2.4.2 Flash Fire max GF 1,2b+ gold/h TXIII +Youtube clip

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  • Shock Pulse Piercing Orb
  • Storm Armor Scramble
  • Explosive Blast Chain Reaction
  • Diamond Skin Prism
  • Teleport Calamity
  • Frost Nova Frozen Mist
  • Audacity
  • Evocation
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Illusionist


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Boon of the Hoarder
    • Wreath of Lightning
    • Bane of the Trapped

Kanai's Cube

  • In-geom
  • Goldwrap
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur


The goal of this build is to get as many and as big gold stacks as fast as possible - using a flash fire build combined with golditems replacing firebirds.
going with TXIII soon, my best guess is we're seeing 1m+ gold stacks.
Till now 1,5 billion an hour with this build on TX is regular; and i bet we get at least 2,5 billion an hour, if not a lot more, once TXIII is live.

In order to farm TXIII as you farm TX, you will need:
ancient augmentation on all items with at least rank 80 pr gem, giving you 5200 int. (13x400)
20% fire dmg on amu/bracers

You can farm TX quiet fast without any augmentation or %fire dmg, and 20% firedmg start to kill really fast where elitepacks start to die instant on TX.


For build to work, you need at least 50% cdr, more is very welcome - if needed, possible on rings, going for 8% cdr instead of cdmg/atsp
This build won't work if you don't have Wand of Woh for 1h wep, and, In-goem, Goldwrap and Ring of Royal Grandeur for the cube.
You will also need Tal's set 5 piece, or else you simply won't do enough dmg. We allready removed Firebirds, and can't be done with less dmg.

max % GF on everything but the weapon. (note: 80%gf on amulet)
Leoric's Crown can have the secondary stat to 35%, and gem effect in socket by up to 100% extra, will give us 82% gf.
Remember those 35%gf AND 100% gem effect in helmet.
Boon of the Hoarder rank 50
20% fire dmg on amu/bracers really speeds things up
10% cdr and 10% dmg on wand of woh

Meteor skill dmg on helm and boots - this helps alot insta killing when you meet an elite pack to start with, = getting first In-goem buff quickly
Explosive Blast skill dmg on shoulders, chest and fixed on 1h wep
Shock Pulse skill dmg on Belt and Legs - Though it might be considered to roll armor instead
if offhand has the 8% elite dmg, that is just gonna make elite die even more instant

Shoulders: You craft the shoulders, Corruption, at the blacksmith.
Costing a act 1 & 4 bounty mats, you will need to complete bounties in order to get them.
Not only are the shoulders bounty required, you also need them to roll all four primary stats right, since secondary stats are pre-choosen.
They are fixed with 7 yards pickup range, and a globe/potion+ stat. So you will need to reroll that globe/potion stat to 35%gf,
leaving you with no other option but to craft a ancient corruption, with high int, 8cdr, 15%meteor dmg, and if lucky, with 20% area dmg.

Averice Band can only drop in a bounty cache from act 3.
Ring of Royal Grandeur for the cube, can only drop in a bounty cache from act 1.

atsp ~ cdr - both rings need int, crit chance, socket and gf.
I would recomment that the last stat on one is atsp, and the other cdr. the cdr from the gloves can be changed aligned with cdr/atsp from rings.

i believe it functions like this:
more attack speed results in even more explosions pr. sec. - which will not do well if the cooldown is not down yet.
more cooldown reduction would make the skill ready faster, but the attack would be performed slower.

therefor, i would put cdr on one, and atsp on the other, so these two stats work together more smoothly.

Gold pickup yards
hands, belt, legs, all can get perfect gold stats - 35%GF and 2 pickup yards.
Those yards are not extremely important; requires even another stat to be perfect rolled for the whole item to be perfect,
where enourmous amounts of time and ingredients will be consumed. Just for those extra yards.

Those yards only help as gold-streak-initiate-flexibility, as if needing allready a extra stat to be perfect rolled wasn't enough, because we need all the
gf%. Then again, it just speeds things up, as the long pickup yard range triggers even more instant on the Averice Band ring

gems: emerald in head and wep, rest topaz

Here is a link for the perfect stat roles which includes (paragon lvl 1000):

2,8m general dmg --> that goes to arcane-, cold- and lightning meteors +shock pulse
3,9m fire dmg of pure insta ever repeating explosions + the heavy fire meteor
53%+ cdr, which will grant us a really aggressive build rotation initiate
64% crit chance, which is more than the 50% to start to see a lot of crits
380% crit dmg, which is quiet a fair amount
17k+ int
450k+ max hp
~17m toughness

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Gold Find
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit

GF max most important

remember to check if you have movementspeed on boots/bracers, and not waste para points on %MS.

I don't use any para points on vit, nor max resources.

You only need to be strong enough to kill something before your Diamond Skin runs out. when build is not running at all (no skills used),

i can easely get 1hit from a lot of stuff. but before anything else happens, you collected a stack of gold, and are invincible.

just make sure your movement speed reaches the 25% cap and rest para points in int

VIDEO note: I took my char in PTR on TXIII and honestly, it went awful. Nothing got killed, No gold picked up, and i simply died.
At the time i had no % fire dmg, nor any augmentation at all.
Half of my items weren't ancient either. (i believe being at least plvl 1000, with full ancient augmentation and 40% fire dmg the build can grind TXIII.

Therefor, i decided to do the video on TX instead.

This is what it looks like when you're having a good floor. Not counting any gold goblins, Gold streaks can go over a 150 million a floor some times..

Build Guide

Playstyle: Flash Fire Wizard

so, for you that don't know this build, even that the odds are that you do.
anyway, i'm gonna try to explain it shortly

Keep storm armor up for a little extra movement speed, and initiate all 4 elements dmg as you approach the first enemies,
best if those first once are elite.
To proc the in-goem buff, which will trigger the instant-cooldown function of the build, you can do the following:
Find the nearest elite pack or a shrine pylon to spawn one.
Just keep in mind, in terms of timing and clearance speed: Shrine/Pylon = elite pack.

All members of the elite pack must be killed in order to proc the in-goem buff. Yellows pack's incl. minion type elite mobs must be killed.

Once obtained, the In-goem buff will stay 15 sec; this is insta-exploding-time. this is where you have no cooldowns.
Spam Explosion blast, Diamond skin, and Frost Nova, and use Teleport at least once every 8 sec's,
cause that's where tal's meteor for each element's cooldown is done.
Just as with teleport, use shock pulse every now and then, as it's the lightning trigger.
Chances are, you use teleport 1 - 2 times every 2 seconds, and close to 2 times a sec when travelling (assuming In-goem is active ofc)

Trigger: Lightning, Fire, Cold and Arcane all trigger their element on Tal's set;
i/e Cold dmg triggers the cold meteor to drop, and also gives you 1 out of 4 "Tal Rasha's Elements" buff.

Explosion Blast
is your main dps, and the fire trigger.
Diamond Skin is the initial survival, and while active reduce arcane power cost by 9. (The reason why we spam it while exploding)
Teleport explains it self, but is runed to do dmg, and therefor is the arcane trigger.
Frost Nova is the cold trigger, but also triggers the Bane of the Trapped Legendary Gem, which is a HUGE dmg increase.
Shock Pulse is only used for the lightning trigger.
Storm Armor is to keep up every 10 min, and simply gives us a little movement speed, helps clear things even faster.

Those 15 sec are also the time, before you have to do one of the following to regain the buff:

All Elite packs killed procs the in-goem buff
As do all kind of goblins killed
(except the ones dropping from Greed while fighting him in the vault)
As do rift bosses killed
As do rare unique and purple name mobs killed

Your initiate survival is Diamond Skin, and before that is gone, you should have the first few piles of gold collected.
Collect a few stacks of gold and you are invincible, just keep an eye on the gold streak counter in the bottom right cornor.

As long as you can see 100k gold or more on the counter, you're completely invincible to everything. Except for movement impairing effects.
Your belt gives you same amount of armor, as you collect gold. = 100k gold stack = 100k armor = invincible -> for 5 seconds.
Therefor, going for a boss, you might wanna w8 a sec or two collecting that extra gold pile, for you to be invincible the whole bossfight.

Keeping a pet out, helps you continously collecting pile after pile, while you standing still while mobs come waving at you at dense spots.


To max your gf to the absolute max, you can take a follower; the templar for example,

who can taunt, slow, stun, freeze, and most important of all, pull enemies together (with the right gear),
and add ~50% gf to the stat that is around 15k% in the char details.

templar relic > follower never die ofc., (follower spicific items can't roll gf)

rings and shield with 35% gf, amu and 1H wep with 80% gf.

80+80+35+35+35 = 265 / 5 = 53 flat % gf
You gain gf % of the gf stats on your follower; however - you only gain 1/5 of what the items stats are.
and those gf% are flat % added to the %gf stat in the details of the char stat sheet.
Meaning that if the gf stat in character details would be 15000% gf without a follower,
you would then have 15053% gf showing in the details while the follower is hired.

(note: You can get 57% gf if you use Kymbo's Gold; however, your follower won't be able to pull enemies together.
It's 4% out of 15000%, and therefor it won't really be that big a difference)

shield, would be Freeze of Deflection, with 35%gf, and adds the freeze effect to the templar

amulet; i would recommend The Ess of Johan, with 80% gf ofc, and 80% to pull enemies to target.

wep can be one of the two rolling up to 80% gf, Devil Tongue or Sun Keeper

rings, one could definitely be a Nagelring, giving you 10% mf; again the 50% would be divided by 5.
For the other one, i haven't really found anything better than what so ever, just make sure both rings have the 35% gf.

To roll items for your templar, or other followers, you can simply create a new char with the right main stat.
So i made a lvl 1 barb to gain full lvl 70 access to my str rolling pool at the blacksmith.