GR90+ Support Demon Hunter

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  • Entangling Shot Chain Gang
  • Multishot Wind Chill
  • Shadow Power Shadow Glide
  • Companion Wolf Companion
  • Sentry Guardian Turret
  • Spike Trap Echoing Blast
  • Blood Vengeance
  • Numbing Traps
  • Perfectionist
  • Awareness


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Iceblink
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin

Kanai's Cube

  • Odyssey's End
  • Wraps of Clarity
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Get Cooldown Reduction where you can (not necessary on EVERY piece available as Obsidian Ring is cubed)

Get Resource Cost Reduction where you can to keep Aquila Cuirass active (over 90-95% Hatred)

**using the Blood Vengeance passive will restore hatred, but Multishots and Spike Traps need constant casting and without the max hatred increase from Blood Vengeance and paragon points, one cast could dip you below your threshold for the Aquila's damage reduction**

Stack Vitality, % Life, and All Res where possible (armor over life regen if you have to)

Chest and Leg gems should be Diamonds for All Res

Head gem should be Amethyst for maximum life (can use diamond but with Obsidian Ring it shouldn't be necessary)

Weapons should be Gifted and have Amethysts socketed for Life On Hit


**being a support spec, if you get ideal or close to ideal rolls, it may make sense to roll an unnecessary secondary stat to Pickup Radius --- the Corruption shoulders will grant 7 by default, but 1 or 2 pickup radius on a few pieces is noticeably helpful**

5th Passive choice if wearing a Hellfire Amulet is recommended to be Tactical Advantage as the extra mobility makes pulling mobs from ahead/behind and gathering health globes more efficient. This is personal preference, and a more offensive amulet like Overwhelming Desire or a more defensive amulet like Eye of Etlich or an Elemental Immunity amulet can be used (Xephirian Amulet recommended because lightning-enchanted mobs produce super-slow, super-OP lightning charges in your Wizard's bubble)


If you find a piece that has area damage, rule of thumb is to ALWAYS roll area damage off, even if there is another stat you don't need (i.e. shoulders with area damage and rain of vengeance damage on them should ALWAYS have area damage rolled off, even though RoV isn't used)

Area damage can cause massive lag and annoying lag spikes that are unnecessary - the overall damage from your Area Damage is next to nothing, but the server calculations and potential group-wipe capability is real!

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Maximum Resource
Primary Stat


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find
Area Damage


Max your movement speed to 25% depending on what you already have from your gear

Max out your Maximum Hatred to allow a buffer for Hatred not dipping below 90-95%

All other Core points should go into Vitality


Max Cooldown Reduction

Max Attack Speed

Max Crit Chance

Max Crit Damage


Max All Resists to help against Elemental Affixes

Max Life % to add to your health pool

Max Armor next - it normally has less value than all resists or life % (due to dex on gear)

Max Life Regen


Max Resource Cost reduction to further assist in maintaining Hatred

Max Life On Hit to recover life when there are little or no health globes for healing

Max Gold Find just cuz

DO NOT PUT ANY PARAGON POINTS IN AREA DAMAGE - area damage for support classes is useless as it doesn't outweigh the high risk of lag during large pulls/groups of mobs, as well as lag from certain affixes and pylons

Build Guide

This whole Support Demon Hunter build revolves around buffing allies, debuffing mobs, pulling mobs ahead or behind, and slurping up all that good health globe JUICE!

  1. Use Wolf on cooldown
  2. Keep a Guardian Sentry on the Monk's Inner Sanctuary at all times, or in any area you or your allies may take damage
  3. Multishot every 3 seconds to keep mobs debuffed with Iceblink as well as the 15% crit chance for your allies from the Wind Chill rune
  4. Spike Trap every 3 seconds to keep mobs debuffed with Iceblink as well as the 20% damage amplifier for your Wiz from the Echoing Blast rune - this also will keep your Numbing Traps passive activated for 25% damage reduction from effected enemies
  5. Use Entangling Shot as your filler, focusing on any Rift Guardians, Elites, and large health pool mobs to keep them debuffed with the Odyssey's End 25% damage amplifier - this will also keep your Wraps of Clarity's 35% damage reduction active
  6. Use Shadow Power at least once every 8 seconds to keep the Elusive Ring's 50-60% damage reduction active (It's also recommended to use Shadow Power for more mobility, as the movement speed from the Shadow Glide run (5 seconds) and the Tactical Advantage passive (2 seconds) will help move from pack to pack, pick up red orbs, as well as move ahead or behind to aggro monsters to your group.)


Initially, the playstyle may feel a bit confusing as you try to keep track of all the debuffs and buffs for yourself, your group, and the mobs - but it will become habit to move, buff, debuff, grab orbs - rinse and repeat. The details are listed above, but generally you want to move with, or ahead, of your group -> guardian sentry when your position is chosen and/or when Monk Sanc goes down - Spike Trap->Multishot->Entangling. Shadow Power-ing for mobility between packs will keep your Elusive Ring active when you engage, and it will become second nature to use it while gathering health globes, pulling trash mobs, or generally moving from affixes. Use Wolf always and on cooldown - num lock winning!



Hellfire Amulet is not necessarily needed, although survival isn't normally an issue, even when getting into GR90+. Overwhelming Desire is a good offensive ammy to use, although the charm effect on the mobs can be quite annoying for positioning or used by another support class

2pc Unhallowed Essence

  • After trying multiple armor choices for gloves/legs/belt, I found that 2pc Unhallowed Essence was best as the 2 Hatred and 1 Disc per Entangling Shot help keep both resources up while orbs are sparse - like Rift Guardians with no adds, or finishing off that Yellow mob.
  • You CAN use 2pc Marauders for all the companions, although it often hinders the group due to the pets attacking random monsters and keeping them from grouping as well as activating the Companion on your bar, as the Spider slows enemies to a crawl and the Ferrets nom all orbs all at once. The positive to this is you can then use Zoey's Secret for a big toughness bonus (with or without Cloak of the Garwulf)
  • You CAN also use 2pc Captain Crimsons for the 10% cdr, although with Obsidian Ring cubed, you don't really need the cdr - you would end up replacing String of Ears for Captain's Belt, and most likely wearing St. Archews Gage in your gloves slot.


Its recommended to wear Elusive Ring and Oculus Ring so you can get the rolls you're looking for. Obsidian Ring can be equipped if you don't have both Elusive or Oculus. With Obsidian it would be recommended to roll off crit chance for a socket, but attack speed will always remain and isn't sought after.

Main-Hand / Off-Hand

Calamity and Helltrapper are the recommended 1h'ers to use, Calamity being the main choice. Other bows can be used here if you don't have both well rolled 1h'ers, as well as Stormshield for a more tanky build. It's not recommended to use a 2h Bow like Odyssey's End, as your damage doesn't matter, and your attack speed will suffer, effecting all of your skills and abilities making it less smooth and more clunky. Cube Odyssey instead.


  • Shadow Power can be substituted for a lot, usually Vault or Smoke Screen for mobility with Tactical Advantage, or even another buff like Marked for Death. Shadow Power with the Shadow Glide rune gives the best mobility for the longest time per cast (5 sec) and can easily be swapped for the Gloom rune if more personal damage reduction is necessary.
  • Entangling Shot can also be substituted if you want to run a build with no generator (in which case you'd change the Odessey's End in the cube as well as the 2pc UE) or just a build where you rely solely on resource regen and/or health globes with Blood Vengeance. This would remove the Odessey's End debuff on mobs, but allow another cubed weapon as well as an open skill slot on your bar.

Legendary Gems

Although Iceblink and Esoteric Alteration will be go-to gems for your jewelry slots, you can swap out Efficacious Toxin to Moratorium to avoid getting one-shot (normally moving between pulls)


  • Don't slurp all the health globes at once, normally you want to grab 2-4 orbs at a time, this way your wizard is always getting resource from what you gather and is not full on resource when you pick up the globes
  • Use force move and force stop to keep mobile or stay stationary while using your normal rotation
  • For larger pulls you can throw 2 or 3 spike traps to cover an area the mobs are in - but be smart and don't waste hatred on mobs that won't be hit by your Wizard within 3 seconds
  • The zDH's main job is to collect health globes for your Wizard, but you're also in charge of pulling more trash mobs to your party. Don't pull everything all at once or the trash will all die too fast and no juice will be left for the elite/champion, TRICKLE!
  • Always try to buff your allies and debuff mobs before leaving your party when heading for more mobs or to relocate and setup at the next pull. Recast your sentry if needed, make sure to hit Shadow Power on your way out, aim for red orbs on the way to fill up your Wiz while you're out, and shoot back a multishot while you leave to buff your Wiz' crit for the 3 seconds you're gone


You definitely, definitely CAN run Solanium in the cube to produce orbs for your party, although it's rather unnecessary. If you want to run Solanium in the cube, you're primary stat will then immediately change to Crit Chance, you'll wear Stormshield with your Calamity so you can gain toughness as well as Crit since no quivers give any major benefit. It's advised to use the Archery passive talent to add an additional 5% Crit chance.

With that said, it's almost unnecessary for the zDH to run a health globe generating build, as the monk and barb spawn the majority of the globes and the zDH becomes the mobile class focused on retrieving the globes and spending the most time away from the engaged mobs while not buffing or debuffing.

If you have any questions or for any discussions you can find me daily at www.twitch.tv/totes_mahgotes

GR98 Clear zDH Gameplay -- http://www.twitch.tv/totes_mahgotes/v/40347542

GR99 Clear zDH Gameplay -- http://www.twitch.tv/totes_mahgotes/v/40355186