[S7 2.4.2 HC] Fire UE Multishot GR78+

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  • Evasive Fire Focus
  • Multishot Arsenal
  • Companion Wolf Companion
  • Vault Tumble
  • Preparation Invigoration
  • Vengeance Seethe
  • Awareness
  • Thrill of the Hunt
  • Ballistics
  • Cull the Weak


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Zei's Stone of Vengeance
    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Bane of the Powerful

Kanai's Cube

  • Dawn
  • Visage of Gunes
  • Convention of Elements

Hello, timoseewho here. Season 7's finally here and unfortunately with very little class changes not counting the ones made to Spike Trap that somehow got botched to no one's surprise. The only thing that affects us is the Companion:Wolf nerf from 30 to 15%. Again, I'll be sticking to the Unhallowed Essence set this time around, but I still foresee LoN/S2M2 ending up being top dogs. I'm currently on 78 and a #14 spot with this setup. This guide will be awfully similar to my previous one since there really weren't any major changes for this class.

Skip to Build Guide below if gearing isn't an issue and you just want some tidbits on playstyle.

Here are my profiles, battle.net and diabloprogress

AD - Area Damage
AR - Resistance to All Elements
BotP - Bane of the Powerful
BotS - Bane of the Stricken
BotT - Bane of the Trapped
CDR - Cooldown Reduction
CHC - Critical Hit Chance
CHD - Critical Hit Damage
CtW - Cull the Weak
EF - Evasive Fire
IAS - Increased Attack Speed
IHR - Increased Hatred Regeneration
LoH - Life on Hit
RCR - Resource Cost Reduction
SA - Steady Aim
TotH - Thrill of the Hunt
ZSoV - Zei's Stone of Vengeance

Yang's Recurve (Bow) - % Damage / Dexterity / Discipline
This is a must-have item for this build even if non-ancient. An ancient Yang's beats any other weapon in ancient form for UE. This is one of the 3 slots where Discipline is required. There are extremely rare scenarios where a damage range enchant will outweigh the Discipline roll, but it's really rare. It goes without saying though that damage range is important since a ton of stuff scales off it, including Conduits. As for the extra primary, I recommend having either Vitality for added toughness or AD for more damage. LoH to is a viable option here to counter reflect affixes. I like my Vitality especially with an ancient roll since it can go up to 1000. Sometimes it may be unclear if a damage range, damage%, or a Discipline reroll is best, so that's where Meto's rerollcalculator comes in. rerollcalculator doesn't have support for Discipline calculation, but the general rule is 1 Discipline ~= 1.2% damage unless there's absolutely no Discipline to be found on gear, in which case, is bad practice. Philosophios' spreadsheet has a more detailed Discipline calculator.

Dead Man's Legacy (Quiver) - Dexterity / Increased Attack Speed / Critical Hit Chance / Cooldown Reduction / Multishot / Discipline
This is a very key item for a few reasons, it's one of the few slots where CDR can be obtained without sacrificing too much and Discipline can be rolled. I like my DML's to have at least 85%+ Multishot% and 55% passive. Like the Yang's, it's absolutely necessary to have Discipline here, even at the risk of not having CDR. Also like the Yang's, I like Vitality here if ancient.

Unsanctified Shoulders (Shoulders) - Dexterity / Vitality / All Resistance / Cooldown Reduction
I highly recommend having CDR here as the other damaging primary's (RCR, AD) aren't as important. Feel free to fill the other 2 stats with mitigation (AR, Life%, Armor), it won't hurt too much.

Accursed Visage (Helm) - Dexterity / Vitality / Critical Hit Chance
Ever since the introduction of the new DML with its massive Multishot% roll, the value of Multishot% on the helm has gone down due to its diminished value. Having CHC here is a given, it's not a choice between Vitality or Multishot%.

Cage of the Hellborn (Cloak) - Dexterity / Vitality / All Resistance / Discipline
This is the last slot for Discipline. IHR isn't all that useful now especially with Yang's and Vengeance. This is a good slot for a chunk of mitigation.

Fiendish Grips (Gloves) - Dexterity / Vitality / Critical Hit Damage / Critical Hit Chance
It's a player-preference whether or not this slot should have CDR, but keep in mind that having CDR here is a chunk of lost Vitality. The CHD/CHC here is necessary. I recommend keeping Vitality if this slot happens to be ancient.

Hell Walkers (Boots) - Dexterity / Vitality / All Resistance / Multishot
This 15% Multishot% is required. If there's movement% here, keep that in mind when plugging paragon points into Movement.

Hellfire Amulet (Amulet) - % Fire / Critical Hit Damage / Critical Hit Chance / Open Socket
The most important thing with the Hellfire is to make sure it has a useful passive, otherwise the ammy is as good as any other non-Hellfire ammy. There's not much wiggle room for optional passives here, on the Hellfire, the passive choice is either any of the four listed above or SA. Getting that perfect Hellfire won't be easy, in terms of priority with stats here, I'd rank CHD>Fire%>CHC>>>Dexterity.

Focus/Restraint (Rings) - Dexterity / CHD / CHC
A very good set, essentially doubling your damage. The ring slots aren't a bad place to squeeze in the CDR needed for Vengeance uptime. On ancient rings, damage is worth more than Dexterity if that's an option.

All the skills are set in stone unless Cindercoat is cubed for a more yolo-y approach, then going Trailer of Cinders for Vault is more beneficial. Going Hardened on EF is also a possibility, but not a very good one.

UE suffers from a lack of passive choices. Awareness is needed to not die instantly, Ballistics for the huge rocket damage, TotH to proc both CtW and BotT (both massive multipliers), and Ambush. SA was buffed last season to be a separate multiplier and was highly desirable. On paper, the math works in SA's favor greatly, but in practice with all the herding, Ambush is more beneficial overall (Ambush is an ~8% damage gain going up to 11% with a perfect DML). The most unfortunate part so far is that we still need a means of proc'ing CtW/BotT, making TotH necessary. The only time TotH can be swapped out is in groups when there are other classes/roles providing it, making room for Ambush. Archery isn't terrible, but not good either.

ZSoV and BotT are both awesome legendary gems due to the nature of their damage being multiplicative. The third gem can either be BotP or BotS. BotP also received a hefty buff this patch making its damage multiplied as well as added mitigation from elites. BotS really shines at higher Greater Rifts when the guardians take a substantially longer time to kill (75+).

Emeralds are preferred everywhere except for the helm where a diamond is necessary to help with Vengeance uptime. It's also fine to use diamonds in the chest/pants for some toughness. It's fairly obvious that dexterity is the go-to for augmentations and no, the legendary gem used for the augmentation transmute doesn't matter.

Cube Passives
Dawn is what gives the chance at getting 100% Vengeance uptime so there's no argument here. Visage of Gunes helps with some added toughness when Vengeance is up (which is why it's super important to have good Vengeance uptime). Other options for armor cube include Cindercoat or Magefist, but that really kills toughness. Convention of Elements is a huge source of damage, with immune necks being the only thing I'd replace it with if anything at all.

Softcore Changes (or a more yolo-y approach!)
For softcore, Vitality may be ignored on a few slots to make room for more damaging slots such as AD instead of Vitality on bow, AD/RCR instead of Vitality on quiver, Multishot% instead of Vitality on helm, AD/RCR instead of toughness stats on shoulders, IHR instead of toughness stats on cloak, and AD/RCR instead of Vitality on gloves. The damage gained from EF% on legs and movement% on boots are so minimal that keeping the respective toughness stats is a better tradeoff.

Awareness can also be dropped to make room for Ambush or Archery (only if it's on the HfA). I can recall a few progression rifts where I don't even pop Awareness, so it's doable without.

Lastly, cubing Cindercoat to reduce spell cost is also perfectly viable, but this is also dropping a ton of toughness, so keep that in mind. Magefist is also an option, but the value of fire% goes down considerably if both bracers/neck have fire%.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Damage
Critical Hit Chance
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

First thing, get Movement to 25%, remember to take into account the movement% from boots if they have them. 10% on boots is 20 points saved and in turn 100 Dexterity gained. Afterwards, just dump it all into Dexterity.

Make sure to get the CDR necessary to help with Vengeance uptime (usually requires all 50 points), then maintain a 10:1 CHD:CHC ratio. For instance, with 350% CHD, the target CHC is ~35%. Don't ever roll CHD or CHC off to one another to hit that ratio. IAS is mediocre at best. Here's a breakpoint table for Multishot, but it's not really that important.

Dexterity already gives armor so no need to put points into it immediately due to the diminishing effect. I like to have AR/Life%, then some regeneration for downtime recovery. Armor isn't absolutely useless as it provides overall damage reduction. Normally, AR is the go-to toughness stat and if needed, diamonds add extra toughness in the cloak/pants, no shame in that, diamonds save lives.

I like to go with LoH first to get some regeneration going, as little as it is, afterwards I go for AD then RCR. There's more than enough RCR from Vengeance and Yang's.

Build Guide

Assuming cubed Dawn, an additional ~37% sheet CDR (remember, CDR diminishes) is needed from helm gem, paragon points, or gear to reach the lucrative 100% Vengeance uptime. With 12.5% CDR from Flawless Royal Diamond in helm, and 10% CDR from paragon points, an additional 20% CDR is needed from gear to achieve near-100% uptime on Vengeance (extremely small downtime). Absolute 100% uptime on Vengeance will require 21% CDR from gear for 36.67% CDR. To be a little safer to account for latency, getting slightly more than 37% CDR is preferred for 100% uptime. Ideally, CDR is obtained from the quiver, shoulders, and either bow, gloves, or rings. It's all about the tradeoff, with the quiver and shoulders, there's very little tradeoff to get that CDR, but with gloves, the tradeoff is a good chunk of potential Vitality and with the rings, CHD or CHC (NEVER GET CDR ON AMULET). Vengeance is AWESOME, immunity to crowd control (bye bye vortex, knockback, fear, frozen, jailer, and even go uninterrupted while teleporting. Remember, ONLY the cc portion, the damage portion still goes through), get all the hatred regeneration with Seethe, synergy with 6-piece from UE, and extra toughness when combined with cubed Visage.

Now, the num lock trick, ever wonder how streamers perfectly hit their abilities right as they come off cooldown? Or seem to be able to hold down a channeled ability forever? Well, they're basically setting an ability(s) to autocast with the help of the numpad. Say I'm capable of 100% Vengeance (have the CDR necessary) and want to just set it and forget it, all I have to do is bind my Vengeance to NUMPAD(1-9) (whichever is most convenient), make sure my num lk is currently on, then hold the numpad key my Vengeance is bound to, hit the num lk key, and let go of both, voila! Vengeance will not automatically cast whenever it's available. Keep in mind that this will interrupt actions like identifying legendaries and townportaling. Is this a bannable offense? No, Blizzard knows about it and will allow it.

Again, I'll just go over some things to be looking out for in the UE playstyle:
- MEMORIZE the Convention of Elements rotation, it goes fire, lightning, physical, cold, fire, lightning... know when fire's coming up and plan accordingly.
- Make sure to go into fire CoE rotation with enough hatred to spam Multishot and only Multishot, which is ~100+ (more depending on attack speed). Being in a good position entering fire CoE is crucial as well since any additional movement is lost damage. Also, remember to fire off an EF prior to entering that 4 second window to get both Focus+Restraint and Wraps of Clarity buffs.
- Avoid being capped on hatred unless entering fire CoE.
- Learn how to herd mobs from room to room outside of fire CoE, even if that means going ahead a couple of rooms to gather them up. The ideal scenario is to round up a nice clump of mobs to mow down during fire CoE and this includes elites/champions.
- Time Companion with fire CoE. Always try to make to get it in for the cold as well to double dip with EF. Using Companion halfway through physical will still allow the buff to be up for the whole duration of fire CoE.
- Keep an eye on Vengeance, keep it on cooldown.
- Don't waste time going 1 on 1 against a skeleton or worm.
- Always be shooting or Vaulting.

Some notes below:
1. Each point of discipline isn't an additional 40% Multishot damage unfortunately. Discipline is additive with itself, going from 80 to 82 discipline is a (100+82*40)/(100+80*40)=1.0242=2.42% (100 for base damage of Multishot) gain in Multishot damage, not 80%. Think of it this way, going from 0 Discipline to 1 is a 100% gain, but going from 1 to 2 is only 50%.
2. To extend on #1, Focus+Restraint is superior to the Manald Heal / Stone of Jordan / Endless Walk ring combo setup (even after taking the elemental% and elite% into account), for the reasons above. Focus+Restraint is a 125% increase in damage (ie. take sheet damage, and multiply it by 2.25. Sheet damage doesn't actively reflect off the F/R buff).
3. The damage bonus from the 6-piece is based on current Discipline, not overall, so use Preparation to top off Discipline after continuous Vaults.
4. The element type of a bow's damage range doesn't matter (ie. getting it to X-Y Fire Damage will not make fire-based skills deal more damage).
5. The reflect affix will slowly become a problem past 70 and there's not much we can do about it right now besides running a sustain-esk potion (ie. Bottomless Potion of the Leech), wearing a Star of Azkaranth, or running a sustain/mitigation passive like Leech/Perfectionist, all of which I don't recommend except for the potion.
6. It's hard to say how much time should be spent on elites/champions, but considering each progress orb is worth 1.15% according to Warpath's monster progression chart, a rough calculation tells us that elites should take no more than a little over 30 seconds and champions 40 seconds.
7. The bow/quiver/cloak must have Discipline one way or another, even at the risk of keeping an absolutely useless stat like Sentry% on the cloak.
8. Aim for at least 13%+ CDR from gear alone for a comfortable Vengeance uptime.
9. Lastly, Perdition, Cold Snap, and Eskandiel are among the most challenging guardians, so either pay a lot more attention during those encounters or just leave.

Ps. Do not neglect followers as a geared follower can really help provide crowd control. The ideal follower setup is a Thunderfury/Eun-jang-do with lightning damage, Freeze of Deflection (if Templar), The Ess of Johan, Wyrdward, Oculus/Justice Lantern (if Templar), and the undying relic. AS/CDR is highly desired on follower gear, more often than not, in place of damaging stats like CHC/CHD. I've opted for the Enchantress for more crowd control, longer leash range, and easier to hug behind. The Templar provides more healing, but resets too easily (approximately the 20-25 yard range), rendering it useless. Lastly, Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band does NOT proc Templar's Intimidate ability. Getting a Thunderfury, Ejd, or FoD can be tricky. There are a couple ways to go about obtaining said weapons, such as upgrading rares via the Kanai's Cube or simply asking for them when rifting with classes who have these items as part of their natural loot table (ie. Barbarians, Crusaders, etc.). Most importantly, Oculus' passive also received a buff, standing in it now is a HUGE damage gain, but pay attention to where it lands because it usually drops on top of clumps:P. There's more or less a way to manipulate where the field spawns, which is by dragging a weak mob from herd to herd, then killing it to spawn a field in a more ideal locale.

Pps. Feel free to add me at timoseewho#1824 to help you out with enchants, grab a powerlevel, or what have you. I have a community going currently for hardcore seasonal DH's, but anyone is welcome to join.

Ppps. Don't be scared, push your limits, but learn when to pull back and stay safe bro's!

timoseewho out!

RIP#1(GR79): I played far too aggressively and Vaulted into a Death Maiden's swirl to proc Awareness, then proceeded to play through it fighting an elite off-screen (was one of those revenant melee guys so I figured I was safe). Turns out the elite had teleport and teleported onto me for a 1-shot:P. I have a terrible habit of not hovering over elites to find out their affixes as I engage since I normally just figure it out as I go, I guess that'll have to change!