Set Dungeons - Barbarian - Raekors Set

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  • Furious Charge Battering Ram
  • Seismic Slam Stagger
  • Sprint Marathon
  • War Cry Charge!
  • Ignore Pain Bravado
  • Battle Rage Ferocity
  • Animosity
  • Pound of Flesh
  • Unforgiving
  • Weapons Master


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Gogok of Swiftness
    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Wreath of Lightning

Kanai's Cube

  • In-geom
  • Chilanik's Chain
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

You can find general Set Dungeon information and Set Dungeon guides for the other classes at my Set Dungeon Thread.

The Raekors Set Dungeon can be a bit annoying, because it is once again dependant on the random spawns of the mobs. As far as I can tell, you don't need to kill the mobs that spawn from the Grotesques, but it's probably safer to do so at least until you reach the last set of mobs which appears on the minimap.


I didn't find ground stomp to be as useful here as it was for the Wastes Set Dungeon but its worth trying.

Furious Charge is quite random in where you want it to go unless you click on a mob itself. There were times when I was trying to charge by using force attack as far as possible by having my cursor at the edge of the screen, and the Furious Charge would randomly stop at the first mob. I don't really know any way of solving this, just have to hope your monster spawns are in the open areas.

***Update*** Based on feedback from users 'pmania' and 'krizzeue' I've updated the guide slightly and taken out Vile Wards (overkill, most monsters will die from Furious Charge anyway, the elites can otherwise be killed off using the 6 piece spender bonus) and replacing them with Illusory Boots. Illusory Boots should allow for better positioning and grouping of monsters without using Furious Charge itself and inadvertently killing off the monsters you're trying to achieve the 15 hit objective with. I also suspect using Furious Charge on left click might be causing the issues I had with Furious Charge randomly stopping at the first monster. It might be worth swapping the skill button between Sprint and Furious Charge to see if that helps.

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Movement Speed
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find

Build Guide

Welcome to my Set Dungeons Build Guides!

You can find general Set Dungeon information and Set Dungeon guides for the other classes at my Set Dungeon Thread.

This build focuses on the Raekors Set for the Barbarian.

Requirements for Mastery

  • Kill all monsters.
  • Hit 15 different enemies with a single Furious Charge, 6 times.
  • Hit different enemies with a 1500% damage bonus spender, 15 times.

Location: Act 5, Overgrown Ruins. To access this portal, go from town in Act 5 (The Survivors' Enclave) and head to the right side of the map which is the entrance to the Overgrown Ruins. Walk through and just before the entrance to the ruins area with the pillars, on the left side the portal will spawn.

Feel free to comment below, you can also ask questions or catch me at: http://www.twitch.tv/CrayonsMinD