Phalanx Commander (Petsader) 2.4 TX/Bounty/GR68+

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  • Shield Glare Divine Verdict
  • Judgment Resolved
  • Laws of Hope Wings of Angels
  • Phalanx Bowmen
  • Akarat's Champion Hasteful
  • Steed Charge Nightmare
  • Heavenly Strength
  • Finery
  • Long Arm of the Law
  • Lord Commander


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Pain Enhancer
    • Enforcer

Kanai's Cube

  • In-geom
  • Leoric's Crown
  • Eternal Union

5th passive: Holy Cause
Gems: All rubies with a diamond in the helm and an emerald in the weapon.
Cooldown Reduction: 50% is ideal, not much more or less (~2%)

1-Hander vs 2-Hander:
You don't want to use a 1-hander when DPSing with this build, always a 2 hander. After a certain point, additional APS becomes meaningless because of an 18 frame cap on Bowmen. You don't want any more than 3.15 APS when you multiply your character's APS by the Tasker bonus. Considering that you want to be trying to 1-2 shot enemies, the 2 hander is going to be more valuable. 3.15 APS is very hard to achieve without Laws of Valor, so this is why things like Tal's chest, Lacunis, and Strikers aren't included in the gear list. Furthermore, Warzechians are needed for speed and Aquila is needed for toughness. 2.40001 APS is the BP you want to try and reach. Additionally, the decrease in DPS going from a 2 hander to a 1 hander is about the same difference as going from 24f Bowmen to 18f Bowmen.


This build is primarily for TX, bounties, and early augment gem leveling.

You are going to want at least 11-12 ancients, around 15k STR, and at least 48% CDR for the build to really start steamrolling TX in solo play.
How fast can the build get? Currently (2/19/16) it beats 3 out of 4 LoN Bomb saders. ;D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20418543014?page=1

Warhelm of Kassar - 60% multiplicative bonus to avatars
Deathwatch Mantle - Any ancient shoulder could go here, but I like the additional damage from the LoN buffed FoK procs.
Hellfire Amulet - Any well rolled amulet could go here, but the extra passive is nice on the HFA.
Aquila Curiass - This chest lets the build skimp on vitality and go for more damage on TX/GR45-55.
Warzechian Armguards - No need for Iron Skin:Flash with these bad boys, 50% speed boost when breaking stuff.
Tasker and Theo - The legendary bonus is practically the amount of DPS you're gaining. Don't try this build without them.
Harrington Waistguard - In TX and Bounties there's so many clickables, and in 4 player splits, having an immense damage boost really helps out.
Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan - 25% damage boost that's always active because you never have to stop moving.
Fire Walkers - These pack quite a punch with the LoN bonus and are not to be underestimated. They also help open doors and destroy breakables by adding an additional tick of damage under your feet alongside the Steed Charge ticks.
Wailing Host and LItany of the Undaunted - It's a Legacy of Nightmares build.
Baleful Remnant - I like this more than The Furnace or Heart Slaughter for a few reasons. First is that it has a higher APS, making the APS breakpoints and cap easier to achieve. Second, the spawned avatars help clear large packs of trash more efficiently and dispatch single targets faster. They also provide more CC because there are more avatars running around. A purely subjective reason, I like to use the class' signature weapons.
Unrelenting Phalanx - Spawn twice the amount of Bowmen. 100% damage increase on Bowmen.

In-geom - Who needs a Swiftmount when you have an In-geom? It is practically 100% uptime on Steed Charge without Endurance at 50% CDR. Additionally, Laws and Akarats come off CD much faster as well, boosting your damage and speed.
Leoric's Crown - Helps get to the CDR goal a bit easier.
Eternal Union - This is more of a quality of life choice. It also extends the life of your Baleful Remnant avatars to 30 seconds. Although you can run Convention of Elements, it's only active 25% of the time, which isn't that helpful when you're trying to one shot everything. Avarice Band is great for gold farming, but you'll be casting Bowmen 3 times as often.

Shield Glare: Divine Verdict - This provides a 20% damage boost to all of your, and your group's, damage. It also procs Trapped and deals a small amount of damage that can crit, causing Pain Enhancer to proc.
Judgment: Resolved - 20% increased chance to crit for everyone and procs Trapped.
Laws of Hope: Wings of Angels - This makes you and your whole party move unhindered, 50% faster, and grants a shield which is crucial for swapping to Krelm's in bounties.
Phalanx: Bowmen - Pew pew pew pew pew pew!
Akarat's Champion: Hasteful - Since survivability isn't an issue in TX, more damage is better. With IAS on the weapon and near max IAS on TnT, the Hasteful rune should be all you need to get to the 2.40001 BP.
Steed Charge: Nightmare - Like the Firewalkers, it does quite a bit of damage with the LoN bonus. As mentioned above, it also procs stacks of Firestarter.

Bounty Setup:
Use Steed Charge: Endurance. Use Swiftmount and Krelm's when running to bosses or level 2 clears. When clearing, switch back to 2 hander and Harrington (clear all monsters) or Witching Hour (boss).

Augment Gem GR Setup:
I am now running GR 55s with Nems and Witching Hour equipped, Akarat's Champion: Firestarter, and Laws of Valor Critical. Blast them out in ~2 minutes.

GR Capability, Gear, and Skill changes:
I can do GR 65s comfortably in 10 minutes with near BiS, augmented gear, and I completed a 70 with 2 seconds left. You could probably get to a 72 to 73 at the max if you wanted to fish a little bit and had completely optimized gear. The main issue with the build is that you cannot direct the damage and its survivability is lacking. In the GR build I swapped out to diamonds for all res, Prophet rune for Akarats, Laws of Valor:Critical in place of Laws of Hope, Indestructible instead of Holy Cause, and Furnace instead of In-Geom. I tested Convention of Elements in the cube and it appeared to have more consistency in clearing capability at 67-68 than the Eternal Union. However, without 10 more avatars running crowd control, it was more squishy.

Alternate Considerations:
Laws of Valor: Critical - Use this if you are in a situation where you need more damage instead of mobility. This law really helps if you're shooting for the BP cap of 3.15 for higher GRs. If you are going to use Laws of Valor, always make sure that you cast the Law before you activate Bowmen because they snapshot your APS when cast.

Falling Sword - Not recommended. The only reason to use Falling Sword is the situational mobility of jumping over walls. Other than that, the damage is poor and the avatars from the Rise Brothers rune are less powerful than your avatars from the Baleful Remnant. This is a problem because not all the avatars are able to swing away at a single target. Falling Sword: Rise Brothers has the potential to nerf your avatar damage.

Bombardment - Not recommended. Compared to your Phalanx damage, Bombardment pales in comparison. Take the Impactful Rune, 3320% weapon damage. Sounds good, right? Since the build doesn't run anything that buffs Bombardment, that's about where it ends for the damage. The Bowmen only do 185% per arrow, but let's add everything up. 185 x 2.1 for % Phalanx, x ~1.35 for Enforcer x 1.6 for Kassar helm x 8 Bowmen = 6713.28% weapon damage in a single volley of arrows. Bowmen will fire around 3 arrows per second. And that's only your Bowmen, not including the Baleful Avatars running around. I'd rather take the Shield Glare or Judgment to buff the avatar damage instead. Same goes for using Belt of the Trove, I'd rather buff the avatars for up to 135% bonus damage or add more IAS and CHD than have Bombardments every 6 seconds, which will probably miss most targets since enemies will most likely already be dead by the time they come down. This is the other issue with the skill, the travel time. If the impacts were instant, it would probably have a place in the build.

Zei's Stone of Vengeance - Not recommended. This does not work nearly as well as one might think because it is based on the avatar's distance from the mob, not your distance. The bowmen will not try to be at max distance, and the baleful avatars always have to be in melee. Most trash is dying in one or two hits anyway, so the only enemies of concern are elites. However, since we are using Nightmare and Firewalkers, it is ideal to be making fire trails underneath the mobs for the additional damage and Trapped will proc its bonus for all of your avatars. Additionally, Shield Glare and Judgment also count as cc effects. Aside from the trash you're leaving in your dust, all other enemies will get the full bonus from Trapped. There isn't enough elemental damage to generate diminishing returns with Enforcer. Pain Enhancer is a powerful DoT that will finish off mobs, gets applied by Shield Glare since it does a minuscule amount of damage that can crit, and gets the build close to the APS cap for Bowmen.

Bane of the Stricken - Not recommended. Bowmen don't proc Stricken. Even if they did, this gem is primarily useful in GRs when fighting RGs with limited single target capability. That's fine and dandy, but that is where this build excels, single target. Without stricken, the rift guardians in 67-68 still melt in around a minute or less.

Bane of the Powerful - Not recommended. Due to the additive nature of the gem, it encounters some hefty diminishing returns because of Hexing Pants and Akkhans. It pulls only about 11-12% additional damage instead of 20% because of the other additive sources. Although the 15% to elites is nice, it certainly doesn't beat the bonuses from Enforcer or Trapped.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Gold Find
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction

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