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Types: Fire, Cooldown Reduction (CDR)


  • Magic Missile Conflagrate
  • Archon Improved Archon
  • Familiar Sparkflint
  • Teleport Wormhole
  • Magic Weapon Deflection
  • Energy Armor Prismatic Armor
  • Evocation
  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Blur
  • Unwavering Will


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Build Guide

Prioritization of stats:
1) Cooldown reduction on paragon, shoulders, offhand are mandatory; if possible, also on gloves (more important than attack speed). CDR on weapons/rings is up to you; don't get it on amulet.
2) Attack speed is not important, but also doesn't hurt in this build, and will be useful in 2.1.
3) While the best stats on amulet/rings are CHD, fire damage, intelligence, and CHC (in this order), you should also look out for jewelry pieces with at least two of these stats and a socket - for legendary gems in 2.1.
4) Do avoid high life, focus on mitigation. 300-400k life is perfectly fine; get high armor rolls (550+) on Tal's chest and Vyr's legs.
5) For a detailed stats breakdown per slot, check this cheat sheet.

Mirrorball is the absolute requirement, without it the first skill choice is obsolete. A full Vyr set (or 3 pieces plus RoRG) are also almost required for maximum efficiency - only put it as "recommended" because it *can* work without Vyr's as well, just not good.

Tal's chest is the best option because of the fifth primary; you don't need resource cost reduction at all which renders Cindercoat a sub-optimal choice. For amulet, Tal's is just the best, but any other will do - as long as it has decent stats. For belt, String of Ears is the defensive option, Witching Hour the offensive option, and Tal's just to complete the set bonus.