elite. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Skip all Juggernauts.

14) Always fight in density and watch your Faithful Memory stacks, do not fight trash if stacks below <5. Drag elites to trash mobs.

15) Since we switch Furnace to Faithful Memory - single elites and especially single Rift Guardians will take TWICE MORE time to kill now. Also keep in mind that Rift Guardians CANNOT BE IMMOBLIZED, so that's why it takes a lot of time to kill them. Your ideal situation is to make huge progress across the rift and also be lucky with an RG like Saxtris or Hamelin.


One of the biggest problems with Hammerdin is it's squishiness. It's quite fragile, and playing without a huge pool or armor and augments can be a pain, especially in higher grifts where even recovery does not help at times. Like i mentioned above, using Unity is the first and best option to improve toughness. And the rest of tougness comes from different skills.

1) Invincible instead of Critical/Unstoppable Force. Massive Life on Hit gained

2) Laws of Justice - Decaying Strength instead of Critical/Unstoppable Force. Massive -60% debuff. Along with Debilitate you will have a -100% debuff.

3) Provoke - Cleanse, even more Life on Hit.

4) Iron Skin - Steel Skin, even longer damage reduction


1) Wrathful instead of Holy Cause. Will give you a tonn of recovery, especially if you have a lot of Globe bonus and don't have Life per Wrath spent somewhere else.

2) Blunt instead of Holy Cause. About 8-10% more damage, but you are losing that 1% life recovery. Good choice if you already have a tonn of recovery stacked.

Thank you!