The Frog-Cat Helltooth (no fetishes) WD Support - group grifts 100+ (updated on 8/3/16)

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  • Piranhas Frozen Piranhas
  • Haunt Poisoned Spirit
  • Spirit Walk Severance
  • Hex Toad of Hugeness
  • Mass Confusion Paranoia
  • Big Bad Voodoo Slam Dance
  • Bad Medicine
  • Spirit Vessel
  • Swampland Attunement
  • Grave Injustice


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Iceblink
    • Mutilation Guard

Kanai's Cube

  • Henri's Perquisition
  • Leoric's Crown
  • Xephirian Amulet

Hey DiabloFans readers, i would like to present my own version of the wd support for 4p grift 100+: the frog-cat helltooth wd support!

Here i will describe the use of the listed items.

First of all, you need 3 pieces of Helltooth set. They guarantee a 50% damage mitigation for the wd and a 20% damage buff for the dps of the group (the delsere twister wizard).

Aquila cuirass gives the wd a further 50% damage mitigation for almost all the time.

Nemesis bracers allows you to evoke elites, fundamental mobs to clean grifts with the new meta.

Oculus and Obsidian ring are the classic rings for any support!

Illusory boots allows you to move through mobs without problems when you don't have spirit walk active.

Your weapon, last breath, is important to minimize the cooldown of mass confusion.

Your mojo, thing of the deep, is very useful to quickly pick up health globes produced by monk and barb support.

Grin reaper mask is useful to better spread some abilities.

Haunting girdle allow the wd to spread one more torment with a single cast.

Hellfire amulet gives you a fifth passive (Tribal Rites), which allow you to minimize the cooldown of vodooo.

As regards the items in the kanai cube, leoric's crown is used to minimize the cooldown of all the abilities and royal ring is fundamental to obtain the helltooth 4 pieces bonus.

The real news of this wd support variant is Henri's Perquisition mojo.

Why put it in the cube? Because of the great damage mitigation (80%) it gives every time a mob hit for the first time your wd.

You are probably wondering why not simply wear a stormshield and put the thing of deep in cube.

The answer is that the thing of the deep could roll maximum mana as secondary stat and with a decent quantity of reduced resource cost or mana regeneration you can drop the rush of essence passive (that in the classic wd supp build allows the wd to maintain active the aquila cuirass bonus) for tribal rites.

Essentially, to allow the build to work very well you need:

- last breath with vitality, cdr, reduced resource cost and maximum mana;

- thing of deep with vitality, cdr and reduced resource cost or mana regenaration and maximum mana.

Also remember to maintain reduced resource cost on obsidian ring!

Another thing: i suggest to have lightning resistance as secondary resistance on various items, because the lightning affix is the most dangerous for a wd support. (Read the update below please!)

As regards legendary gems: esoteric alteration is fundamental to survive, mutilation guard gives further nice damage mitigation (and in this configuration, we can maintain this gem instead of gogok!) and iceblink (through frozen piranhas) gives the group 10% additional critical hit chance, that means a lot more damage for the wiz and more globes produced by the other supports.

UPDATE 8/3/2016:

I change few things in the build to make it even better!

First of all I replaced the Jinx rune of Hex with Toad of Hugeness, for the great helping in pulling mobs around wizard's twisters.

As regards items, I already said that lightining affix is the most dangerous for wd, so if you want to go higher in grifts, you should put xephirian amulet in the kanai cube!

To do so, you need to replace the Oculus ring (monk and barb already put it in their builds, so it is not fundamental for wd) for the ring of royal grandeur.

For the Caldesann upgrade, I suggest to divide the upgrade in this way: half of the ancient items with more vitality, the other half with strenght/dexterity (= armor), this because thorugh paragons we continually receive a lot of points in vitality but not more in armor (when we surpass para 800).

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Maximum Resource
Primary Stat


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find
Area Damage

In the core section, put movement speed until you reach the cap of 25% (together with boots). You should put also maximum resource to allows this build to works better.

In offence, the important thing is to maximize cooldown reduction.

In utility put resource cost reduction and life on hit, NOT PUT AREA DAMAGE, if you want to avoid as much as possible lag in grifts! You must have 0 area damage on equip and paragon points!

Build Guide

How to use this build?

Like classic wd supp builds, your main role is to buff wizard with your abilities (vodoo, hex, mass confusion, torment, piranhas) and pick up as fast as possible health globes produced by monk and barb support.

Let's see the details!

Starting with vodoo, with this build we have 2 passives that minimize its cooldown: grave injustice and tribal rites.

Always prioritize the vodoo cast when the wiz has stacked his twisters and there are elites or big group of bar progress mobs.

As regards mass confusion, it is better wait one moment before cast it on mobs; wait that the wiz has stacked his twisters and the other support has pulled mobs around, so you create less problems on grouping mobs (remember that there is diminishing return on crowd control of mobs...).

Another update: You have to cast hex with Toad of Hugeness rune in the zone where the wizard twisters stacks, so that frog could help to better pulling mobs!

Cast piranhas in the zone in which the twisters are stacking and NOT SPAM torment, if you spam (without rush of essence) you will consume all the mana. You just have to cast torment every 3-4 sec to allow it to spread well and to maintain bad medicine effect.

When you play, put attention at your mana, if you play well you will have a very good uptime of aquila cuirass bonus.

Spirit walk with severance rune is great to fast pick up globes and allows you to quickly scout for monsters in various situations.

Regarding passives, bad medicine gives the group 25% damage mitigation.

Spirit vessel gives you a second life and so avoids oneshots.

Swampland attunement is a very good damage mitigation for the wd in large groups of monsters.

Grave injustice not only allows the wd to constantly minimize the cooldown reduction of the abilities, but also regenerates your mana for every monster death!

Tribal rites gives a further 25% cooldown reduction on your vodoo, hex, mass confusion, that is very good especially in single target fights (boss fights for example).

The wd is the support that have to take pylons; not take them immediately: wait that the wizard has perfectly stacked his twisters and then take the pylons.

Also remember that a pylon maintained for the boss means (especially if this will be a single target boss): wiz area damage effects, more globes produced and the buff of the pylon itself.

Always remember to stay careful on elites lightning affix, it hurts a lot; it's better to stay away when this affix appears and only enter in melee range with spirit walk to cast the buffs (not necessary if you apply the update 8/3/2016)!

Last thing: why not use kukri? because fetishes creates problems on pulling mobs!