Inna's Pet Speed Farm Solo Monk 2.4.1

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  • Way of the Hundred Fists Fists of Fury
  • Inner Sanctuary Forbidden Palace
  • Cyclone Strike Implosion
  • Breath of Heaven Blazing Wrath
  • Dashing Strike Radiance
  • Epiphany Desert Shroud
  • Determination
  • Seize the Initiative
  • Unity
  • Beacon of Ytar


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Enforcer
    • Pain Enhancer

Kanai's Cube

  • Flying Dragon
  • Nemesis Bracers
  • Convention of Elements

Not using Ring of Royal Grandeur (RoRG) for this build, so raw 6-piece Inna's set is required, minus the boots which are swapped for wearing The Crudest Boots to give us our 10-ally army.

Shoulders: There are several options, which I've listed. I personally prefer Lefebvre's Soliloquy to help speed farm higher GRifts while keeping myself alive.

Wrists: Some combination of Nemesis Bracers and Bindings of the Lesser Gods. Whichever you have better stats on, wear; cube the other.

Jewelry: I personally prefer wearing Endless Walk set (The Traveler's Pledge amulet + The Compass Rose ring) and Unity, while cubing Convention of Elements. If you don't have good rolls on your EW set, you can swap in a Hellfire Amulet and Convention of Elements and then cube Overwhelming Desire. If you go with a Hellfire Amulet, I would recommend Alacrity for the fifth passive. (Remember, Unity for solo runs is used because when it's worn by you and your follower and your follower also is wearing their special item with the "Follower cannot die" legendary effect, this acts as a 50% damage reduction for you, which in this build allows us to farm higher GRifts with less fear of dying.)

Normal Gems: Diamond in helm, Emeralds in everything else (including weapon).

Stats: Dexterity > Vitality > Critical Hit Chance > Attack Speed >= Critical Hit Damage > Mystic Ally Damage > Way of the Hundred Fists Damage > Holy Damage

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Critical Hit Chance
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Damage
Cooldown Reduction


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Core: Remember that unbuffed Movement Speed (MS) caps at 25%, so to maximize your Dexterity in the Core Paragon section, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have all of the gear you want for this build equipped and enchanted the way you want
  2. Reset your Core Paragon Points to all zeroes
  3. Go to your Inventory, click the Details button, scroll down to the Adventure category near the bottom of the list to see what your current MS is
  4. Subtract that number from 25 to find out how many points you need to add to cap your MS (e.g., if you currently have 10% MS, you would need to add 15% to reach MS cap)
  5. Go back to your Core Paragon Points section and add exactly the number of points you need to MS to reach the 25% cap
  6. Add all of your remaining Core Paragon Points to Dexterity (remember that you can Shift-click the plus button to add 10 points at a time)

Offense: CHC > AS > CHD > CDR

Defense: AR > Armor > Life Regen > Life

Utility: AD > LoH > RCR > Gold %

Build Guide

The name of this game is farm exp, gear, and gem upgrades as quickly as possible by running GRifts as high as we can as fast as we can. This is not for pushing solo leaderboards, nor for group speed runs. To do this quickly and easily, we intend to maximize our Mystic Ally's (MA's) damage as much as possible by buffing their damage and attack speed and debuffing mobs' damage taken and movement speed.

One thing to watch out for: your MAs will not always stay with you. If you run far enough away, they will teleport to you eventually, but if you Dashing Strike through one group of enemies and start meleeing a second group of enemies at the point you dashed to, your MAs are likely to stay on the first group and if you're in a position such that your Cyclone Strike doesn't affect the first group (you dashed into a second room or through an elite Waller's set of walls, or whatever), then your MAs won't benefit from the 200% damage boost to those mobs and those mobs won't have 30% damage taken debuff from your Inner Sanctuary. The end result is your MAs will take longer to clear that first group while you're stuck soloing the second group and your overall dps will suffer and time to clear the GRift will increase.

My general strategy with this build is to use Dashing Strike primarily for movement and run when it's not available. I use Cyclone Strike on every mob I encounter and let my MAs quickly destroy the smaller packs (1-10 mobs) while I keep moving to the next group and let my MAs run/tele to me. For larger groups and elites, I will stop momentarily to debuff everything and get the Pain Enhancer stacked up, and the resulting explosion is very satisfying. :) If I dashed into an elite and it's not dead before the AS buff wears off (4 seconds), then I will Dashing Strike in place to pop the AS buff again for another 4 seconds to finish it off. This usually only happens when the elite or elite pack is in a large group of mobs so my MAs are distributing their damage all over the place, which means I'm spamming Cyclone Strike and everything is dying faster from the Dashing Strike AS buff anyway.

Keep in mind any buff applied to you and any debuff applied to mobs has its effects scaled by a full order of magnitude because of your 10 MAs (plus your follower to a lesser extent).

Always be on the lookout for Nephalem Glory Globes, and after finding your first one be sure to pick up every Health Globe afterwards without backtracking too much (i.e., don't waste time going out of your way to grab 1 Health Globe, but a side-step on your way to the next group of mobs would be considered necessary). With the GRift run times at less than 5 minutes and the speed with which you're destroying packs of mobs, you should easily be able to chain one Nephalem Glory Globe all the way to the end of the GRift.

For this build, I like bringing my Enchantress for the always-on 3% AS buff (Level 30 Skill: Focused Mind). Secondarily, her level 25 skill Erosion on a 15-second CD to debuff enemies with an additional 3% damage taken is handy when it lines up on an Elite or RG. Thirdly, her Level 15 skill Charm will very rarely charm an elite mob to fight for you, which can be nice.

This is my first build I've published here and it's mostly for my own notes, but since I hadn't seen one like it yet I thought maybe others could find some benefit. Any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement would be greatly appreciated! With this being my first guide here, it's highly likely I've overlooked something and I believe healthy, constructive debate has a lot of potential for improving processes.